22 March 2019

Parashat Tsav

15 Adar II 5779
Shushan Purim
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Tsav

Rabbi Mordechai Sitorsky

Parashat Tzav: The "Right" Way to Look at Purim


BONUS: The P-Word

17 March 2019

Mashiach Before the Election (Part 3)

11 Adar II 5779 

Recapped and continued from Part 2...
...G-d set ground-rules for [the Messiah]: "In the future, the sins of these stored away with you will place you under an iron burden. They will make you like this calf whose eyes have dimmed. Their burden will suffocate your spirit. Through their sins, your tongue will cleave to your palate. Do you wish this?" The Messiah asked, "Is that pain going to last many years?" and G-d answered, "I swear by My life and yours that it shall last no later than the year seven thousand [i.e., the latest possible end, as noted previously from Avodah Zarah 9a]. If you are unhappy with this, I will make them suffer starting now." The Messiah replied, "Master of the Universe! Joyfully do I accept it upon myself so that not one Jew be lost... It is what I want!"...

The rabbis said, "The week in which the Son of David comes, iron bars shall be brought and placed on his [MBY] neck until he is bent over, and he will cry out tearfully until his voice ascends to Heaven. He will say, "Master of the Universe! How long can my strength hold out? My spirit? My soul? My limbs? Am I not flesh and blood?"...

G-d will then reply, "Ephraim, Righteous Messiah! You undertook this from the Six Days of Creation. Now, your pain will be like Mine, for since the day Nebuchadnezzar went up and destroyed My house and burnt My sanctuary and exiled My children among the nations, I swear to you that I have never sat down on My throne; and if you don't believe Me, observe the dew that has settled on My head"... The Messiah will respond, "Master of the Universe!  Now, I am consoled.  It suffices for the slave to be like his master."
Here we learn several principles of global importance regarding redemption.  First, the Messiah spoken of here, namely Mashiach ben Yosef and not Mashiach ben David, is the chief redeemer, for he inaugurates redemption.  Second, his suffering all the years of the exile, through G-d's tormenting him, parallels that suffered by Israel.  Third, this suffering is grossly compounded, for were Israel to repent properly, he would be freed from his torment to go and save Israel, such that both he and they would be redeemed.  Fourth, Mashiach ben Yosef parallels G-d, for also the Divine Presence is in exile, and G-d, too, so to speak, suffers the Chillul Hashem of Israel's lowliness.  Fifth, (merely hinted at here), if repentance "in haste" does not arrive, and redemption "in its time" comes instead, redemption of grief and tragedy, G-d will send Mashiach ben Yosef to wage war against the nations.  In that case, the vast majority of Israel will still be unfit for redemption and will not recognize him and their own mission - to repent through deeds of faith and trust in G-d so that they sanctify G-d's name, the key to redemption.  Then Mashiach ben Yosef will go for with minuscule remnants as inaugurator of redemption to provoke the nations, and the start of redemption will be accompanied by tragedies and Messianic birthpangs, as stated.  Even Mashiach ben Yosef will fall in this bitter period, until Israel's sins are purged and Mashiach ben David arrives.

To be continued, iy"H...

"Hang On For Dear Life!"

10 Adar II 5779

Purim 5779 The Purim Roller-coaster: Hang on for dear life! - Rabbi Richter

What is the intrinsic connection between Purim, and the standoff between Esav and Yaakov?

15 March 2019

"The Awful Sin of Amalek"

8 Adar II 5779
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Vayikra - Zachor

[See my comments at the end.]

Shabbat Zachor – The awful sin of Amalek – Rabbi Meir Kahane

“Remember what Amalek did to you, on the way, when you were leaving Egypt, that he happened upon you on the way, and he struck those of you who were hindmost, all the weaklings at your rear, when you were faint and exhausted, and he did not fear G-d. It shall be that when Hashem, your G-d, gives you rest from all your enemies around, in the Land that Hashem, your G-d, gives you as an inheritance to possess it, you shall wipe out the memory of Amalek from under the heaven – you shall not forget!” (Deut. 25:17-19, Maftir of Shabbat Zachor)

Amalek’s sin is the great and eternal sin of those who refuse “to know Hashem” and to accept His yoke upon themselves, and who thereby desecrate His Name.  The Children of Israel were on the way, and the word ba-derekh (“on the way”) appears here twice, indicating that they were both on the way out of Egypt and on the way to the Land of Israel: both of these components together prove G-d’s power and might in the eyes of the nations, so that they would accept the yoke of His sovereignty.  And now Amalek, the foremost and most brazen representative of “I do not know Hashem” launches himself against Israel, in an attempt to demonstrate both to Israel and to the rest of the world that G-d has no power, and that He is not the G-d of history. (Peirush HaMaccabee, Sefer Dvarim, Chapter 25)

