09 August 2022

Wheels Within Wheels

12 Menachem Av 5782 

According to an unconfirmed report from the Arab/Muslim side, the Axis of Resistance, which spins around Iran, has concocted a plan to counter a plan agreed upon between Israel and the US during Biden's visit in July.  It's worthwhile noting that this Israel/US plan is being carried out with the backing of Saudi Arabia and the cooperation of Egypt and Jordan, as well as possibly the signatories to the Abraham Accords, but I don't see yet how they are directly involved.

It appears that this "plan" has targeted assassinations as its lynchpin.

‘All Top Islamic Jihad Security Officials in the Gaza Strip Have Been Assassinated,' Israeli Army Says
But this latest round started a week ago with the arrest of "West Bank" PIJ leader Bassem Saadi in Jenin.  It is the possibility of his release that was used as the carrot for a ceasefire in the Gaza fighting about 36 hours ago.

The IDF had better luck this morning with a raid in Shechem ("Nablus") during which Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades Commander Ibrahim Nablusi was killed outright instead of being arrested.
Wanted terrorist among 3 said killed in IDF raid in Nablus, 40 injured
The plan seems to be to decapitate the terrorist groups, starting with the smaller ones first, leaving them in disarray without someone experienced to call the shots.  Israel is attempting to increase its chances of survival in a multi-front war launched against it by proxies on the orders of Tehran, when the US finally concedes to Saudi Arabia's demands that Iran be neutralized.

The US is the one who undoubtedly gave the green light to this plan and it was concocted jointly with American military leaders.
READOUT: U.S. CENTCOM Commander visited Israel today [July 17] to meet with Israeli Defense Force (IDF) leadership
I figure Egypt arranged the ceasefire, as it usually does, on the orders of the American president and the Saudi Royal Family.  And Jordan, via its WAKF, kept the order on the Temple Mount on Tisha b'Av for the same reasons.  

The Arab world can tolerate temporary cooperation with Israel for the sake of eliminating a greater threat - Iran.  But, make no mistake, another plan very likely exists for the day when Israel is of no further use to them.  And I'm sure the Arab world expects that day to be very close indeed once Israel has become weakened to the point of collapse from the onslaught it is surely facing once Hamas and Hizb'allah join in, as they most assuredly will.  This is their expectation and their hope at any rate.

These are only the opening shots in a much wider war - one that we have been anticipating for a very long time.  A lot of surprises are in store.


  1. Israel Radar
    Israeli army chief after Gaza op (via @kann_news

    IDF has similar operational plans for northern front (Lebanon & Syria) and for other arenas (Iran...?)

  2. I question the timing of everything that went down just now. Definitely Lapid had/has ulterior motives.

    The Politics of the Recent Battles between Israel and Islamic Jihad

  3. Let's not forget Hashem's open miracles! 1,100 missiles fired into Israel and only 380 intercepted by the Iron Dome (a pitttance) ... yet there were no fatalities. This is an open miracle!!! Let us continue our teshuva and chesed amongst each other and pray for Hashem's continued protection!

  4. Why all of a sudden this is happening? Why not two, three, or ten years ago? Do we really trust the third world gangsterism of the US? Something doesn’t smell right here. What did Israeli Erev Rav give away??