14 November 2018


6 Kislev 5779

FAKE NEWS! "Today's Evangelical Christians have given up 'Replacement Theology.'"

It's just another lie in a 2,000-year string of perfidious lies. They still believe the answers all reside with them and THEIR understanding of OUR Tanakh.

You remember the Garlows. ("Meet the Missionaries - The Garlows") He was the pastor of the San Diego Church that, after establishing a sister Messianic Congregation, established "branches" of their church in three centers of power: the Capitol in Washington, D.C., the UN in New York City, and the Knesset in Jerusalem. 
Jim Garlow Transitioning From Local Church Pastor to Leading Governmental Ministries

...Pastor Garlow, however, is now answering a call to a national and international focus on governmental ministries and believes that our nation and all nations are poised for a touch from God.

...he will lead the unique ministries in governmental cities that were begun by Skyline Church in recent years. Skyline Church is setting up a new organization that consolidates these various ministries, to be led by Garlow.

Toward the end of 2018, he will shift his full-time focus to bringing "worship of the Lord  [Yeshu, c"v] and learning from the Word [Tanakh+NT]" to such strategic locations as the Capitol building and the various agencies in Washington, D.C. (begun in 2014) and the United Nations in New York City (begun in 2017).

...Garlow, along with his wife, Rosemary..., will continue to co-sponsor the Bible (Tanakh) study in partnership with a Jewish organization—Israel 365—which was begun earlier this year in the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) in Jerusalem, led by Member of the Knesset Rabbi Yehuda Glick, who leads the Knesset Caucus for the Encouragement of Bible Study. Rosemary has invested deeply in Jewish-Christian relationships,....

...Pastor Garlow and his wife, Rosemary, will continue to reside most of the time in San Diego, yet New York City, Washington, D.C., and Jerusalem will become "second homes" as they attempt to bring the blessing of God to those who work in high-level political and governmental life.
Jim Garlow Leaves Pastorate, Launches Well Versed Governmental Ministry

...Garlow is now the CEO and founder of a new ministry called Well Versed that is "meeting humanitarian needs ... differently."

The phrase "well versed" comes from his 2016 book titled Well Versed: Biblical Answers to Today's Tough Issues that lays out the scriptural underpinnings to 30 political topics.

Garlow and his wife, Rosemary Schindler Garlow, will now focus full-time on governmental ministries in Washington, D.C., New York City and Jerusalem, as well as other global cities.

"God has used all of our lives to this point to prepare us for this moment, for God's kingdom-purpose," Rosemary says.

The ministry helps national and international leaders become "well versed" in God's principles for the governance of nations. They do so by establishing relationships with political leaders and assisting them in understanding the scriptural principles of government by hosting special gatherings in the centers of influence.
In other words, they have stolen the "light" that God gave to Israel to disperse and since they were not entrusted with it, they were never made fit to transmit it. A greater chutzpah simply does not exist.
...In addition to the Well Versed ministry, the Garlows will be involved in what has been labeled "faith diplomacy." During the 2016 election, Garlow served on the Trump Faith Advisory Board, now referred to as the "White House Faith Leaders Initiative."

From time to time, small delegations of these White House faith leaders have traveled to various countries to meet with heads of state, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi of Egypt, King Abdullah II of Jordan, President Jimmy Morales of Guatemala and others. They recently met with President Juan Orlando Hernandez when he was in Washington, D.C.

Although the White House Faith Leaders do not formally represent the president or any governmental agency in these meetings, the "faith missions" have proved to be highly beneficial.

In the upcoming months, Garlow and his wife, along with a small delegation, will be meeting with heads of state in some Eastern European and Latin American countries. In addition, the couple is scheduled to be at the European Union headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, and the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, as well as in Africa and Asia.

..."We will be bringing groups of people to Washington, D.C., and New York City to see what God is doing in restoring biblical truth in governmental places, and bringing people to Jerusalem to see the ways in which Christians can stand in solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people," Garlow says.
Replacement theology is still very much alive and well and kicking. Hashem, ad matai!?

