03 August 2015

The Approaching Tsunami

18 Menachem Av 5775

False-flag terror attacks are always followed by more repression of citizen rights and further loss of national sovereignty.

Report: Jordan to submit UN request to 'protect the Palestinian people' in wake of Duma attack

...Jordan and the Palestinian Authority will submit a demand to the UN Security Council to "provide international protection for the Palestinian people and put an end to the Israeli occupation." (Ynet)

Things are beginning to move very quickly now - almost hour by hour. This is apparently all going according to a pre-conceived plan which is now being implemented in stages.

First the false-flag attack and then the arousal of public condemnation through the media and public demonstrations. That was followed by the change in the laws yesterday (as mentioned above) and now a new story is being publicized in all the media. According to one report the Internal Security Minister "knows" that "religious anarchists" are responsible. If you read carefully, you'll see that there is no real substance to this. It is all conjecture and innuendo.

A new, extremely dangerous kind of Jewish fanaticism

It turns out that in the past year, the Shin Bet – especially its Jewish Division – has been dealing with a new kind of cancer, violent and repulsive, which has surpassed its predecessor. We are talking about a group of young Jews which has adopted an ideological, anti-Zionist, fanatic and anarchistic common denominator, seeking to destroy the "state of the Zionists" (that's their terminology) and establish a holy kingdom instead of it. (Ynet)

The warning signs are all there. A political tsunami is approaching. Get prepared.

We Haven't Seen the End of the Story Yet With Iran

18 Menachem Av 5775

Iran plans missile tests to flaunt defiance of Vienna deal and UNSC resolution

Not Just for Tisha b'Av

18 Menachem Av 5775

Rabbi Yehuda Richter Tisha B'av Shiur, Tuesday, July 21st 2015 : Why the Beit Hamiqdash Was Destroyed

02 August 2015

Menachem: "Our Secret Weapon"

17 Menachem Av 5775


Facilitated Communication with Menachem
Jerusalem, 4 Menachem Av 5775

Our Secret Weapon

I'm very anxious. I go to sleep with difficulty, I get up in a panic, I think all day about what's going to be. It's so frightening that there are no words for it. And when I think about what's already happening, about how the evildoers are ruling over the world - I simply lose control, and cry, and cry, and cry. Very few at all are capable of coming close to HKB"H, very few, and the vast majority of this group are Jews, there are almost no gentiles who are capable of understanding the truth and being saved, but in any case there are some gentiles who will survive and accept the truth, but with the Jews, only those who stood at Har Sinai, only these souls will survive, like we always said.

And in this period, so difficult, I just want to say to the true-Jews, like Ben (Binyamin Golden) and Daniel and I already said, we are approaching the time that we will need to fight over our Yiddishkeit, and this time already started, but it will reach to very, very difficult situations. And we will need to even endanger ourselves and not abandon the Yiddishkeit. We don't need to fight against the evildoers face-to-face in wars before Mashiach comes, because Mashiach will already be the messenger of Hashem to fight the wars, but we, in this period, before Mashiach is revealed, our war will be to remain close to HKB"H, to separate between our families and the families of the Erev-Rav, and of the Edomim - Bnei Eisav, and to separate ourselves from the Amalekim and etc., and it won't be easy.

And we're seeing in our schools, of the Chareidim, many from the false Torah, Torat HaSheker. They took the externals of Judaism - and inside they accepted a false Torah, and these are the high schools and yeshivahs and primary schools of the Chareidim. And we need to separate between our children and children of the falsehood, we need to separate between us and the communities who accepted the lie. And it's not easy.

We're a tiny people. All the evildoers all over the world, they are so many, with their armies, and with helmets, and with advanced rifles, and with bullet-proof vests, and with atomic bombs, nuclear bombs, and with all kinds of weapons that I don't even know what they do or how they do it, like lazers and various things, so who are we? What are we? A tiny people. And I'm not talking about all those who live in Eretz Yisrael, because a serious part of them are Erev Rav, I'm talking about true-Jews who are located across the world and also in Eretz Yisrael. We are itty-bitty compared to the Erev Rav, compared to the gentiles, compared to the Amalekim. But we can be very strong, we can be stronger than all the armies and all the various types of rifles and tools of war.

