05 September 2022

Let's Stop Pretending that Israel Is a Jewish State

9 Elul 5782

Israel may have a Jewish-majority population, but that does not make it a Jewish country (why do we call it a "State"?).  It is most definitely NOT a "Jewish" State.  If it were, only Jews would be allowed to have citizenship in it.  Even while we were a nation in exile, citizenship was attained through birth or conversion - no difference really from any other country (their naturalization process includes many of the same steps as conversion).  That's how it has been since the inception and that's how it will be in a truly Jewish country.  And not least, Torah would be the law of the land.  The sooner the majority of Jews wake up to the facts, the closer we will be to actually creating one here.  It will, of course, be led by Mashiach, because only he will have the honesty, the wisdom, the courage and the faith, as well as the authority, to carry it out.  Just, right now, get your heads wrapped around it.  

Would This Be Allowed to Happen in a Real Jewish State?

Would THIS Keep Happening Over and Over Again in a
Truly Jewish State??

~ ~ ~

I have to say here a huge todah rabbah and Baruch Hashem to HKB"H for saving me from the biggest, blackest, ugliest scorpion I have ever seen just about an hour ago.  Still makes me shiver!