This is the key to understanding why G-d was more angry at Amalek than at any other nation.  This was the awful sin of Amalek, regarding which it is said (Ex. 17:16), “The hand is on G-d's throne.  The L-rd shall be at war with Amalek for all generations”. Our sages also comment (Pesikta Rabbati, Ch. 12): “The hand is on G-d's throne”: R. Levi said in the name of R. Chama of the school of R. Chaninah, “So to speak, as long as Amalek's offspring are on earth, G-d's name is not complete [In the verse, “G-d” is represented by the short form yud-kei], neither is His throne complete [represented by kes rather than kisei]. Once Amalek's seed is uprooted, G-d's throne is complete and His name is complete.”  King David said, “Enemy! The waste places are come to an end forever, and the cities which you did uproot, their very memorial is perished” (Ps. 9:7). What follows? “But the L-rd is enthroned forever. He has established His throne for judgment.”

Amalek set out to annihilate Israel, as our sages said (Tanchuma Yashan, Yitro 4), “Why was it called 'Amalek'? Because it is am lak, 'the nation that licks'. Amalek set out to lap up Israel's blood like a dog.”  Even more than this, however, Amalek came openly to insult G-d and blot out His name. Mechilta (Ibid., Parshah 1) comments regarding (Ex. 17:8), “Amalek arrived”: “Amalek came openly.  In all their other attacks they came in stealth...but not here.”

Amalek attacked G-d's throne, as our sages said (Tanchuma, Ki Tetze, 11): One verse reads, “You must obliterate the memory of Amalek” (Deut. 25:19), and another reads, “I will totally obliterate the memory of Amalek” (Ex. 17:14). How can the two verses coexist? Until Amalek attacked G-d's throne, Israel were commanded to obliterate them. Henceforth, however, G-d said He would do so Himself. Can flesh and blood attack G-d's throne? Rather, because they destroyed Jerusalem, of which it says (Jer. 3:17), “At that time they shall call Jerusalem the throne of the L-rd”, G-d said He would obliterate them.

Amalek's sin is the waging of brazen warfare against G-d, as they did when Israel left Egypt. Yet when any other nation, as well, curses and fights G-d, Amalek's sin clings to them and they become like Amalek.  Thus, although Amalek, the nation, did not destroy Jerusalem, our sages say that Jerusalem's destruction constituted Amalek attacking G-d's throne.  This teaches that whoever attacks G-d's throne is called Amalek.  We must understand and remember this principle for our own times.
Since, in the nations' eyes, Israel's weakness and lowliness, and their suffering at the nations' hands, are interpreted as G-d's weakness and inability to save His people, and that is a Chilul Hashem, it follows that Israel's power, exaltation and victory over their own enemies and the blasphemous enemies of G-d is a Kiddush Hashem.

[For illustration, this is a quote from one of Rabbi Kahane's earlier popular books, “Listen World, Listen Jew” pp. 120-122]  Do you want to know how the Name of G-d is desecrated in the eyes of the mocking and sneering nations? It is when the Jew, His people, His Chosen, is desecrated!  When the Jew is beaten, G-d is profaned!  When the Jew is humiliated – G-d is shamed!  When the Jew is attacked – it is an assault upon the name of G-d![...] What he [the non-Jewish persecutor] is really saying is: “There is no L-rd, there is no G-d of Israel and if there is, He is an impotent and helpless god.  For if He truly existed as the Omnipotent and All-powerful Sovereign of the Universe, His people would not be in exile, they could not be at my mercy, they could not be beaten and shamed and humiliated by me.”

This is the desecration of G-d's name. Every pogrom is a desecration of the Name.  Every Auschwitz and expulsion and murder and rape of a Jew is the humiliation of G-d.  Every time a Jew is beaten by a gentile because he is a Jew, this is the essence of Chilul Hashem.  An end to Exile – that is Kiddush Hashem.  An end to the shame and the beatings and the monuments to our murdered and our martyred.  An end to Kaddish and prayers for the dead.  A shaking off of the dust of the Exile and its shame and a return to a Jewish state of our own created with the fire and the spitting of Jewish guns.  A Jewish fist in the face of an astonished gentile world that had not seen it for two millenia.  This is Kiddush Hashem.  Reading angry editorials about Jewish “aggression” and “violations” rather than flowery eulogies over dead Jewish victims.  That is Kiddush Hashem.