When we put the gentiles on the scale, with all their technology, with all their helicopters, with all everything-everything-everything, it's a mighty weight! Something huge! Only their armies are much more, the armies of the evildoers is much more than all the Jews that there are in the world! And it's without a doubt much weightier than us. But when we connect with HKB"H, and we live only in order to do His will, and we feel that we are one with Him, then we receive all the weight of eternity, of the Torah, of holiness, of the connection with the Almighty, with the Master of the World. And there's none, no scale in the world that can be more than this. So - we are weak, but when we make a connection with the Almighty, with the Master of the World - we are stronger than them, and weightier (more significant) than them, and no one can hurt us or annihilate us.

So, Am Yisrael, don't be afraid! Our secret weapon - it's to make a connection to HKB"H. That's our armor, that's our 'cannons', that's our everything. To be one with Hashem, to do His will, out of love, out of our huge love for HKB"H, the desire of every Jew to make a connection with Him, and to be one with Him. End.

[Questions and Answers to follow, iy"H]

The Bolsheviks in Israel

17 Menachem Av 5775

Oh, they wave the flag of democracy and they pay lip service to it as it suits them, but they are far from any real dedication to its principles.

JPost: Defense Minister Ya'alon: Administrative detention for Duma arsonists

On Sunday morning Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon instructed security forces to use administrative detention (arrest without trial) to hold the suspected arsonists who set fire to a house in Duma last week resulting in the death of a Palestinian toddler and the severe injury of 3 other members of the family according to Israel Radio.

As far as I can tell they have yet to arrest anyone. So, this must be code to the troops out there beating the bushes to bring in just any Jews so the 'security' apparatus can look like they've actually accomplished something. The announcement of an arrest - any arrest - will quiet the streets and calm Ban Ki Moon.

"Blood Libel" Excuses Arab Violence

17 Menachem Av 5775

The Long List of Arab Attacks Over Shabbat
By: Jewish Press News Briefs

HaKol Hayehudi has compiled a list of 50 Arab terror attacks and riots over the weekend.
This list is not complete…
Shabbat – August 1, 2015

23:03 Arab punctured tires and car belonging to a Jew rather than graffiti sprayed near the Leonardo Hotel in Jerusalem.

23:02 Arabs threw Molotov cocktails at vehicles Hussan bypass road in Gush Etzion

22:58 Rocket fire, Arabs from Gaza fired rockets at Israeli communities. The rocket landed inside the Gaza Strip

22:51 Dozens of Arabs rioted in the neighborhood of Silwan in Jerusalem

22:46 Arabs set a fire near Post 670 from Yitzhar from the village if Atzira

22:15 Dozens of Arab rioters in Ras al-Amud in Jerusalem

21:38 Arabs threw Molotov cocktails at Shiva House in Beit Hanina in Jerusalem, damage reported

21:17 Arabs set off fireworks, threw Molotov cocktails and stones at Border Police Old City of Jerusalem

21:11 Arabs threw stones at vehicles near the settlement of Efrat in Gush Etzion, damage reported

20:48 Arabs set fires in several locations in the settlement of Talmon in Binyamin

20:41 Arabs set fire to fence of Psagot

On Saturday dozens of Arabs rioted in Wadi Ara highway 65, blocked the road and threw stones at police

• Arabs rioted and set fire to tires on Highway 444 near Taibe Sharon

20:28 Arabs threw a bomb from the village Jalazun at Beit El’s fence

20:05 Arab rioting from the village of Jalazun

19:45 Arab prisoner lit a fire in a synagogue in Hasharon Prison. After clashes broke out between Jews and Arabs Prisoners

19:12 Arabs threw stones near the West Bank village of Beit Furik

18:23 Arabs threw stones near the village of Beit Ummar in Gush Etzion

17:30 Dozens of Arabs rioted rioted and threw stones at the Alon road near the village of Duma Benjamin. Arab report on the number of injured rioters instead

15:30 Dozens of Arabs rioted near the village G’izon and threw stones and firebombs at the Beit El settlement and at IDF forces in place

12:10 Dozens of Arabs rioted in Betunia

12:07 Dozens of Arabs rioted in the Abu Dis

11:50 Two nights penetrated the fence of the Gaza Strip and seized by IDF forces

10:20 A Border Policeman was lightly injured by stones thrown at him near the community of Aish Kodesh. Invaders began to set fire to the vineyards of the residents of the community

