17 August 2009

How much trouble can be made by "unfaithful men?"

27 Av 5769

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In this week's parsha, Re'eh, we read the following which bears repeating today:

DEVARIM 13 ---

7. If your brother, the son of your mother, tempts you in secret or your son, or your daughter, or the wife of your embrace, or your friend, who is as your own soul saying, "Let us go and worship other gods, which neither you, nor your forefathers have known."

8. Of the gods of the peoples around you, [whether] near to you or far from you, from one end of the earth to the other end of the earth;

9. You shall not desire him, and you shall not hearken to him; neither shall you pity him, have mercy upon him, nor shield him.

10. But you shall surely kill him, your hand shall be the first against him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all the people.

11. And you shall stone him with stones so that he dies, because he sought to lead you astray from the Lord, your God, Who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.

12. And all Israel shall listen and fear, and they shall no longer do any evil such as this in your midst.

13. If you hear in one of your cities which the Lord, your God, is giving you to dwell therein, saying,

14. "Unfaithful men have gone forth from among you and have led the inhabitants of their city astray, saying, 'Let us go and worship other gods, which you have not known.' "

15. Then you shall inquire, investigate, and ask thoroughly, and, behold, it is true, the matter is certain, that such abomination has been committed in your midst:

16. You shall surely strike down the inhabitants of that city with the edge of the sword, destroy it with all that is in it and its livestock, with the edge of the sword.

17. And you shall collect all its spoil into the midst of its open square, and burn with fire the city and all its spoil, completely, for the Lord, your God; and it shall be a heap of destruction forever, never to be rebuilt.

18. And nothing that is doomed to destruction shall cling to your hand, so that the Lord may return from His fierce wrath, and grant you compassion, and be compassionate with you, and multiply you, as He swore to your forefathers.

19. For you shall hearken to the voice of the Lord your God, to keep all His commandments which I command you this day, to do that which is proper in the eyes of the Lord, your God.


How often do we examine our actions in light of "that which is proper in the eyes of the Lord, your G-d?" While using our friends or neighbors or the rabbi's latest shiur as a measuring stick, we might find justification for many things that Heaven detests. There is no substitute for letting the Torah be your searchlight and using it as the ultimate measure of your deeds.

I read "Unfaithful men have gone forth from among you and have led the inhabitants of their city astray, ..." along with the description of that city's ultimate destruction and I shake to the core of my being. Now, of all times, while the threat of destruction hovers over every Jewish town and village in Judea and Samaria, this issue must be confronted.

"Unfaithful men"---men who place their trust in idol-worshippers rather than in the God of Israel are bringing sure and swift destruction upon their families, neighbors, friends and upon the whole House of Israel.

They are the men who have made non-kosher alliances with non-Jews who have sworn their allegiance to a dead Jew and who worship this dead man as the Creator of All, God forbid!!

The "New" Testament on the nature of Yeshu: "He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him. And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist."
There is no question today, and neither was there in the past, that those who espouse this religion are idolaters. This was a "god" which was far from us, but which has now been brought close, even into the most religious of Jewish homes. As much as he is given life by those who worship and revere him, he does indeed "live in their hearts," as his followers claim. Inasmuch as they have been welcomed into Jewish homes, this much has the false god entered in as well!
Recently, a good Jew saw an advertisement on the City of Ariel's internet list requesting Jewish homes to host visiting agricultural workers arriving at the end of the summer growing season. Something about it did not sit right with this good Jew, so he contacted a person he knew with expertise in this area and this is what came of the inquiry...
A known Xian missionary has found a new way to infiltrate Jewish homes with his "Master's" message. He is organizing like-minded "believers" to travel at their own expense to Eretz Yisrael and to offer their services to farmers free of charge for the duration of the harvest season. In exchange for this pottage of free labor, otherwise good Jews have sold out the birthright of our covenant with Hashem. The infiltrating missionaries believe that this willingness to receive them is equal to a willingness to receive their message as well.
"Tommy Waller runs HaYovel which brings in Xians to work harvesting, particularly in Har Bracha on a vineyard belonging to Nir Lavi. HaYovel is supported by an organization founded by Eliezer Braun called Shuva Israel. According to the website's Mission page:

'Starting 2,000 years ago, a large divide developed between Christianity and Judaism. Today, you and I have the opportunity to make amends and bring Jew and Christian together under the umbrella of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This is an opportunity for a grand reconciliation after two thousand years of brothers straying away from each other.

We are living in a very unique time in history-we are part of God's timing. We can make a difference and partner with the miracles that God is manifesting through the children of Abraham-today in our life time in the State of Israel. We have a unique opportunity to link Bible believing Christians and an Israeli Jewish organization for the purpose of fulfilling over 1,000 scriptures that relate to the prophetic ingathering of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.