Key to Riches, Honor and Fame - "Love" Israel

6 Kislev 5779


...Hagee arrived in Israel with a group of over one a hundred Christian Zionists and was honored after he and his group toured the Friends of Zion Museum. Founder of the Friends of Zion Museum Dr. Mike Evans presented Hagee with an award for his steadfast support of Israel and the Jewish people.

...Since 2015, Hagee has been working with the Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem on a $100 million project that reveals the heroic stories of the courageous Christians and non-Jews who have assisted the Jewish people throughout the Zionist movement, as well as in critical times such as the Holocaust.
Reminder about what 'Friends of Zion' is: "Meet the Missionaries - FoZ"

They come right out and say we OWE the Christians because we would not exist today without their help. This is meant to engender mutual "love." 

13 November 2018

The Idols Are Falling

5 Kislev 5779

Who would ever have thought that the vaunted IDF would lose a war simply through inaction? But you can't win when your "leader" is a loser.

From JPost Live Updates on the latest "flare-up" in Gaza...
[8:41] Report: Security cabinet members don't see extension of IDF activities

Security cabinet members reportedly expect Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to order an extension of IDF activities, Army Radio reported.

According to the report the purpose of the cabinet meeting is to find a way to ensure Hamas bears the necessary responsibility for the escalation of violence.
But, even this is a losing gambit because the world has already laid the blame for "the escalation in violence" at the door of Israel's "botched raid" inside Gaza on Sunday night.

The Prime Minister of the "Jewish" State which the Zionists touted as the safest place for Jews, where Jews would defend Jews, is willing to let his nation suffer, be injured and even die if it saves Israel's so-called "standing" in the world community. Maybe I should amend that. He is willing to let the periphery of Israel suffer, but would the story be the same if the target were Tel Aviv?

Jewish Israelis put their faith in a "right-wing" secular government and in the might of the IDF. Today, those idols are falling. And soon, every Jewish Israeli is going to understand that only HKB"H is worthy of our trust and faith.

There are a new set of messages from the Jewish autistic people HERE. In one of them from 27 Tishrei 5779, "Esther" writes the following:
"...There is going to be a huge tragedy. It will concern Yisrael, but it won't be in Yisrael, after this, there will be one thing after another until there will be a huge war...." 
The first thing I thought of that could fit this description is the "Pittsburgh Massacre." If so, then perhaps this time Gaza really will blow up into WW3. Hashem yishmor aleynu!

RELATEDAshkelon couple was only found under rubble an hour after rocket strike
Civilian says he discovered dead man and seriously injured woman after police, firefighters had left the scene; ‘It was a terrible screw-up,’ neighbor says

First responders and police came under censure on Tuesday morning after it emerged that a man and a woman whose apartment was directly hit by a rocket from the Gaza Strip weren’t found for an entire hour after the attack.

The man was killed and the woman was seriously injured when the projectile hit an apartment building in Ashkelon shortly after midnight. The rocket appeared to hit the upper floors of the four-story apartment building, leaving a gaping hole in its side.

The man, in his 40s, was found dead under the rubble, according to the United Hatzalah rescue service. The woman, also in her 40s, was found in serious condition near the man and was rushed to the city’s Barzilai Hospital for treatment.

Reports in Hebrew media identified the man as a West Bank Palestinian living in Israel without documentation, while the woman was identified as his wife. Neighbors said they hadn’t known the two.

12 November 2018

"For Three Transgressions, But Not for Four"

4 Kislev 5779

Yesterday's post makes it abundantly clear that there is no Jewish sovereignty over the Land of Israel, not even a secular sovereignty. If you follow news reports closely, it is abundantly clear that we are ruled by a puppet regime of the United States. Jerusalem makes no moves without prior approval of its master in Washington. Gentiles complain that we are not a proper "light to the nations" and yet it is they who, at the same time, tie our hands behind our backs making it impossible to do so!