10:05 Arabs attacked residents of Aish Kodesh near the settlement of Shilo and threw stones at IDF forces

10:00 Arabs placed a bomb on a highway near Bethlehem. Bomb neutralized by sapper

9:45 Fishing boats sailing went beyond the approved area near the Gaza Strip, were turned back by IDF fire

8:32 Arabs rioted and threw stones in Hebron

7:00 Arabs set fire to a monument to Joseph Shuk near the settlement of Beit Haggai in the Hebron Hills, damage reported

Friday – July 31, 2015

00:20 Jew was lightly injured by stones in Beit Hanina in Jerusalem

00:00 Two police officers were slightly injured in riots by Arabs in Jerusalem Isiwiya

22:56 Arabs threw firebombs at Jewish buildings in the neighborhood of Beit Hanina in Jerusalem, damage reported

20:50 Arabs firebombed a courtyard on Meir Nakar street in Armon HaNatziv in East Talpiot in Jerusalem, damaged

20:45 Dozens of Arabs rioted in the border fence near the Gaza Strip. The IDF fired and one Gazan rioter injured. Arab media reports he was killed.

20:40 Arab approaching Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus compound, he was removed by the IDF

19:15 Arab threw a Molotov cocktail at an IDF outpost in Binyamin Atarot checkpoint was shot by the IDF and was transferred to a hospital in the city where, according to Arab reports, died of his wounds

18:48 Arabs took over a ridge in Itamar in Samaria, lit a fire and threw stones

18:35 Arabs threw stones at vehicles on Route 443 near the Atarot

18:24 Arabs threw a Molotov cocktail at an IDF position near the settlement of Halamish in Binyamin. Fire broke out

18:02 Arabs rioted near the Beit Orot neighborhood in Jerusalem

17:45 Arabs threw stones at vehicles Hussan bypass road in Gush Etzion

17:41 Arabs from the village of Orif ignited near the settlement of Yitzhar in the Shomron

17:29 Arabs threw stones at vehicles at the intersection of Yakir in Samaria, damage reported

17:03 Arabs rioting and throwing stones at IDF forces near the village of Beit Ummar in Gush Etzion

16:40 Arabs threw stones at IDF forces in the village of Anata, Benjamin

16:36 Arabs rioted in Hebron Hills’ village of Aida

15:46 Arabs set fire on the way up to Har Bracha in the Shomron

15:45 Arabs set fire to a fire at the southern entrance of Kiryat Arba

15:44 Arabs threw Molotov cocktails and stones at border police forces in Jerusalem Isiwiya

15:22 Dozens of Arab rioting in the village Nabi Saleh

15:20 Dozens of Arabs rioted in the village Jalazun and threw stones at the settlement of Beit El

15:13 Arabs threw stones at the bus line 966 near Katzrin, caused heavy damage

15:11 Dozens of Arabs rioted in the village of Killil in the Samaria and attacked IDF forces

14:26 Dozens of Arab rioters in Hebron

14:16 Arabs threw stones at vehicles near the village of Halhul, Hebron Hills

14:06 Arabs fireworks and stones at border policemen at Qalandiya

13:59 Dozens of Arabs rioted in the southern Hebron, and attacked IDF forces

13:45 A policeman was lightly injured by a glass bottle thrown at him near the Huta gate in the Old City of Jerusalem

12:56 A shooting attack Arabs fired at vehicles near the town of Kochav Hashachar. The car was damaged but no injuries were reported. The driver returned fire.

11:39 Arabs threw stones at vehicles at the intersection of Azun in the Shomron, damage reported

10:55 Arabs hurled stones at vehicles on the road up to Har Bracha

01 August 2015

The Culling

17 Menachem Av 5775

The recent events in the Land of Israel are without a doubt, on the simplest level, being orchestrated by those who want the "Two-State Solution" - creating an atmosphere in which it will not only be acceptable, but desirable to evict half a million Jews from Yehudah and Shomron

Another step up behind the scenes are those with an even grimmer agenda, those who are still hungry for the "Final Solution" - demonizing the real-Jews who are 100% attached to HKB"H and His Torah, who will refuse to trade their authentic Judaism for the fake version on offer as part of The New World Religion.

