16 August 2022

Where Is The Comfort?

19 Menachem Av 5782
Baruch Dayan Emet

Just when I thought we were about to catch the glimmer of light evidencing the end of the dark tunnel, the darkness settled around us like a suffocating blanket.

In the first case, a family from Ofakim was visiting Yerushalayim for bein hazemanim. The expectant mother wanted to shop for a bar mitzvah gift and new baby things with an eye to needs for the upcoming high holidays. The father and son of the family was onsite as well as extended family who were witnesses. There are just no words, Hashem save us!

The second case also involved an entire family, visiting from New York, again an expectant mother among the wounded, but thank God!, everyone has survived.  It happened near Kever David on Motzaei Shabbat.

Now, this morning comes the news that the soldier who was killed last night near Tulkarem was killed by "friendly fire."  He reportedly went to pray and was shot and killed by his fellow soldier as a suspected terrorist infiltrator upon his return to post.  

These were the best of us.  If it could happen to them, then no one can feel any sense of security.  The only comfort I can find in the current situation is that perhaps - perhaps! - this can be compared to the period when we thought we were about to be redeemed in Egypt and suddenly it all got a lot worse as we were forced to find our own straw to make the bricks.  Though, in my mind, the loss of life and the terror can't compare.

I'm hanging by a thread and I truly do not know how I am going to be able to keep standing if this continues.  Hashem, please help!


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    1. And it's not just these. The same night this family from Ofakim suffered this horrendous loss, two bus drivers, also from Ofakim, were killed as they crossed the road to try and help accident victims on a highway. And three Israeli Jews were run down in England and killed and it all started with the family being hit by the Arab woman head-on outside Ariel in Samaria and a little six-year old boy died while many family members were hospitalized. The mother could not even get to the funeral, Hashem have mercy! How many ways can our hearts break?! The media said 19 were killed in one week!!

  2. The first thing I thought of when I heard about the bus crash was: Who was the driver? Did he have an accident, or did he do this on purpose? Or...even worse yet...who was the last person to repair the vehicle?

    Abba, help us. Please!

    1. My first thought was that it had been an Arab driver and it was some kind of ramming attack. Remember the tractors? Only now with buses. Especially after there had just been a similar event with a "runaway" bus two days earlier and in the same general area. But the reports said the driver was a kippa-wearing Jew and was collapsing at the magnitude of what had happened. I read that there had been a report about the buses brakes malfunctioning only a short time before, and then that the driver had gotten out to close the undercarriage bin without setting the emergency brake. It's all just so horrible. I cry and cry.

    2. In addition to the driver being injured, a 70-yr-old man was killed in that one on Yirmiyahu St. The bus jumped the curb and hit him before hitting a building and driving right inside it, r"l.

  3. It must mean we are coming down close to the wire; its sooner than later. More kadoshim are needed. Even so, very very sad.

  4. Sadly the traffic situation in Israel is chaotic, every time I visit Jerusalem i stand and wait patiently to board a bus to no avail as you just need to use elbows to get on a bus.
    People don't have manners and that's the cause for the meron disaster aswell many other car accidents.
    Israel isn't a modern up to date country but a third world country and that's the reason behind the bus accident.
    Israel is a country constantly in war and that's why the soldier Nathan was killed by friendly fire.
    Believe me it's not אתחלתא דגאולה, we thought that the holocaust was finished in 1945 but sadly it continues till today in Israel.

  5. Hashen doesn't want us to die , he has enough malachim, it's a commandment to live וחי בהם ולא שימות בהם .

  6. Design, you’re correct about Nathan BDE. Such a nice looking yid. So sorry. And yes also about WWII it doesn’t end, same people same agenda.

  7. You who are blaming ordinary people for these tragedies, it would seem, have no idea of the capabilities of the evil people out there (and the white hats, who are trying to stay one step ahead, too...). See these sources: Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway — With Me in It and Here is how hackers can remotely take control of your car. Israel, too, may be modern in that respect.

    Keep in mind, these are from 2015, seven years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the accidents today are caused by evil hackers. Including the bus crashes into buildings, etc.

    I was alerted to this by Rivka Levy, here.

    I do agree that we all need to be more careful, but that's always been true.

  8. But there is (or was) a video out that basically proves that the Meron disaster (as we often call it) was more than that. The video showed a portable orange machine that was used along with a couple of other things (a horn-shaped device on a pole that should have been a speaker, but might have been something else was one of them, and there was something else, I don't remember what.). Together they formed an ac...tive d-nial/direct energy weppon.

    I don't know what happened to the video. It seems to have been "disappeared."

  9. The establishment builds nice roads but Hashem commanded us ,when we arrive in Eretz Israel to appoint refuge's cities. They occupied the Land and they pollute Her with innocent blood. Add to them the murdered victims of the covid vaccines and we have a serious problem. May Hashem deal with us with mercies because almost all of us we were deceived that THIS corrupted establishment is Israel.