The State of Israel came into being not because the Jew deserved it, but because the gentile did.  It came into being not because the Jew was worthy of it but because the Name of G-d had reached its fill of humiliation and desecration.  “I do this not for your sake, O House of Israel, but for Mine holy Name's sake which ye have profaned among the nations”. 

G-d established a principle that as long as Israel possesses a sovereign government with the power to blot out Amalek's memory, it is a mitzvah and a duty for them to do so.  For this reason our sages said (Sifri, Re'eh, 67): Israel were commanded regarding three mitzvot for when they entered the Land: to appoint a king, build the Temple and destroy Amalek's seed.  I would not know which one comes first if not for Scripture saying, “The hand is on G-d's throne. The L-rd shall be at war with Amalek for all generations” (Ex. 17:16).  As long as a king sits on G-d's throne, we destroy Amalek's seed.  How do we know that “G-d's throne” refers to a king? It says (I Chronicles 29:23), “Solomon sat on G-d's throne to reign.”

We must understand that today, with G-d kindly having restored our land and sovereignty, we must once more share with Him in blotting out Amalek if its existence is clear to us.

[Asides from current events like Arab attacks on Israel, Iran’s threats and other brazen attempts to delegitimize or coerce Israel, there is one more aspect of this in our times, mentioned by Rabbi Kahane in another one of his popular books, “Uncomfortable Questions for Comfortable Jews”, p. 271]: Jewish self-respect and honor must be resurrected with an end to the humiliating obscenity of carefree political relations with the Amalek of our times, Germany.  Was there a greater abomination than that of Israel establishing relations with Germany less than a decade after Auschwitz?  And for money reparations, of course!  Today, there is not the slightest feeling of guilt on the part of the Israelis who happily travel on business or vacation to Munich and Frankfurt and Hamburg; many of whom live there. There is no guilt on the part of a state that regularly sends youth on cultural and sports excursions to walk on the land stained with Jewish blood.  There is no guilt felt when Jewish and Israeli leaders travel to Germany and eat and drink with the Germans at state dinners, or when a high-ranking German official arrives in Israel and the Israeli army band plays the German national anthem, “Deutschland Uber Alles” as the new Hebrews stand at attention with respect.   The Germans owe us reparations. The money does not absolve them of one sin, of one crime, of one murder. But they owe us reparations for property and we owe them nothing.  Political and cultural ties will be cut with the Germans and they will be expected to fulfill, to the letter, their obligations to the Jewish people.

G-d will go forth to avenge His great name, profaned among the nations, and to avenge the Jewish People, through whose humiliation and distress at the hands of the nations His name was profaned.  The Prophet Obadiah was an Edomite convert, as our sages say (Sanhedrin 39b):  “Obadiah was an Edomite convert, illustrating the adage that, 'the axe comes from the very forest.' Rashi explains, “From the forest, itself, comes the wood for the handle of the axe that chops it down.  Such was Obadiah to Edom and David to Moab, David being descended from Ruth the Moabite.

Who, as much as Obadiah, a former non-Jew, knew the nations hatred of the Jewish People!  Addressing the redemption, Obadiah prophesied (Obadiah 8-12, 15): Surely, says the L-rd, on that day I shall destroy the wise men out of Edom, and understanding out of the Mount of Esau. Your mighty men, O Yemen, shall be dismayed, such that everyone from the Mount of Esau shall be cut off by slaughter.  For your violence against your brother Jacob, shame shall cover you and you shall be cut off forever.  On the day that you stood aloof, that strangers took his force captive and foreigners entered his gates and cast lots upon Jerusalem, you too were one of them. You should not have looked on the day of your brother, the day of his misfortune, nor rejoiced over the children of Judah on the day of their destruction.  For the day of the L-rd is near upon all the nations. As you have done, so shall be done to you. Your deeds shall return upon your own head.

As long as exile and servitude were decreed for Israel, G-d restrained Himself. Hence, the fools thought He did not exist, and they mocked the Jewish people (Ps. 115:2): “Why should the nations say, 'Where is their G-d'”?  Yet His silence in the face of His name being profaned was a heroic act.  G-d, despite His silence, has not forgotten the insult, there being no forgetting before His throne of glory. Revenge is concealed with Him for the future, sealed up in His treasury, and vengeance and retribution are His.  (Source)

Regarding the two missiles launched over Gush Dan on Thursday night, for which no one was taking credit, here is my take on it.