This situation cannot continue because it costs not only Jewish lives and property, but it brings advancement of the Jewish mission in the world to a standstill. This is what truly delays the redemption, as well as the assimilation of Western thinking that makes too many Jews think that being Eisav's "little brother" and following in his path is a wonderful thing.

It is the Anglo Axis - Britain and America - with the cooperation of the Erev Rav, who have consistently held us back from achieving our destiny in this land. And it won't stop until HKB"H brings them to their knees.

Jason Greenblatt is back in town still floating his "neither side will like everything in the peace plan" as if to bolster the US position as "fair" arbiter. He continues also to tantalize the public with announcements that the great unveiling will happen "soon." And says that "compromise" will be required from all sides. They don't yet understand, since they deal mainly with the Erev Rav, that for real Jews, there is NO COMPROMISING our Holy Torah. In this aspect, we have much more in common with the neighboring Arabs.

In typical Eisavian style, the "peace"-promoters think economic incentives will induce the Arabs to compromise, but the Arabs merely take insult at that and rightly so; not that they won't take advantage of such opportunities as a means to further weaken the Jews until they can manage to kill us all.
Trump's son-in-law will be the public face of his White House peace effort, breaking a two-year habit of working behind the scenes.

WASHINGTON – At a standing desk in his cramped, high-ceilinged West Wing office, US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser has labored for nearly two years over a detailed plan for peace in the Middle East. Along the way he has granted a mere handful of interviews, none of which have provided much in substance of a plan that has, up until now, remained the administration’s most closely guarded secret.

But we’re about to see a lot more of Jared Kushner. As he puts the finishing touches on a project he hopes to be his crowning achievement in government, Kushner is preparing to sell it to the public.

State Department sources tell The Jerusalem Post that Kushner recently visited Foggy Bottom to begin preparing for a more public role centered on the plan. Moving into the spotlight would be a relatively new format for the prodigal son-in-law, who has rarely spoken in public since entering the White House. While Trump is likely to announce the plan in a formal speech, Kushner is expected, from that point on, to serve as the public face of the peace effort.

White House officials insist the administration has not settled on a strategic communications strategy for the roll out. But Kushner has beefed up his communications staff in recent weeks with outside hires and State Department veterans as he prepares for the plan’s release. He is anticipating intense media interest both in the contents of the plan, as well as its news value as a vehicle to discuss Kushner’s effectiveness as a government official.

...At the UN General Assembly in New York, Trump said he wanted to release the plan by the end of this calendar year. But fallout from the brutal killing of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi dissident and columnist for The Washington Post, may have altered the plans of his peace team, which has configured the plan to build off of a burgeoning alignment between Israel and the Sunni Arab world.
The Prophet Amos famously said "For three transgressions...[I have looked away], but for four I will not pardon them...." The prophecy concerns "the downfall of wicked nations" according to the commentary.

Rashi says on the first chapter of Amos...
For three transgressions of etc.: As it is stated (Job 33:29) “Lo, all these things does God work, twice, yea, thrice, with a man.” But He does not forgive more (according to Shem Ephraim). And here, it is as follows: I have already behaved toward them according to My standard, to forgive them for three transgressions, and if there are more, surely the smaller number is included in the larger amount.

yea for four I will not return them: For the fourth transgression, I need no longer return him empty- handed from taking his recompense from Me, and surely since there are many transgressions in their hands; now I will visit upon them the retribution for threshing the inhabitants of Gilead, their neighbors.
The Prophet Amos does not define the "three sins," but the fourth which delivered the well-earned judgment concerned persecution of His children - the Israelites. HKB"H tolerates a lot from the nations, allowing them time to repent, but when they start causing trouble for His children, that's already the limit and judgment swiftly follows.

