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21 December 2014

"The Mother of All Price-Tags"

30 Kislev 5775
Rosh Chodesh 
6th Candle of Hanukah

Channukah: the mother of all price-tags
by Daniel Pinner

It was just a minor skirmish, hardly worth a mention. In a small village in one of the Seleucid (Syrian-Greek) Empire’s more remote provinces, an obscure local priest refused to obey the local representative of the Empire.

A Seleucid military unit had set up a pagan altar in the village of Modi’in, in the foot-hills of Judea, 27 km (17 miles) north-west of Jerusalem (today just several hundred metres north-east of the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway, 15 minutes by train from Ben Gurion Airport), and the unit’s commander, Apelles, ordered Matityahu (Mattathias), the priest of the village, to sacrifice a pig upon it.

Apelles’ command and Matityahu’s response have been recorded for posterity. The king’s officers tried to entice Matityahu with flattery and promises of high reward. “You are a ruler”, began the representative of the Seleucid Empire, “highly respected and a great man in this city, and you are strengthened with sons and brothers. So therefore come, you be the first to obey the command of the king – as all the nations have done– and with you all the men of Judea, and those who remain in Jerusalem. Then you and your family shall be numbered among the king’s friends, and you and your sons shall be honoured with silver, with gold, and with all manner of gifts” (1 Maccabees 2:17).

Matityahu’s response was a paragon of Jewish pride: “Even if all the nations who are in the abode of the king’s dominion obey him and each one abandons the religion of his fathers, still I and my sons and my brothers will yet walk in the Covenant of our fathers. Heaven forbid that we ever forsake the Torah and mitzvot! We will not obey the king’s words, to stray from our worship to the right or to the left” (1 Maccabees 2:18).

Hearing Matityahu’s refusal, another Jew (whose name has been forever lost to history) stepped forward to sacrifice the pig on the pagan altar.

The Jewish renegade no doubt expected to earn the gratitude of the Seleucid Empire for his treason. How he must have looked forward to the rewards and the recognition that this mightiest of empires would bestow upon him!

Instead Matityahu put an unexpectedly high price-tag on his treason by snatching a sword from a Greek soldier and killing the Jewish traitor. Matityahu then turned his sword on Apelles, killing him too. Spontaneously, Matityahu and his sons then attacked the entire Greek garrison, killing all the soldiers and, before other units of the Seleucid army could take reprisals, fled into the surrounding Judean hills.

Thus began the revolt of the Maccabees against Greek oppression – a war that would continue for decades, the first war that organised Jewish forces had fought in almost half a millennium, and the first war ever in recorded history to be fought over the issue of religious principles. And history records that the Maccabees’ first victim was not a Greek soldier, but a Jewish Hellenist who had betrayed his nation and his G-d.

The year was 167 B.C.E., and the Seleucid Empire, ruled by King Antiochus IV Epiphanes, was unchallenged and unchallengeable in its might. Modi’in was probably too small even to appear on maps of Judea, let alone on maps of the Seleucid Empire. Most likely few people outside of that obscure village had ever heard of Matityahu.

Yet Modi’in and Matityahu were about to burst forth onto the pages of history, there to inscribe an episode of greater power and magnitude than anyone could have envisaged at the time.

Matityahu would die less than a year after that confrontation, but he had already ignited the revolt. Led by his son Yehudah (Judah) the Maccabee, Matityahu’s five sons inspired the fight for independence. The Seleucid army was the mightiest army in the world at the time; Hellenist ideology dominated the world from Greece unto Persia; not even Rome yet dared to challenge the supremacy of the Seleucid Empire. But the Jews, fighting for their national independence on their ancestral soil, took up primitive arms against this highly-trained professional army and, against all the odds, were eventually to defeat them.

In 164 B.C.E., three years after that initial skirmish, Maccabean forces liberated the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, drove out the Syrian-Greek idolatry and the accoutrements with which they had defiled the Holy Temple, and on the twenty-fifth of Kislev re-dedicated the Holy Temple to the worship of the One true G-d. The fighting in the rest of the country would continue for decades, but they had accomplished their pivotal objective.

And for the first time in almost three centuries, there was Jewish independence in Israel (albeit only in a small area to start with).

The Seleucid Empire could so easily have kept the country peaceful: all they had to do was allow the Jews their religious freedom. After all, when Alexander the Great had conquered Israel from the Persian Empire 166 years earlier, he had done precisely that – kept the country peaceful simply by guaranteeing Jewish religious freedom.