The only reason for anyone in Aza to shoot off missiles over Tel Aviv like that would be on orders from high up.  That would be Iran.  And why would it be in Iran's interests to shoot missiles over Tel Aviv?  The Egyptians were there coordinating a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel and that does not suit Iran's interests.  I think it was a shot across the bow and a warning to Egypt to butt out of what is happening between Aza and Israel. And a show to Israel that they can start up with us in a major way any time they choose.  However, the primary purpose of all of it, of course, is to bring Am Yisrael to teshuvah so Mashiach can come and redeem us.

This is very apropos to Shabbat Zachor since "Aryan" Iran is very Amalek-like and Persian Iran is where the Purim story took place and Haman's, y"sh, evil plan actually accomplished such teshuvah.  Maybe Persia (Iran) will once again serve as the tool to bring about major teshuvah in our days at this time.


14 March 2019


7 Adar II 5779

...Prime Minister Netanyahu has made numerous efforts, along with efforts exerted by Chareidi lawmakers, to persuade Yishai to drop out of the race. In fact, last week the Prime Minister telephoned the spiritual leader of the party, HaGaon HaRav Meir Mazuz Shlita, Rosh Yeshivat Kisei Rachamim, requesting that the Rabbi instruct Yishai to drop out of the race.

Rabbi Mazuz was unwilling to accept the Prime Minister’s words, expressing criticism against Shas leader Aryeh Deri. The conversation did not achieve its intended goal, as the rabbi refused the request, and the party is running for Knesset as planned.

...the banner of the campaign was released “we believe in the Torah” (‘מאמינים בתורה’). A number of the rabbis present addressed the audience, and then Yishai took the floor, citing how there are growing efforts to torpedo Judaism and Torah, adding, “they do not understand that if there is no Judaism, there will be no Zionism”. He explained to his audience that there is no alternative to the Torah, to which we remain committed.

[See more about party plans HERE. H/T to KD.]

Rabbi Mizrachi on Rabbi Mazuz

London - Charged With Spreading Hate, Brooklyn's Rabbi Mizrachi Banned From Entering UK 

Torah Code Regarding Election in Israel 

"Election" connects to "In the first month on 4." Farther down comes the year - "5779."

The election is set for 4 Nisan 5779.

It includes the words "Ben Yishai" and "Mashiach" as well as what I think are the main issues of this election: "Torah, Teshuvah, Kedushah" and "Shabbat" which occurs four times!

In a similar code, the word "Shabbat" occurs seven times!

We see from the promise and the threat from the leftists to run buses on Shabbat that this is a very big issue.

This election is part of a war against Torah, Teshuvah, Kedushah and Shabbat - a war against Judaism itself and all who cling to Torah and Mitzvot. That's why we have to support anyone who stands up for these things.

And it is no coincidence that it is scheduled to take place in the month of Nisan!

13 March 2019

UPDATE on Eli Yishai and Yachad News

6 Adar II 5779

"Democracy" does not determine right and wrong.  Only the Torah does that and its Truth is inescapable.
(TOI - 11/03/19)  Gay Knesset candidates file incitement complaint against Haredi rabbi
Three gay Knesset candidates on the Blue and White party slate file an incitement complaint today against a prominent Haredi rabbi, Meir Mazuz,....
Eli Yishai responded to this on his Facebook page (rough translation)...
I read with astonishment the announcement of Blue and White party members who intend to file a complaint against the Maran Rosh HaYeshiva Hagaon Rabbi Meir Mazuz, shlit"a, in respect of statements made against members of the abomination community.

Simply disgraceful, impose a reign of terror against rabbis in Israel. Who are you to silence the Gadol HaDor from saying it? The words of the Rabbi are the words of the living G-d that appear in the Holy Torah, nothing he said is a novelty of his own.

This is exactly why Maran Rosh HaYeshiva was determined in his decision that Yahad would run for the Knesset, despite the polls that did not always compliment him. Party will end the rule of terror and silencing people who are not in line with their unacceptable agenda.

I invite the people of Israel, religious and secular as one, to support us and vote for Yahad in order to return the mandate to the sane majority in the State of Israel.

Other announcements as follows...