Do you think (1) legalized abortion-on-demand; (2) recognition of "gay marriage;" or (3) wars of conquest for riches and resources in the Middle East and its resultant miseries for the resident populations are cause enough for judgment? Not yet, but when the US starts promoting "peace" between Israel and her enemies that requires "compromise" on Israel's part - compromise of the mission and destiny for which the Nation of Israel was brought into existence - that's where the line is drawn.

It is primarily for this sin that judgment falls on the nations, but their punishment will include their other sins as well. 

It probably applies equally across the West, but taking the United States as an example, since they have taken the lead in promoting a false peace against Israel's interests, it's clear that economic prosperity is their number one concern. Even the public has proclaimed at the polls that the health of their economy is their main issue when voting. And no doubt, America's involvement with Israel's affairs has, at its heart, mainly an economic component. Therefore, their economy will be the vehicle by which HKB"H brings them down. Hence we see storm and flood and fire destroying property without end. 

Yet, still, they persist with making "The Deal of the Century." They won't stop until HKB"H forces them to stop. But, what is it going to take? I shudder to think.

10 November 2018

Who Looks Out For Jewish Interests?

3 Kislev 5779

Here is a situation of which the Jewish public needs to be aware. Here is the history...
Heads of churches in Jerusalem on [September 4, 2017] criticized what they see as a breach of the status quo in the capital, claiming there is a “systematic attempt to undermine the integrity of the Holy City of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, and to weaken the Christian presence.”

In a joint statement the leaders said, “We now find ourselves united once again in condemning recent further encroachment on the status quo,” the churches said. “In such matters as this, the Heads of the Churches are resolute and united in our opposition to any action by any authority or group that undermines those laws, agreements, and regulations that have ordered our life for centuries.” [Meaning, before the Holy Land returned to Jewish sovereignty.]

The church leaders are referring to two contentious issues that surfaced in recent months.

The first is a Jerusalem District Court ruling from last month saying that the purchase of three major compounds adjacent to Jaffa Gate in the Old City were carried out legally, and as a result, were transferred from the Greek-Orthodox church to the rightwing NGO Ateret Kohanim Yeshiva, according to a Maariv report.

The second issue is a bill proposed by the Kulanu MK Rachel Azaria which is signed by 39 other MKs across the political spectrum, that seeks to nationalize lands owned by churches in west Jerusalem and sold to private entrepreneurs.

The bill aims to prevent exploitation of residents who live on these properties. [Primarily Jews.]

Churches leased the disputed properties in west Jerusalem to the Jewish National Fund, mainly in the 1950s, parts of which it sold to residents living there. In the next 20-50 years the lease periods will end, and the churches have reportedly sold parcels of the land to private entrepreneurs – a deal that affects the residents, and creates future uncertainty.

It was reported that even now – before the lease periods have ended – the residents are facing uncertainty over mortgage and making upgrades to properties, such as installing an elevator in buildings.

The bill proposes to compensate all sides that would be harmed from the nationalizing of land.

The churches statement is signed by senior Christian leaders of Jerusalem, including Greek Patriarch Theophilos III; Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem Nourhan Manougian; Apostolic Administrator of the Latin Patriarchate, Archbishop Pierbattista Pizzaballa; and Archbishop Aba Embakob of the Ethiopian Orthodox Patriarchate.

The heads of churches added that they call on world leaders to intervene and help them protect the status quo.

We therefore, as those to whom Divine Providence has entrusted the care of both the holy sites and the pastoral oversight of the living, indigenous Christian communities of the Holy Land, call upon our fellow Church leaders and faithful around the world, as well as the heads of governments, and all people of good will, to support us in order to ensure that no further attempts are made from any quarter to change the historical status quo and its provisions and spirit,” the statement reads.

“We cannot stress strongly enough the very serious situation that this recent systematic assault on the status quo has had on the integrity of Jerusalem and on the well-being of the Christian communities of the Holy Land, as well as on the stability of our society,” it adds.

Azaria, who is also a former Jerusalem city councilwoman, told The Jerusalem Post in response to the letter that the she intends to protect the residents living on the disputed lands, and has no intentions to weaken the Christian presence in the capital.