But once the Seleucids pushed the Jews too far, war became inevitable. For generations, first under Persian rule and then Greek rule, the Jews felt that political independence could wait, and foreign occupation, as long as it did not interfere with their religious freedom, did not provoke them to armed insurrection.

But desecrating the Holy Temple, forcing Jews to violate their most sacred principles, attempting to force them to sacrifice pigs upon pagan altars – the nation simply would not stand for this.

And once the fighting had started, there was no going back until victory or death. Two years after liberating and re-dedicating the Holy Temple, Yehudah the Maccabee led an attack on the last remaining Seleucid fortress in Jerusalem. The Seleucids won the battle, and months of confused and inconclusive fighting followed.

Then in 162 B.C.E., when the situation seemed to have deteriorated to a stalemate, Lysias – the Seleucid general and governor of Syria – offered the Jews a peace accord, under which their freedom of religion would be restored. This caused much internal debate among the Jews: they would thereby achieve all that they been fighting for. However Yehudah rejected this offer, and resolved to continue fighting until he would restore full Jewish sovereignty and independence in Israel. Once the genie of armed insurrection had been let out of the bottle, it was impossible to get it back inside.

In historical terms, the Maccabean Revolt was the beginning of the end of the Seleucid Empire. Its power began waning – not only in Judea, but also in other provinces. The Maccabean victories over the Seleucids shattered their veneer of invincibility, and inspired other conquered nations to take up arms and fight for their freedom too.

Over the next few decades the Maccabees’ successors Shimon the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) and after him his son Yochanan Hyrcanus I drove the Seleucids out of the central region around Jerusalem, then thrust westwards up to the Mediterranean coast, eastwards to the River Jordan (thus connecting with the trans-Jordanian area), southwards as far as the edge of the Negev Desert, northwards to the Galilean hill country, and then even farther eastwards into Idum├Ža in trans-Jordan (the south-west area of the present-day kingdom of Jordan).

While this was happening, the Seleucids also began to face nationalist insurrections in Parthia (modern-day Iran), Armenia, Cappadocia (modern-day Anatolia), and Pontus (southern coast of Black Sea, in modern north-east Turkey).

Arguably, all these nations had been inspired by the Maccabees to take up arms against the Seleucids. Indisputably, the Maccabees’ strategic brilliance and sheer ferociousness forced the Seleucids to divert personnel away from those areas in order to contend with the Jewish forces.

By 100 B.C.E., 67 years after Matityahu had lit the match and thrown it into the tinder-box of Jewish nationalist fervour, the once-formidable Seleucid Empire had shrunk to Antioch and a few Syrian cities; and a few decades later it finally collapsed.

The Seleucid dynasty, founded 211 years earlier by Seleucus Nicator (“the Victor”), had at last met its match and been defeated by the Maccabees, who had successfully imposed an impossibly heavy price-tag on its anti-Jewish tyranny.

Politics As Usual

29 Kislev 5775
Erev Rosh Chodesh
5th Candle of Hanukah

We gave Uri Ariel and his Tekuma faction the benefit of the doubt, but apparently his "principled" stand against the policies of the so-called Bayit Yehudi was nothing more than "politics as usual".
Religious right to remain unified after Bayit Yehudi votes against split
Members of a rightwing faction within the religious-Zionist Bayit Yehudi party decided not to split from Naftali Bennett's leadership, thus ending speculation that current Housing Minister Uri Ariel would join former Shas leader Eli Yishai's new party to form a formidable right wing party.
What a pity!

And Tzipi Livni just won't quit!
Livni takes credit for ‘guarding Israeli interests’ at UN
Following report of Kerry blocking vote on Palestinian bid before Israeli elections, Hatnua leader says she helped spur US to stall.
...The diplomat also said that Kerry spoke about a warning issued to him by Livni and Peres that a favorable UN vote “imposed by the international community would reinforce Benjamin Netanyahu and the hardliners in Israel.”
She's really not interested in democracy. She was not elected to be Prime Minister to represent all the people of Israel, but she will go behind the Prime Minister and the people's backs and make private deals to benefit herself as if the power is hers. What she really wants is to be Queen of Israel. She wants to rule without interference from those who don't recognize her supremacy and who don't rise to her stature as she sees it. 

If all the enemies of Israel return at the End of Days, then Tzipi Livni must be Jezebel, the non-Jewish Queen of Israel in the time of Eliyahu HaNavi.

Like I said... Politics as usual - unfortunately for us.