Humble words which you will never hear from any other politician
During an interview I gave on Channel 12, we heard from the interviewer, Mr. Oded Ben Ami, horrifying and shocking remarks with regard to Heaven. I immediately expressed a firm protest and demanded a retraction, but to my great sorrow, I made a mistake by remaining in the studio.
Looking back, I think I should have gotten up and left immediately. Chatati, aviti, pashati (I sinned), and I ask for mechilah, slichah and kaparah (forgiveness and atonement). I will not interview with Oded Ben Ami again until he retracts his harsh words and asks forgiveness from the Creator.
Yehonatan Yosef to be in Third Position
Here at the 'Yahad' party, the legacy of the greatest of Israel is not just an election slogan. Obeying the Maranan and Rabbanan is a guiding light for us and in their light we will go.
Yehonatan Yosef, grandson of Rabbeinu Ovadia Yosef zt"l, is nominated to third place (on the party slate). Together we will ensure the continuation of Maran's legacy for the people of Israel, the Land of Israel and the Torah of Israel.
Yasher koach to the brave soldier of Tzahal who liquidated the terrorist who infiltrated a house in Hebron in order to stab Jews. This is the only way to end any attempted attack: a bullet in the head and a dead terrorist. Without fear, without concern for consequences - to liquidate. As our sages taught: "If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first."
 This is a voice that the entire country needs to hear from a national platform on a regular basis.

12 March 2019


5 Adar II 5779

Continued from Part 1...
...Even before we examine our sages' words regarding Mashiach ben Yosef, we already have in hand several basic principles from the holy lips of the Gra:
1. There are two Messiahs, Mashiach ben Yosef and Mashiach ben David. The first is called "the Inaugural Messiah."  He is involved in the whole physical side of redemption, the actual return to Zion, and he fights G-d's wars.  The second completes the spiritual redemption.

2. These two Messiahs exist among us in every generation; and if Israel only understood what they must do to bring redemption "in haste," it would come speedily via these two Messiahs.

3. Mashiach ben Yosef not only goes unrecognized, but Israel ridicule those who herald the truth of redemption and are fit to be Mashiach ben Yosef. If Israel only recognized him and his era, he would immediately bring complete redemption "in haste."
Some people have posited that Rabbi Meir Kahane, ztz"l, Hy"d, was Mashiach ben Yosef for his generation.  Had the people of Israel stood up for him when the Erev Rav disqualified him from running for Knesset a month before the election, and backed his party wholeheartedly, he could have risen to power and prevented Oslo and every tragedy that followed in its wake.  But, the people were too weak and of too little faith, so unable to fulfill his mission, the Rav was taken from this world and his mission fell to the next generation's representative.  This is, I believe, why we are bidden to pray that Mashiach ben Yosef not die.  Furthermore, it is no coincidence that Rabbi Kahane's name has been so much in the news in these days just prior to another election, one which may very well be key to the arrival of this generation's Mashiach ben Yosef.
In every generation a Mashiach ben Yosef and a Mashiach ben David appear. The present exile has no fixed length. It can come "today, if we hearken to G-d's voice" (Ps. 95:7). In this regard G-d says, "Let not this possibility seem remote to you. Believe that if you only acted correctly, redemption would come 'today.' Search for the Messiahs, and I, too, will search Jerusalem with candles."
The Talmud states (Bava Batra 123b), "Jacob saw that Esau's seed could only be delivered up by Joseph's seed" (and the same in Targum Yonatan on Gen. 30:25). The point is clear: The beginning of the nations' fall will be through Mashiach ben Yosef who comes from Rachel. ..."In whose hands shall Edom fall? Those of the anointed of war, who comes from Joseph."

And Bereshit Rabba (73:7) teaches, "With Joseph's birth, Esau's adversary was born... There is a tradition that Esau shall fall only to Rachel's descendants."
...Pesikta Rabati, 36: 
At that moment, the nations became excited and said, "Master of the Universe!  Who is this into whose hands we shall fall?  What is his name?  What is his nature?"  G-d replied, He is the Messiah and his name is Ephraim, My righteous Messiah.  He shall raise up himself and his generation [i.e., from degradation to independence]. He shall bring light to Israel and save his people, and no nation or tongue can withstand him...  All his enemies and foes flee...  Even the rivers cease running..."
G-d set ground-rules for [the Messiah]:  "In the future, the sins of these stored away with you will place you under an iron burden.  They will make you like this calf whose eyes have dimmed.  Their burden will suffocate your spirit.  Through their sins, your tongue will cleave to your palate.  Do you wish this?"  The Messiah asked, "Is that pain going to last many years?" and G-d answered, "I swear by My life and yours that it shall last no later than the year seven thousand [i.e., the latest possible end, as noted previously from Avodah Zarah 9a].  If you are unhappy with this, I will make them suffer starting now."  The Messiah replied, "Master of the Universe!  Joyfully do I accept it upon myself so that not one Jew be lost...  It is what I want!"...
To be continued, iy"H


5 Adar II 5779

The prophecies of world war 3 were true!! Find out more info from the sources you need to know!!