“The land ownership bill I initiated has one goal only: to protect the residents. There is a group of wealthy entrepreneurs that bought the land from the church and thousands of residents in Jerusalem can find themselves homeless, after they purchased their homes fair and square,” she said.

“This law is not a breach of the status quo mainly because it does not apply to church-owned lands, but only to the lands bought by real estate entrepreneurs,” she added. (Source)

Related Issue: Jerusalem seeks end to tax breaks on church-owned properties
City council says exemptions wrongly given to commercial real estate owned by Christian institutions

Israel suspends plan to tax Jerusalem church properties
A little over a year on, US Congressmen have answered the Churches' call for help:
A bipartisan group of US lawmakers, including a top democratic senator and seven congressmen, has sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo protesting Israel’s advancement of the so-called "properties bill," which aims to nationalize properties used for housing that were owned by the church and sold to private entrepreneurs.

[See letter here.]

...“We are concerned that this bill threatens the sustainability of the historic Christian presence in Jerusalem,” the lawmakers wrote in a letter to Pompeo, obtained by The Jerusalem Post.

Kulanu MK Rachel Azaria proposed the bill, signed by 61 lawmakers, in response to the Greek Orthodox Church’s recent sale of its control of 50 hectares (about 124 acres) of land in the capital, containing more than 1,000 housing units, to an anonymous group of investors.

Azaria’s bill proposes that the rights to land leased to the JNF or anyone else by the Greek Orthodox Church, and then sold, will go to the state. The state will compensate whomever bought the rights from the church.

The lawmakers wrote that if the bill proceeds, it will make it “impossible for the churches to continue to deliver their ministry within the wider community.”
 [This is a nonsensical claim based on nothing.]
They asked that the US government do everything “within its power to work with the government of Israel to resolve this matter and ensure a lasting resolution of the church properties issue.”

In the most recent letter sent by Netanyahu to the church leader in July, he told them "since receiving your letter, Minister Tzahi Hanegbi has met with representatives of relevant government ministries in order to study the issues and to explore an equitable solution. He has also recommended that the specific legislation in question be withdrawn."
Just like in the matter of taxes in the "related issue" above, this "Jewish" government in the "Jewish" State has once again set aside the protection of "Jewish" rights and "Jewish" life in favor of kowtowing to the demands of the nations. Netanyahu is the most spineless leader ever to sit in the Prime Minister's office! His constant capitulation is shameful!

[Another related issue: US Ambassador for Religious Freedom]

So who looks out for Jewish interests? ONLY HaKadosh Baruch Hu!

09 November 2018

"Parshat Toledot - Behavior and Character Traits"

1 Kislev 5779
Rosh Chodesh Bet
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Toledot

Behavior and Character Traits
by Rabbi Meir Kahane, ztz"l, Hy"d

The lads grew up and Esau became one who knows hunting, a man of the field; but Jacob was a wholesome man, abiding in tents. Isaac loved Esau for game was in his mouth; but Rebecca loved Jacob. (Gen. 25:27-28)

G-d chose Abraham because of his behavior and his merits; He rejected his son Ishmael and chose Isaac, too, because of his merits; again, He rejected Esau and chose Jacob due to his behavior. So after three successive generations of tzaddikim, all the subsequent offspring of the Patriarchs could be considered spiritually fit. G-d could forge them all into a chosen, treasured, and exalted nation, who would be His emissary to the human race and a light unto all the nations, to teach them the correct ways which they should follow. This process of choice and rejection is realized to a good degree by the intervention of the Matriarchs, Sarah and Rebecca, who interpreted the behavior of Ishmael and Esau more correctly than Abraham and Isaac. The mother instinctively recognizes the son because she raises him, she educates him, the child is in her trust, and when it comes to the child, the mother is the expert. And therefore, when talking about Rebecca, the Torah emphasizes that she was the mother of Jacob and Esau – that she understood both of them thoroughly. The holy language of the Torah expands the concept expressed by the word "em" (“mother”) to the extent that the word "emunah" (“faith”) comes from the root "em". For who is more faithful and loyal to a child, who is more willing to sacrifice their very life for the child’s sake, than a mother? And this is an additional reason that Rebecca is referred to there by the term “mother”: she faithfully clung to the truth, understood that Jacob had to be the spiritual heir – and for this, she was willing even to go against Isaac, to the extent of deceiving him, and telling her son Jacob, “Let your curse be upon me, my son”(Genesis 27:13).

