25 January 2010

An Open Letter to My Readers

You'll notice, there are no ads on this blog. It is not a money-making proposition. So I really couldn't care less how many people read it. If you are a truth-seeker and Hashem wants you to read something here, you will find your way to it and it will benefit you. G-d willing, He will continue to give me the time and strength to write it.

For those who aren't used to giving the benefit of the doubt, you should know that this blog is under rabbinical supervision and was even when you advised me to obtain such supervision.

For those who submit comments and say that you are xians or write something that indicates to me that this is your spiritual orientation, your comments will not be published. G-d forbid that this blog become a pulpit for your idolatrous ideas! You'd do best to visit elsewhere. Anything I have to say here is primarily for Jews (and truly righteous gentiles---those who have renounced any connection to false religions and have not created for themselves a "Noahide" religion made up from various stolen Jewish practices). The only message I have for any believer in, or follower of, the long-dead apostate Yeshu is humble yourselves and seek G-d's truth before it is too late. This is your only task. Until this has been accomplished, there is nothing for us to talk about, nothing you can learn from here. You only do further damage to your soul by trying to gather Torah sparks while still immersed in your impurity.

For those Jews who continue to bed down every night comfy under the covers with your version of Hitler, y"s, what can we say? You don't think Western foreign policy is not a plan to annihilate and eradicate Israel with more than half the world's Jewish population? You think you are safe living among such people? Have you no pride or self-respect at all, that you can continue to turn a blind eye to the fact that you are aiding and abetting the enemies of your G-d?

We are currently reading about yetziat Mitzrayim. Hashem tells us in these pasukim that he brought us out of Egypt only so He could bring us to Eretz Yisrael. IT IS A MITZVAH AT ALL TIMES FOR A JEW TO LIVE IN THE LAND OF ISRAEL. When a mitzvah is impossible to fulfill, our intention to do so merits us as if the mitzvah were performed. The catch here, my precious Jewish brethren is that today it is no longer impossible.

We are at the very end and there remains absolutely no obstacle to your return to your homeland. This means the reward for doing so has decreased and the punishment for not doing so has correspondingly increased. The only "obstacle" exists within your mind and your complete lack of faith in Hashem's ability to provide for you in EY is what gives it life and substance.

To the Jews of EY, Hashem is mercifully removing any dependence we have on the State shortly before it gives way, like the shoddy buildings in Haiti. This is something to cooperate with , not to fight. It's a good thing. We have to begin to act like we believe that we are completely dependent upon HKB"H, not the army, not the economic policies of the Finance Ministry and the Bank of Israel, etc.

This blog is a labor of love for everyone of you who reads it. As it says at the top of the page:

"Say the bitter truth, even though they won't like you...tell the Jews the truth if you love them...."