Last, but not least, Yehuda Glick announced he's running for a spot on the Likud list. I guess he wants to stay close to his friend Moshe Feiglin, who after convincing many good Jews to support his 15-year rise to head of the party, has now declined to pursue that goal. I didn't understand his explanation, but in any case, I don't care. I saw the folly in that expectation right from the beginning.

When I think of these two, the warning about "false messiahs" comes to mind. There is so much deception out there and evil masquerading as righteousness, that we really have to be very careful to examine everything and everyone very closely for adherence to Torah truth.  Take this clip from a recent interview for example...

So, his vision of the Third Temple is a place where adherents to false religions whose very existence denies the truth of Torah will be welcomed alongside Jews, but NOT those Jews who would forbid same. By his definition, Rabbi Kahane and the Maccabees themselves would not be welcome on the Temple Mount! And not the real Mashiach neither!!

Is it any wonder that the Temple Mount is not in our hands yet? Thank G-d! It's bad enough what's already there, but a One-World-Religion Temple where all pray together to their various idols would be much, much worse.

19 December 2014

The Sony Hack Attack

27 Kislev 5775
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
3rd Candle of Hanukah

In case you've missed out on the big news of the week and haven't heard the word "Sony", allow me to recap briefly.  Reminiscent of the "anti-Islam movie" that was released just prior to the "spontaneous-outraged-Islamic" response which ultimately saw the fall of Libya, Jewish-Hollywood (Amy Pascal-Michael Lynton-Seth Rogen et al) made a "comedy" about the assassination of Kim Jong Un of North Korea which was approved by US government and security analysts. It was set to be released on Christmas Day.

According to reports, as long ago as last June, North Korea was onto this and registered a strong complaint, terming it an act of war. The aforementioned "analysts" determined that this was nothing more than routine posturing by North Korea and need not be taken seriously. Last week, alleged North Korean hackers went into the computer files of the Sony Corporation which produced the film and leaked massive amounts of information to the public in an effort to get the movie cancelled. As a last ditch effort, the hackers issued a warning...
  • We will clearly show it to you at the very time and places “The Interview” be shown, including the premiere, how bitter fate those who seek fun in terror should be doomed to.
  • Soon all the world will see what an awful movie Sony Pictures Entertainment has made.
  • The world will be full of fear.
  • Remember the 11th of September 2001.
  • We recommend you to keep yourself distant from the places at that time.
  • (If your house is nearby, you’d better leave.)
  • Whatever comes in the coming days is called by the greed of Sony Pictures Entertainment.
  • All the world will denounce the SONY.
After droves of theaters began cancelling their showings, Sony cancelled release of the film and said it would be archived. 

But, that's not the end of the story. Today, the American press has released an expose about a supposed plot by North Korea to bomb nuclear power plants across America "in the 1990s". To ensure maximum exposure, it is the lead headline on Drudge this morning.

Immediately, I recalled that John Loftus lecture I reported on about eleven years ago, in which he told an Anglo-Israeli audience that... 
Over the next two years, America is going to "take out all seven dictatorial regimes in the Middle East."
The conquest was begun with Iraq and is to be followed by Iran, the groundwork for which is already being laid and which, according to Mr. Loftus, will be finished "by Spring", only to be followed in swift succession by Libya, N. Korea (which will be divied up to China), Syria and Lebanon. Since Jordan and Egypt are already on America's payroll, that only leaves Saudi Arabia which will have no other option, according to Mr. Loftus, but to fall into line. The plan is ostensibly to "liberate" all the democracy-starved hordes of the Middle-East and rebuild all the war-torn countries courtesy of the American taxpayer (to whom Israel is also beholden, reminds Mr. Loftus, lest we Jews ever forget), and create a climate in which "moderate Islam" can flourish.
Of course, it didn't quite go according to the plan in 2003, but you have to wonder about the odd man out. North Korea is not in the Middle East and it's not Islamic. How (and why) did it slip in there?

No sane person is a fan of Kim Jong Un or the oppressive regime in North Korea, but whatever nefarious reason is behind this, it could all be a set-up for another 9/11-style false-flag event to bring "regime-change" to North Korea. How many Americans will die this time to further the political interests of the American empire? How many people around the world will die if this sets off World War 3? And the final question... Will the world blame Jewish Hollywood and by extension, Jews worldwide???

18 December 2014

Election Season in Israel

27 Kislev 5775
3rd Candle of Hanukah

Many seem to be sensing that there is something very different about the election season this time around.