At the ultimate level, however, this is clearly part of the culling process being carried out by HKB"H. He is showing us who the people are that we must separate from, and He is going to make it easier on us by causing them to separate from us. Our ancient sources referred to this as the birur which would occur just prior to the revelation of Mashiach Tzidkeinu.

This culling is the separation of the real-Jews from the Erev Rav, Eisav, Yishmael and Amalek prior to the destruction of all evil and lies from this world.

They don't make a very pretty sight with their rage and hatred for Hashem and His children evident on their faces and clear in their words. From reports printed on Friday...

Nabil Abu Rudeineh, Abbas' spokesman, said such an incident wouldn't have happened if Israel's government hadn't insisted on continued settlement construction and offered protection to the settlements.

"We will no longer accept empty verbal condemnations of such horrible crimes by the international community; we demand operative steps to bring about an end to the occupation and see its criminals brought to justice," Abu Rudeineh said in statement, drawing a parallel between the latest incident and that of Mohammed Abu Khdeir – the Palestinian teen who was burned to death last summer in retaliation for the kidnapping and murder of three Jewish teens in the West Bank.

"This is the consequence of a culture of hate funded and incentivized by the Israeli government and the impunity granted by the international community," chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said in a statement.

President Reuven Rivlin also condemned the murder, reaching out to the Israeli Arab and Palestinian populations through Arabic media, and expressing his "disgust and deep shock" at what a statement from his office called an "arson terror attack."

“At these painful moments, I turn to the Arab citizens of Israel, and the Palestinian people, to all law abiding citizens, and ask that you do not succumb to the shock and anger. This is a time to join together," a statement from Rivlin said.

Ya'alon stressed that Israel will not allow "Jewish terrorists to harm Palestinians in the West Bank."

I'll remind the readers that it is still unknown who made the firebomb attack and even should the security forces hand up a "Jewish" perpetrator, because of the corruption of the so-called justice system, there will never be any way to know who really did it.

Motzaei Shabbat, we learned that the Shabbat was desecrated so that those who admire perversion and those who care more about Arab blood than Jewish blood could register their anger. (Such a gathering has never been undertaken in protest of any terrorist attack against Jews.) 

Anti-violence rallies throughout Israel after acts of nationalist, homophobic terrorism

Following two blood-soaked days, in which a Palestinian infant was killed and his parents and sibling were critically wounded in a fire and six people were hurt in a stabbing at Jerusalem's gay pride parade, thousands are expected to protest in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa; President Rivlin, party chairpersons, and religious leaders to condemn violence.

Several anti-violence demonstrations were being held throughout Israel on Saturday night, with Israelis crying out for justice in the wake of two shocking incidents of violence over the past few days.

Yitzchak Herzog: "...The Jewish people are ashamed of the deeds committed by members of our people and we ask for forgiveness in Israel and in the world… At this difficult moment, I extend my hand to the Palestinian people and its leaders."

Zehava Galon: ""What we have seen in recent days, both the stabbing of the marchers at the pride parade and the arson terror attack in Duma, can be called by its name – it's Jewish terrorism, it's Jewish ISIS,"....

Shimon Peres: "I cannot believe we have reached such an abyss," said Peres. "I took before this stage six years ago, mere days after the murders at Barnoar. I am finding it difficult to believe that we are standing on that same stage, once again before the same phenomenon. We have gathered this evening for a war of independence – Israel's independence from insanity and insane people. This is not a disagreement between right and left. This is a profound clash between those with a conscience and those who lack a conscience."

"It is appropriate on this evening to remove the masks," continued the former president. "Anyone who calls the pride parade a 'beast parade' should not be surprised when a knife is raised at a 16-year-old old girl. Anyone who incites against Israel's Arab citizens should not be surprised that churches and mosques are set on fire, and that ultimately a baby is burned alive in the middle of the night. We can compromise politically in a democratic country, but we must not compromise morally."

Amir Peretz: "Every morning I discover new horrors committed by vile people, and all in the name of God, in the name of their people, in the name of their country," said Peretz. "I saw that their people are not my people, their country is not my country, and their God is not my God." Peretz hinted that leaders on the right bear a certain responsibility for the violence: "That's how extremists interpret the call to bulldoze the Supreme Court; that's how nationalists interpret statements by ministers who undermine the rule of law."

