10 September 2022

Important Background to Review

15 Elul 5782

In preparation for what is very likely to be my last post on this blog, I strongly urge the readers to review these two earlier ones.  

How much trouble can be made by "unfaithful men?"   27 Av 5769

"Inquiring Minds Want to Know..."   9 Elul 5773

And watch for the follow-up to come.

Thank you and Shavua Tov!


  1. bs'd
    Hoping you're healthy, family's healthy and all is well.
    Why your last post?
    Dean Maughvet

    1. Baruch Hashem!! With great gratitude to HKB"H, I can report all are very well. I will explain more in the next post. Hope you and yours are also well and safe.

  2. Well you will be posting again to say why you said it would be your last post.

    Perhaps Mashiach will be here... hope so,,

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  4. "Curioser and curioser" said Alice.

  5. I literally cried upon hearing this news! At the same time, I wish you the best for whatever is next. Your blog has helped me to better understand Hashem, the world we are in, and my place within it. I have learned much also from those who made comments. Thank you for all the time, heart and soul you put into your blog.