01 September 2022

Electricity Is the Lifeblood of Technology

5 Elul 5782

NOTE:  Check out the comments on the previous post.  There is some important information there.

Further to what's called the Disaster Cycle, I've updated the graphic to show where we stand in the process at the moment...

I hope you have all seen the short video here, and that you won't miss the longer one over here.  In case you aren't really up with what's happening with the "earth effects", i.e. weather extremes, heat, flood, drought, storm, etc., here is a sampling:

July 10, 2022  Australian communities grapple with multiple damaging floods this year

August 18, 2022  Europe in Ruins! Scary Storm in France, Italy and Spain

August 26, 2022  Europe: Record drought & heat wave threaten harvest | World News

August 27, 2022  WION WIDEANGLE | Scorched: Summer of droughts

August 30, 2022  Over 1,000 dead due to catastrophic flooding in Pakistan

 August 30, 2022  The Major Flooding Sweeping the U.S. Could Get Worse | WSJ

August 30, 2022   China's brutal heatwave breaks records, sparks wildfires | ABC News

September 1, 2022  South Asia seeing more frequent extreme weather | DW News

There most definitely is "climate change" but although they know the real cause - the pole shift and solar micronova - they are hiding that information from the general public and blaming it on CO2 emissions.  

Note that the next phase will be the downfall of the god of technology that the whole world worships.  Electricity is its lifeblood.  When it is taken down by the sun's outburst, that will be the end of their re-creation of HKB"H's world in their own image.

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  1. From Global DIsaster Watch: "A freak storm, the worst hail storm in two decades, battered Eastern Spain on Tuesday. A 1-year-old toddler died after being struck by an ice ball that measured 4 inches in diameter — the size of an orange — during the “short but very intense” deluge that struck Catalonia around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. Another 50 people were reportedly injured by the falling ice, with some suffering broken bones. The humongous hail also reportedly struck branches off trees, smashed bocce-ball-sized holes in car windshields and pounded public squares."