Reuven Rivlin (again): "The flames are spreading in our land, flames of violence, flames of hatred, flames of false, distorted and twisted beliefs. Flames which permit the shedding of blood, in the name of the Torah, in the name of the law, in the name of morality, in the name of a love for the land of Israel," President Reuven Rivlin said at the rally.

"Citizens of Israel, a Jewish and democratic Israel, democratic and Jewish Israel, needs a wake-up call today. We will not be zealots. We will not be bullies. We will not become a state of anarchy," he added.

"On the eve of the 15th of the month of Av, the Jewish festival of love, six Israeli citizens were cruelly stabbed, in the heart of Jerusalem," the president said. "To my great horror and shame, the letting of blood, the path of hatred and murder, did not stop there. Over the course of the same night, Jewish terrorists burned down the house of the Dawabsheh family in the village of Duma, killing their baby son Ali."

"On Friday, I visited the family in Tel Hashomer hospital, I visited, silently, ashamed, ridden with dread for the power of hatred. Ashamed that in a country which has known the murder of Shalhevet Pass, of the Fogel family, of Adele Biton, of Eyal, Gil-ad, Naftali and Muhammad Abu Khdeir, there are still those who do not hesitate to ignite the flames, to burn the flesh of a baby, to increase the hatred and terror," Rivlin went on to say.

"These flames, which are consuming all of us, cannot be extinguished with weak condemnations. These flames cannot be extinguished with solidarity rallies. Not even with this rally," he said. "These flames cannot be extinguished with posts on Facebook and statements in the media. These flames cannot be extinguished with repression, denial and disregard. Incitement, ridicule, frivolity, laxity and arrogance of the heart, cannot extinguish the fire, but only allow it to burn stronger, with fervor, to spread in all directions, and permeate all walks of life.

"In order to put out the flames, we need be a much more determined and decisive. We must be thorough and clear; from the educational system, to those who enforce the law, through to the leadership of the people and the country. We must put out the flames, the incitement, before they destroy us all."

As regrettable as these events are, even together they are not deserving of this level of rhetoric - that is, unless there is a hidden agenda at work. This is what I believe to be the case. We must be very careful and very wise about how we respond to it.


This tops it all! According to Shimon Peres, authentic Torah Jews are now public enemy number one. (h/t Neshama)

Peres: Extremist forces threaten to destroy Israel from within

31 July 2015

A New Stage Has Begun on TU b'Av

15 Menachem Av 5775
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

All it takes is some graffiti scribbled in Hebrew with a Star of David to set off a door-to-door IDF search for "Jewish terrorists" and an international cry for settler heads. A fire was set in Shechem which spread to four Arab homes burning the occupants and killing a toddler. Hebrew graffiti - "Long live the King Messiah" - was left behind to "prove" it was a barbarous "Jewish" terror attack on Arabs.

Despite the numbers of times previous "price tag" attacks have been proven to be carried out by the Arabs themselves in the hope that Jews would be blamed, it's still the self-hating, Torah-despising so-called Jews, politicians, rabbis, and assorted others, who are the first to jump onto the bandwagon of public, world-wide condemnation.

Thank God last week's vote in the Knesset calling for the death penalty for terrorists was defeated or else whatever Jews might be framed for this crime would no doubt be the first to be executed under it. The Jew-haters would have loved that!

This event has all the appearance of being a page right out of the US False-Flag Playbook. And that would also include the kidnap-murder of the Arab boy last summer as well as the church "attack" a few weeks ago, right down to the ongoing military drills. Last week there was a "surprise" call-up of reserves and today the IDF is being deployed throughout Judea and Samaria in huge numbers.

It's also highly suspicious that the parade attacker was released from prison only three weeks before the to'evah parade was scheduled to take place once again. Surely, the prison authorities should have been aware of his mental state and the likelihood of a repetition of his previous behavior. A reasonable person would have felt it prudent to at the very least delay his release until the days following the parade. That is, unless he performed precisely as they hoped.

I wish you Shabbat shalom with the clear and unwavering faith that gam zu l'tovah!