Shuva Israel Director, Eliezer Braun, who moved to Israel in 1983 and lives in the Hills of Samaria (Ezekiel 36) with his family, travels worldwide to establish relationships with Evangelical Christians. Today there is a growing awareness in Israel that her best and perhaps only true friend in the world is the Evangelical Christian. Eliezer travels and speaks in Churches in the USA, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Hong Kong and Singapore.'"

The board of Shuva Israel is a who's who of Dominionist Xian leaders whose primary goal is [to establish a worldwide Xian theocracy on the planet]. There is one Jew on the board.....

Listed among their "projects:"

---Promotion of Christian volunteer work program in communities in Samaria with "HaYovel" Ministry

---Planting vineyards for farmers in the Hills of Samaria
HaYovel touts itself as "serving Israel's farmers---an organization that is uniting Zionist Jews and Christians to work together towards one common goal – restoration of Israel through the tending of the Land." You see, they don't believe we can do it without their help and many Jews seem to believe that, too.
"One of the really good things God has allowed us to do as we work in Israel is to develop significant relationships...." They depend upon this and the Jew's natural hakarat hatov to eventually open the doors for their "witness."

Tommy Waller makes it very clear in an April 2009 interview with Bible Voice Broadcasting that his efforts are geared to hasten the arrival of their dead messiah: "...God is moving, there's something happening in the heavenlies that's gonna usher in the coming of our messiah."

In response to his comment that "the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few," the interviewer says, "So the more people that you have coming, the more communities you can impact---and help---and they can see the love of the Lord in you as you're working and you're helping them build the communities." (Tommy: "Right, right.")

This "love" is their "light to the nations" with which they attract other followers to their "Lord and Master."

Radio interviewer: "So, I can see that you're really wanted, they like what you're doing, the Jewish people, as you're out there working with them."

Tommy Waller: "Yes. Amazingly, the Jewish people here have embraced us. The religious people have embraced us. I think that because we love them and they feel that genuine love that we have for them as people, we are mending relationships and building relationships."

In other words, the warm reception the Jews have given to the Xians causes them to have high hopes of eventually converting them to their false religion on some future day, despite all denials to the contrary.

In a video, also from April 2009, Tommy Waller can be heard to say: "We are a humanitarian organization." But he belies that when he goes on to say: "We can bring people over to meet the labor needs; not having the farmers go out and get Buddhist Thai workers to come in, but people of faith, Jewish and Xian people to come to Israel to do and put their hands in the soil that they have a connection to."

Tommy Waller, his family and all the Xians that he can bring to Israel and install in Jewish homes and Jewish backyards and Jewish farmlands, all believe that this Land belongs as much to them as it does to us. In this, they are no different than the Arabs that live among us. Do we really want to set ourselves up for another war over the land with the Xians before we've even resolved the conflict with the Arabs?

I have issues with foreign workers, but at least the Buddhist Thai worker has no illlusions that he has any claim on our heritage! Furthermore, they and their families are not being hosted in Jewish homes and forming deep reciprocal relationships with Jews who dare not be sucked into their idolatrous way of life!!!

They sing and dance in worship and adoration of Yeshu and pray to him as their god while living in our very midst. What tragedies and catastrophes, G-d forbid, are the "unfaithful men" bringing upon us!?


The foregoing is thanks to the research done by GeulaGirl, the owner of Esav Exposed. She would like to add the following, so that no doubts should remain about the true intentions of these "nice" people:

The Waller Family sees Israel as their home. They belong to the “congregation” led by missionary David Ortiz in Ariel. Brayden and Zac Waller run the youth group there. They travel all over America speaking in churches and messianic congregations to recruit people to volunteer in Israel. They spend time at many of the messianic “churches” and organizations in Jerusalem including Succat Hallel in Ir David, King of Kings, and Shemen Sasson.

From the Waller’s Blog:

October 2006 (Zac Waller)

“For the next 2 weeks we picked grapes until they came out our ears! The grand total came out to 11 1/2 tons I think. The harvest is so incredible! Just seeing the fruit of your labor is rewarding but to think about the greater harvest, when all of Israel is saved! Such an awesome picture!

We had several volunteers this harvest. Rachel Claerbout, a friend from Florida who has had a heart for the Jewish people since she was 11 years old is volunteering with us for three months. Melody, Matt and Mark Norris, friends of ours from Virginia came and helped for the duration of the harvest. Also several believers from the area came for a day or two to help out and enjoy the vineyard.”

“Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement, Lev 23:27) starts tonight. We will be fasting, praying for and thanking YHWH for His forgiveness as well as asking Him to reveal the areas in our lives that we need to repent for and make right. This is a very solemn time for all Israel. Even a lot of secular Jews fast on Yom Kippur. May Yeshua reveal His grace and forgiveness to them.”

Sukkot 2007 (Zak Waller)
“The Mount of Temptation is the alleged 'high mountain' where Yeshua was tempted by satan in Matt 4:8. We had an awesome time of worship as we looked out towards Jericho and proclaimed Yeshua’s Name over the city.

“Friday we slept, ate then slept and ate some more. We had a friend over for lunch, then went to Mrs. Margaret’s for Shabbat dinner.

On Shabbat Mr. David came, picked us up and hauled us back to Ariel in time for our regular fellowship gathering. Some people came who had done some mission work in Russia came and shared. They had some interesting tales to tell!”

February 2009 (Olivia Waller)
“Dad, Zac, Josh, Caleb, about 20 other people and I are going home (Israel)!!!! Oh and my grandparents are coming too! I am so excited! We will be there for a month clipp’in on vines making them look pitiful. But it really is good for the vines, without us doing that the vineyard would be a mess of vines and we would not want that to happen.”

February 2008 (Zac Waller)

“Yesterday morning one of my friends in Israel found a gift basket sitting outside his front door. When he opened up the package it blew up in his face. Shrapnel went everywhere. All the windows were busted out, the furniture was shredded, huge chunks of metal were stuck in their refrigerator but Ami (my friend) IS ALIVE, PRAISE GOD!!! He is in critical condition with serious wounds/burns all over his body.

Brayden, Dad and I are on our way to go be with them – so pray that God will use us to comfort them and that Yeshua’s name will be lifted high in that Israeli hospital!

Brayden and I lead a youth group there in Ariel that Ami was a part of. Our family is very close to theirs. So……..This hits really close to home….”

From an article in the Williamson Herald (Jan. 8, 2009):

“During the past five years, the family – all 13 members – have been working alongside Israeli farmers in Samaria, building relationships, breaking barriers and as in the Bible, “planting the grapes in Samaria,” with the people of Israel and at the same time, chipping away at that wall.
It all started after an invitation to visit to Israel. It was then Tommy and his family knew their life was in for another change. “When we went there, God spoke to me,” Tommy said. “I understood where we were supposed to be.”

“Now twice a year they are in another land. They are up at dawn to catch a bus to Har Bracha or the Mountain of Blessings where they work the land until 4 or 5 p.m. using the agricultural lessons they learned along Russell Creek in Lobelville in the land where Christianity was born and sharing with people who have similar religious beliefs. They are interacting and learning about a different culture, how to shop and get around in a different world, and feeling more and more at home in a foreign land.

“If we can help them, they don’t have to bring in foreign workers,” Tommy said. “They can prosper and they don’t have to go into debt.”

Working side by side with Israeli farmers in the vineyards and olive groves the family is learning, understanding, reaching out and developing relationships.

“In Israel we’re working in a vineyard with about 8,000 vines, and on the Mountain of Blessings with 30,000 vines,” said Tommy. “We still work as a family, but this is a community effort. It’s an amazing thing, the people we work with look a lot like people we lived with in (the Amish community) Lobelville (Tennessee).”

Since they started their work in Israel the family helped build a winery, harvested tons of grapes and olives, trimmed acres of vines and olive trees, moved rocks and boulders for roads and most importantly, built relationships with both Israelis and Palestinians.

This fall the Waller family was joined by several other families who wanted to help bring down the wall of division. “For us it’s a spiritual deal – a faith deal,” said Sherri Waller. “The battle is over the land because God gave it to the descendents of Abraham – that includes us.”

Hear it all in their own words in this Google video. Some key excerpts...

Tommy Waller: "The Wallers are preparing to do a [spiritual] work in Israel."
Sherri Waller: "There is a much more weighty harvest that He's ready to make."
[Note: The "New" Testament is replete with this imagery of souls ripe for the harvest: "Then He said to His disciples, 'The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. ...Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.' " Sherri Waller's allusion to this concept is followed in the video by various images of Israelis from every social group beginning with the chareidim at the Western Wall.]

Tommy Waller: "For us, sharing the gospel is not only verbal, it has an action to it. It's based on relationships. As we're working with these people, we'll be able to share with them this Jesus that we know."
Brayden Waller:
"Our family has begun a ministry called HaYovel. The vision of HaYovel is to develop a network of individuals, families and congregations [churches and messianic 'synagogues'] ready to labor side by side with the people of Israel, to bless them, to stand with them, to share with them a passion for the soon coming of the Jubilee in Yeshua, the messiah."




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