28 June 2022

The Hellenistic Wars Continue in 5782

30 Sivan 5782 
Rosh Chodesh Aleph

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas last month that he’ll be designating two Israeli groups as foreign terrorist organizations, according to a Channel 14 News report on Sunday based on Palestinian sources.

The two organizations are the anti-assimilation organization Lahava led by Bentzi Gopstein and La Familia, a group of fans of the Beitar Jerusalem soccer group who are known for their violent acts and racism.

Blinken also told Abbas that the Israeli government is also working to declare the two organizations as terrorist entities. Defense Minister Benny Gantz has spoken about making efforts to outlaw both organizations, especially Lahava.  (ramifications) 
Who and/or What is Lehava (להב"ה)

In a nutshell, it is a holy organization led by righteous Torah Jews who are dedicated to following Torah Law and preserving the Jewish People.

The following is according to Wikipedia:

Lehava (להב"ה‎ "Flame," Hebrew: למניעת התבוללות בארץ הקודש LiMniat Hitbolelut B'eretz HaKodesh; Prevention of Assimilation in the Holy Land) is a far-right and Jewish supremacist organization based in Israel that strictly opposes Jewish assimilation, objecting to most personal relationships between Jews and non-Jews. It is opposed to the Christian presence in Israel. It has an anti-miscegenation focus, denouncing marriages between Jews and non-Jews forbidden by Orthodox Jewish law. The group has over 10,000 members.  (Key people: Michael Ben-Ari; Bentzi Gopstein; Baruch Marzel; Itamar Ben-Gvir)


"You shall not intermarry with them; you shall not give your daughter to his son, and you shall not take his daughter for your son."

You can call it "racism," but it's a commandment of the Creator that must be obeyed.  The "West," as represented by the United States and Europe, is the main power behind this push for massive and rampant assimilation of Jews - just look at the condition of Western Diaspora Jewry.

Kol hakavod and yasher koach to the courageous men and women of Lehava who are unafraid to be true to the covenant with their God and to perform His will to the best of their abilities.  They are not only an example for all Am Yisrael, they are closer to the messianic light than the rest of us.  This is the way we bring Mashiach!


(And 'to hell' with Mr. Blinken and 
the totally corrupt Western culture!!!)

For anyone who wants to donate and support Lehava's important work:   https://www.leava.co.il/shutaf/

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  1. H' Yevarech these true Yiddishe neshamot!