G-d chose Abraham because of his behavior and his merits: It says [regarding Abraham] (Gen. 18:19), “I have given him special attention that he might command his children and his household after him, and they will keep the ways of the L-rd, doing charity and justice.” Thus G-d commanded Abraham to perform acts of charity and kindness, as well as to further justice by causing G-d's role to be acknowledged. By doing what G-d had commanded, Abraham's kindness and mercy became rooted in him. These traits passed on to Isaac and then to Jacob and his seed. R. Natan bar Abba said in the name of Rav: The wealthy of Babylonia go to hell. When Shabtai bar Marinos came to Babylonia, he sought work, but they would not provide it nor would they feed him. He said, “These [wealthy Babylonians] are of the mixed multitude, for it says, 'G-d will make you merciful and have mercy on you' (Deut. 13:18). When anyone acts mercifully, we know he is of Abraham's seed; if he acts unmercifully, we know that he is not.” (Betza 32b) Kindness, like all traits found in the Torah, is nothing but a Divine attribute we were commanded to emulate and accept upon ourselves with the goal of being G-d-like. Thus we learn (Shabbat 133b): “This is my G-d and I will glorify Him” (Ex. 15:2)... Abba Shaul said, “To 'glorify' Him means making ourselves similar to Him. Just as He is kind and merciful, so must we be kind and merciful.” There is a double message here. Not only must we be kind and merciful, but we must “make ourselves similar to G-d,” i.e., we must be kind and merciful the way G-d explains these terms rather than the way we perceive them.

The real meaning of kindness and truth is that these principles are only part, albeit an exceedingly marked and conspicuous part, of the Torah's main purpose and goal – self-abnegation and suppression of our evil impulse and arrogance. All the mitzvot were given for this purpose, but kindness and mercy are the most direct path to this goal. By contrast, the Jews who distort the Torah are so influenced by the alien [Western] culture that they turn kindness and mercy into goals in and of themselves. By such means they elevate them above all the mitzvot, necessarily diminishing the value of all other mitzvot. They also push the concepts of kindness and mercy to foolish and dangerous extremes, while they themselves include wicked enemies of the Jewish People.

The Torah's goal is to create a person who diminishes himself, who bridles his arrogance, breaking down and negating his ego, who suppresses his evil impulse and liberates himself from covetousness and haughtiness, which are the root of evil and impurity. The most direct, clear and immediate way to achieve this is by loving one's fellow man and by being kind to him. Such acts express the Torah's essence, breaking down one's ego. Hillel therefore called this “the whole Torah”, since indeed breaking down the ego is G-d's whole aim, and this is expressed in the clearest, most acute fashion by loving one's fellow man. “All the rest”, however, the other mitzvot, are the commentary on this. That is they show us how to suppress our evil impulse.

Whoever behaves ethically and with love, agreeing with these attributes [only] because they are esthetic and pleasant, will never reach the true goal of breaking down his ego. Yet by fulfilling all the mitzvot, even those lacking any rationale, and all the more so those difficult mitzvot that contradict, so to speak, love and morality, one makes clear that loving one's fellow man is not a goal in and of itself, but a large part of man's true goal – breaking down his ego and accepting G-d's yoke. Similarly, whoever understands the true role of kindness and mercy in the Torah framework, will also understand their limitations, and where it is forbidden to show kindness and be merciful. Kindness and mercy – in the right time and place – is the obligation of every Jew. It is a means of suppressing one's passions and becoming less selfish, thereby exalting oneself almost to the level of the ministering angels, and perhaps higher. Hence, from the general theme of kindness and mercy emerge countless mitzvot and ideas which have always guided the Jew in his daily life.