Times of Israel article says...
Israel’s political system is in chaos. A new order is materializing, and its shockwaves are being felt in nearly every corner of the political map. ...The change is coming from the street....
A New York Times article says...
...Israel has had critical elections before, but this could be its most important, because the Israeli right today is no longer dominated by security hawks and free-marketeers like Netanyahu. It is dominated by West Bank settlers and scary religious-nationalist zealots....
...“The importance of the 2015 election cannot be too highly emphasized,” Ari Shavit, the Haaretz columnist wrote last week. “This time the question isn’t about the price of an apartment or cottage (cheese), but whether there will be a home for us at all. This time the struggle isn’t about convenience but about the core of our existence. Because this time the forces threatening Israeli democracy and the Zionist enterprise from within are unprecedented in their power.”
As I said before, I don't know if we will even reach to elections, but the birur happening now is mind-boggling. That alone is a sign that we are really reaching the end of the whole redemption process. If elections do take place, I do not expect a Torah-values party or consortium of parties to make a majority in the Knesset. Simply put, those who love and are committed to the Torah way of life are very, very few. Mashiach is not going to be the next Prime Minister!

Already the democratic leftists and rightists together are seeking a way out for themselves. Netanyahu has manipulated Moshe Feiglin out of running for party head. Having a woman on Tekuma's list is causing a problem for Uri Ariel's faction to join up with Eli Yishai's new party. And the police have already raided Rabbi Dr. Michael Ben Ari's Otzma Yehudit offices.

This is not about winning power through a democratic process.(Israel isn't even a true democracy.) It's about showing G-d that we are ready to follow Mashiach. It's about taking a public stand with the people who represent the Torah way of life in this country. Whenever the true Torah Jews see another hand go up, it builds and strengthens their faith in Hashem and in each other and in the way of life we have chosen.

While this thing plays out, just keep this in mind...
In the period that will precede the coming of Mashiach, insolence will increase and costs will soar. The vine will yield its fruit yet wine will be costly, and the government will turn to heresy and there shall be no rebuke [meaning that figures of legitimate authority, including parents, will be afraid to rebuke those who stray from correct behavior, including their children]. The [erstwhile] meeting place [of sages] will be used for harlotry…. The wisdom of scribes will decay and those who dread sin will be despised and truth will be absent. Youths will shame the faces of elders; elders will stand in the presence of minors…a man’s enemies [will be] the people of his household…. Upon what, then, can we lean? Upon our Father in Heaven. [Sotah 49b]
If it all goes to hell in a handbasket, gam zu l'tov.

17 December 2014

Chanukah – An In Depth Overview

25 Kislev 5775
First Candle of Hanukah

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman
"...The underlying nature of the miracle of Chanukah in and of itself involves a renewal. The Nesivos Sholom explains (Ma’amarei Chanukah p. 35) that the Gemorah discusses the underlying principle of how we light the Chanukah lamps itself, according to Beis Hillel. It is called “Mosif v’holech – adding more and more as we go along.
This special power of Chanukah began with the Beis HaMikdash – where more and more holiness was added. It spread to the people.
Rav Dessler writes that every Yom Tov is actually the very same day that comes back to us year after year. Each Chanukah is the very same Chanukah that the Maccabbees experienced. This light of Chanukah that increases as each day progresses is with us constantly.
The Nesivos Shalom further asks why the verse tells us Mechadesh kol yom b’tuvo. Why must Hashem re-create every day?
He answers that it was to give man hope as well. So that man can renew himself and say, “Today is a new day and I am newly created.” By the same token the nation of Israel is compared to the moon. Just as the moon renews itself, so too can we renoew ourselves and reach our fullest. Perhaps it was because of this notion as well that Chanukah was made to also include a Rosh Chodesh – to remind us of our power of renewal."

Read it in its entirety HERE.

16 December 2014

Modern-Day Maccabim - Happy Hanukah!

24 Kislev 5775
Erev Hanukah

Head of Jewish extremist group Lehava arrested with 9 others
The head of the far-right extremist group Lehava was arrested on Tuesday for allegations of incitement and calls to carry out violence and terror activity based on nationalistic motives, Israel Police reported.
Lehava chairman Bentzi Gupstein, along with nine other activists from the group, were each taken into custody from their individual homes, following ten months of both open and undercover police investigation.
Lehava's Facebook group has since been shut down for inciting racism and violence.
Three of the group's members were accused of carrying out arson and racist vandalism last month at Max Rayne Hand in Hand School, a joint Jewish-Arab school in Jerusalem. The members reportedly committed the acts because they were "angry about a memorial ceremony for Yasser Arafat" that took place at the school.
Itamar Ben Gvir, the lawyer for the 10 suspects, criticized how police handled Gupstein's arrest, saying they "turned the house inside out," causing damage, before taking Gupstein away in handcuffs.

