15 June 2022

An Ill Wind Blows From the West

 16 Sivan 5782

As soon as I read that the initial timeframe for Biden's proposed trip to the ME, towards the end of June, was being pushed off, I went, "uh-oh, that means Tammuz."

Tammuz is traditionally a very bad time for the Jews.  It's a month where Eisav holds the power.

[Quote:]  ...Rashi explains that Tammuz means “heating,” like a glowing furnace—an appropriate name for the month which occurs at the height of summer (in the Northern Hemisphere), roughly coinciding with July.

...The Zohar tells us that the first three months are associated with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Tammuz and Av, the fourth and fifth months, were taken by Jacob’s evil twin brother, Esau.  Not surprisingly, both Holy Temples were destroyed during this time (one by the Romans, heirs of Esau).

...The sages declared Tammuz 17 a day of fasting and mourning for the terrible events that happened on this day. Referred to by the prophet as “the fourth [month] fast,” this is one of the four fasts that will be converted to a day of joy and feasting with the arrival of Moshiach. May it happen soon.  (Source)

So, now we have a firm date for US President Joe Biden's visit to Israel - July 13 to 16 - or on our calendar  - 14 to 17 Tammuz!  Everyone knows he is up to no good for the Jews here.  It bears reminding that the US Declaration of Independence was signed on 17 Tammuz 5536!!  And what they desired most for themselves they have denied to Israel - independence from foreign rule and influence.  

That said, I'm not a bit concerned.  The so-called "leader of the free world" is toothless.  Eisav is very quickly losing all their power.  He is arriving prior to the beginning of the Three Weeks and leaving on 17 Tammuz.  Not only that, but we will not be fasting this 17 Tammuz because it falls out on Shabbat Kodesh and the same thing happens on Tisha b'Av as well!

I'm looking forward to that time when 17 Tammuz and 9 Av become festive holidays and you should be, too!!  That time is not far off.

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