29 June 2022

It's Time for a Serious Conversation About Our System of Governance

1 Tammuz 5782
Rosh Chodesh Bet

The klippah of a Western-democratically-governed Israel is rotten to the core and is now falling away.  The proof of that lies in the fact that we have no working government and even another election is not expected to end with any agreement - just like the last time.  This model is a complete and utter failure for us.

Mashiach is already here just waiting to be revealed.  He is not going to cobble together a coalition government made up of rebels and heretics and goyim.  Israel is headed to its true calling as a Middle Eastern nation.  The Arabs don't concern themselves with how the Western world perceives their monarchies, why should we?  

According to Brynen and Gelvin, eight countries in the Arab world are monarchies today: The State of Kuwait, the Kingdom of Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Jordan, the Kingdom of Morocco and finally the State of Qatar.

But, come to think of it, monarchies are not confined to the Arab world... 

The European Union's monarchies are: (1) the Kingdom of Belgium. (2) the Kingdom of Denmark. (3) the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. (4) the Kingdom of the Netherlands. (5) the Kingdom of Spain. (6) the Kingdom of Sweden. (7) the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

In the Age of Mashiach, the Davidic monarchy, the office of Kohen Gadol and the Sanhedrin will be restored to us.  It's best you start wrapping your head around those facts now, because it might only be months away.