"Left-wing politicians put on the pressure and police are now fighting Lehava, even though it's clear that they are a legal organization that openly operates against assimilation," Ben Gvir said. "This is a disgrace."
The group follows the racist teachings of the late Jewish Defense League founder Meir Kahane, whose Kach Party was outlawed by Israel for inciting racism. Kahane was assassinated in New York in 1990.
Lehava made national headlines in August when its members attempted to disrupt the wedding of an Arab man to a Jewish woman who had converted to Islam.

15 December 2014

This Is So Exciting!

24 Kislev 5775
Erev Hanukah

I don't know if we will even see new elections, but just the preparation for it seems to be bringing about a birur that is unprecedented in my experience. The whole political map is being completely rearranged as people appear to be aligning themselves according to their true natures.

What is really exciting to me is to see people like Eli Yishai, Uriel Ariel and Yoni Chetboun coming together over strong Torah values, with talk of Michael Ben Ari's Otzma Yehudit party possibly joining with them.

This would be the first Chareidi-Dati-Leumi (chard"l) party ever...

MK (Bayit Yehudi) Yoni Chetboun has already proven that he will not cross a red line, and he paid dearly for it by going against his own party in the efforts to draft chareidim. Despite party leader Naftali Bennett instructing him to support the chareidi draft legislation, he refused and as part of his punishment, he was ousted from his position on the Knesset Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee.
Defying party leader Bennett once again, Chetboun now refuses to sign a letter seeking to pressure Uri Ariel and his Tekuma faction from not splitting away from Bayit Yehudi. In this case, Chetboun wrote to Bennett “I would love to sign such a letter after the place for Torah values and the rabbonim of the religious Zionists are incorporated in the language.”
...Chetboun explains the current version of the letter is obviously intended to remove the rabbonim from the decision-making process and he is unwilling to be a part of such a process. He explains that if and when the letter includes that decision will include daas Torah, he will be pleased to sign as well but the current version is unacceptable.
The Yisrael Hayom daily adds HaGaon HaRav Dov Lior Shlita has instructed Ariel to run independent of Bayit Yehudi.
Some feel that Chetboun may be on the way out of Bayit Yehudi and will form a party with Ariel and Eli Yishai, who appears to be moving away from Shas. (Source)


Former Shas leader Eli Yishai announced Monday evening that he is leaving his political home of the past 30 years and forming a new party.
"The people are with us because they want unity," Yishai said during a press conference in Jerusalem, predicting 10 mandates for his new party in the upcoming elections. "The people want to finally break the barriers between religious and secular, between Ashkenazim and Sephardim, to bring the tribes of Israel together. The people are with us because the people want social justice and concern for the poor, the lower class, the periphery and development towns."
...I have no doubt I am starting a new party with my hands clean, with integrity and with faith," he said.
He said the decision to leave Shas was a difficult one to make. "I've deliberated for a long time but in the end, Israel's great and the people were the deciding factor to go on a new path." (Source)

"The people are with us, they want unity, they want to break down the walls between religious and non-religious, between Sephardim and Ashkenazim," said Yishai.
"The people want Torah, they want our traditions, Jewish values, decency and love of Israel. The nation wants true peace with our neighbours alongside love of the nation, the Land of Israel and the Torah," he continued in a refrain designed to resonate with the national religious community.
He insisted several times during his address that he was "leaving a party, but continuing the path of Maran [Yosef]," and took pains to point out that he was splitting from Shas to begin his own party with the blessing and support of Rabbi Meir Mazuz, a well respected rabbinic figure in the Sephardi haredi world.
Securing the backing of Mazuz is an important step for Yishai in gaining legitimacy for his party and his decision to split from Shas in the eyes of the haredi community,.... (Source)

Maybe this will become one of those "Mi l'Hashem elai" moments.

Just in Time for Hanukah

24 Kislev 5775

It certainly is no coincidence that the head of the Erev Rav regime is meeting with Eisav in Rome on Erev Hanukah to coordinate a response to Yishmael's grab for Yerushalayim (including Har Habayit) with a UN security council vote requested on Hanukah itself.

During the very time of year when we celebrate the return of our holiest place into our hands and its purification from goyische influence, the nations are gathering to force it out of our hands and into a position of being defiled by those who worship idolatry and futility.

G-d grant us the power of the Hanukiah lights to resist the darkness which lusts to devour everything that is holy.