24 August 2022

Right on Schedule

27 Menachem Av 5782 

I don't know if you've been keeping up, but judging by the massive wave of severe and extreme weather striking the US, Europe and other places right now, as well as the uptick in activity to our north here in Israel, it would appear that the geulah train is still on track for this shmitta cycle.  Oh, and today is Ukrainian Independence Day, so there are big expectations on that front as well.  Stay alert.  This is your heads up.

Even if Nasrallah claims to limit the potential war over the gas field to a single day, and even if Israel claims to be uninterested in war, the intensity of a potential military conflict between the two sides will be much greater than what we've become accustomed to during IDF's campaigns in Gaza. It will be difficult for Israel to control the situation once shots are fired, and an all-out war, which both sides are trying to avoid, might be inevitable. (Source)

Israel’s defense chiefs are advising the government to launch an intensive assault on Iran’s terror proxies. In a dramatic strategy shift, a new report calls for diverting resources from Iran strike preparations to focus on preemptive attacks on Tehran’s regional allies.

The sensitive document was recently submitted to Israel’s leadership, N12 News reports. Until now, the IDF focused on upgrading its capabilities to attack Iran.

However, the security chiefs believe that targeting Tehran’s forward bases in Lebanon, Gaza, Syria, Yemen, and Iraq should be prioritized. This would greatly weaken Iran’s power and ultimately make it easier to attack its nuclear project.

The new strategy would require Israel to launch a series of short but intense strike operations against Iran’s Mideast proxies. Israel will aim to immediately escalate any military clashes instead of focusing on restoring quiet, the report said.

The overall Israeli objective would be to destroy the capabilities of Iran’s militias quickly, to prevent Iran from rebuilding its regional terror armies.

Israel’s defense establishment is urging this strategic shift shortly after the successful preemptive assault on Islamic Jihad in Gaza. In parallel, Defense Minister Benny Gantz warned that the IDF could initiate military action against Hezbollah in Lebanon to thwart attacks on Israel’s new gas rig.

Notably, a leading strategic expert predicted earlier that Israel will shift to a preemptive war doctrine to neutralize Iran’s military buildup on its borders.


  1. Unfortunately, any Israeli assault whose goal is not to liberate portions of Eretz Yisrael that are currently under foreign rule -- will fail.
    Expanding our borders to the extent of the Biblical promise is what G-d wants.
    Not deterrence.
    Not destroying Iranian capabilities or proxies or thwarting attacks on gas rigs.
    That's all cheap zionist cowardice.
    Jews go to war to conquer what the Almighty vouchsafed was ours.
    Anything less is a chillul Hashem and, again, bound to fail.
    Don't get excited about any operation, preemptive or otherwise, that doesn't include mop-up operations on the streets of Damascus, Beirut or Amman.
    Dean Maughvet

  2. Dean @ 10:52
    You are absolutely right. Great comment - says it all. Yasher Koach


  3. Well, living here on the northern front, I will be happy with a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, and any proxy facilities, a strike that eradicates everything and removes any possibility of rebuilding. It will need to be done quickly and without notifying the Americans. This latter point is the most important and the most problematic. Because they are not on our side. From the increase in jet traffic, I would guess that we are nearing such a scenario. HaShem yerachamim!

  4. Gavriela: You must always remember that H' is with us! Even if the leaders are not, no matter what, 'Utzu Eitzah v'Sufar, Dabru Davar, v'lo yakum, ki imanu Kel'! H' Yishmor, Yerachem v'Yevareich et Amo Yisrael!

    1. Anonymous, believe me, I have no doubt about that. I was responding to the earlier commenter who gave us an excellent long-range vision. But, the things he asks for are not going to happy under the current medinat. So, I suggested that we do those things that are possible, even with this crew. They all understand the necessity of removing the Iranian nuclear threat and Nasrallah. Plus there are several thousand Hamas rockets along the border of Aza, directed at our homes, which apparently can be released by remote control. I see these as the priorities. Expanding to the full borders, as promised to us, will wait for Moshiach and HKBH.