It is clear that a prerequisite for acquiring any good trait is destroying its opposite. First, one must “turn away from evil” (Ps. 34:15) – and only then - “do good” (Ibid.) Thus, to become loving, we must cease to be hateful. To learn respect, we must cease to scorn our fellow man. I must warn once again that all the principles I quote from the Torah and our sages are rulings that have come down as precise law, and they apply only in the time and place that our holy Torah says they apply. Hence, whoever sets out to eradicate hatred should have in mind only that hatred which opposes our Torah, false hatred, defined by our sages as sinat chinam, “groundless hatred”. Nothing originating from G-d can be “groundless”. If there is no Divine reason for hatred, it is absolutely forbidden and despised by G-d. Yet when G-d commands us to hate the evildoer, that is “truthful hatred”, a sacred duty from which no one is exempt.

The same applies as far as love. There is not, never was, and never will be a Torah concept of “groundless love”. G-d does not concede regarding hatred of those who hate Him and or the evildoers who destroy what is sacred to the Jewish People. I shall never tire of bringing our sages' words (Bava Kamma 50a), “Whoever says G-d indulgently forgoes sin, shall forgo his life” (“because he is teaching his fellow man to sin” - Rashi). Love and hate, like all Divine traits, came into the world with well-defined parameters, virtually possessing a set of laws of their own. Whoever preaches that hatred is never valid, or presents a false picture of love, shall have to account for it in the future.

All the same, where indeed inappropriate, hating one's fellow Jew is a heinous sin. Our sages said (Arachin 16b): “Do not hate your brother in your heart” (Lev. 19:17): I might think [it would suffice] not to hit him, slap him or curse him. It therefore says, “in your heart.” The verse refers even to hatred in one's heart. It is forbidden to hate a Jew even in one's heart. Rather, one must make known one's objections and rebuke him.

Compiled by Tzipora Liron-Pinner from "The Jewish Idea" and "Peirush haMaccabee (Shemot)" of Rav Meir Kahane, HY"D


07 November 2018

The Meaning of the Snake at the Kotel - Part 2

30 Marcheshvan 5779
Rosh Chodesh Aleph

You must read Part 1 in order to understand Part 2. Continuing...

The Snake's Big Lie is being repeated literally everywhere. We even heard it from an "Orthodox" rabbi in NY in his remarks about those Jews slain in Pittsburgh.

(i.e., everyone is his own god and finds the truth, not in Torah and Mitzvot, but in his heart!)

"We have the Asarah Harugei Malchus and now, we have the achat asar harugei Pittsburgh." 

No matter how tragic it is that these 11 Jews were murdered, can they really be compared to the saintly rabbis who were tortured and murdered by the Romans - not merely for being Jews, but for teaching Torah! How are we to know whose "truth" answers our legitimate questions?

Loyal-to-Torah Jews know the real truth when (despite what Mr. Cassouto teaches) they find it written in our holy sources, beginning with the Torah itself.

You can listen here to two of our most able and faithful-to-our-Torah-and-Mesorah rabbis explain the truth about these concepts and how they apply to the Pittsburgh tragedy.

Pittsburgh Massacre, Part 2

Two Common Misconceptions Related to the Pittsburgh Massacre

To sum up, those who submit to the commands and demands of the King HKB"H, are loyal, law-abiding citizens and those who rebel against them and willfully break them are criminals who believe their own thoughts and feelings are their ultimate authority. In other words, they have made themselves into their own god in place of HKB"H.

Whose "truth" will you believe? What the Creator told you in the Garden or what the Snake comes to tell you now? This could be the final test before Mashiach whose gematria is equal to nachash (snake).