28 January 2020

The Second "Bombshell" - Coronavirus!

2 Shevat 5780

In the motzaei Shabbat blog post, Gog uMagog Is Happening NOW!,  I mentioned three "bombshells" having hit at once.  I took the third one first and now, it seems the time has come to discuss the second one - the coronavirus.

We can tell by the speed with which an event develops and the massive amount of publicity it receives whether it is a major signpost of the quickly arriving geulah.

While the outbreak of the coronavirus in China is clearly one of those things, I've held back from writing about it because it was not yet clear to me whether it is real or manufactured. (In the end, it doesn't matter.)

For instance, there are reports that it developed naturally in a market area due to unsanitary conditions; however, there are yet other reports that The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation patented a coronavirus in 2018 and that just such a scenario as is happening at this minute was drilled three months ago in New York. (See: Event 201 Simulation)  And yet other reports discuss the possibility that it was a Chinese bioweapon that "leaked" out. (Wuhan Institute of Virology)

What made me suspicious from the beginning was the out-of-all-reason hype and fear-mongering engaged in by the mass media before anything was really known.  From the immediate quarantine of the 11-million-strong population of Wuhan, to the scenes of hazmat-garbed airport attendants taking the temperatures of passengers exiting flights from China, it seemed like overkill (excuse the pun).

Fatality numbers were said to be "jumping" and "shooting up" with each report of the numbers of dead and infected.  However, each set of numbers showed a consistent 3.1 % mortality rate.  Compare that to the mortality rates of the 1918 Spanish flu (20%), or the Bubonic plague (50%), or Ebola (90%).  The mortality rate we are actually seeing, if the reported numbers are correct (big "if" I admit, but if it's made up, they could make up bigger numbers, too), is more akin to the measles.  Not much of a weapon. (See: Coronavirus Deaths Are So Far Mostly Older Men, Many With Previous Health Issues)

From the beginning, I was more concerned that it was a giant exercise in how to immediately imprison (quarantine) massive numbers of people with full global approval.  For what diabolical purpose, even I can't imagine, although let it be yet another lesson in how not to depend on complete freedom of movement at all times (for those who think they can "run" whenever they choose).  I give no credence whatsoever to any videos via social media purportedly revealing the true "dire" situation in China.  It's too easily faked.  It looks to me right now like everyone wants it to appear to be worse than it really is. The ultimate question is "Why?"

As anyone can see, we have nothing whatever to depend upon except our Father in Heaven.  We can't even depend on the reportage to know what exactly is really going on.  But, we can make some educated guesses based on the consequences that we see emerging.
The Coronavirus Is A Black Swan Event That May Have Serious Repercussions For The U.S. Economy And Job Market

Dow posts worst day since October and turns negative for the year as coronavirus fears grow
If this outbreak was intentional and is being hyped unreasonably, creating a massive climate of fear, it is possible that this is the method by which they mean to create a controlled collapse of the global economy since it was already teetering on the brink and could not be prevented in any case.

Through mass media, the architects of the New World Order can manipulate and control the entire world's population through FEAR. We who fear only God - and nothing else whatsoever - cannot be controlled or manipulated. (In fact, they fear us.)  We who know without any doubts Who really runs this world, have no cause whatsoever for fear of anything but Him.

This, too, is paving the way for the revelation of Mashiach Tzidkeinu as the approaching economic collapse will cause the West to lose it's grip on Israel's neck.  They will be too concerned with the mayhem in their own streets to take action against Mashiach's meteoric rise to power in Israel - most hopefully before the next scheduled election!!

I have to add that this is mida k'neged mida for those among the triumvirate - Eisav (Trump), Yishmael (Bin Salman) and the Erev Rav (Kushner) - who were orchestrating the theft of 70% (at least) of Eretz Yisrael in order to "promote prosperity" - their prosperity.

And Hashem will ask them why so glum?  It's just business - MY business.
NOTE:  The scenario used in the drill in New York supposedly estimated 65 million dead from a coronavirus pandemic.  Just to put that into perspective, that is less than 1% of the total world population.  And it would take months or up to a year.  An estimated 55 million people die every year across the globe.


  1. FYI...

    Settler leader on trip to DC ‘losing sleep’ over ‘horrible’ Trump deal

    After meeting with Netanyahu on plan, Jordan Valley mayor says PM trying to sell them on Palestinian state ‘that won’t really be a state’

    1. Here goes Bibi with the zig zag. He got just instruction from his masters at the Council on Foreign Relations and President Esau.

      They told him to jump and he said how high?

      The good news is that now the secular Right in Israel is unmasked for what they really are. No different from the Left.

      Erev Rav weaving secret deals that harm the true Jews.

      This is good news!

      The state of Israel has to totally decay and rot away before the real geulah state can emerge. The state of Israel will not evolve into the Moshiach state like some believe. It has to whither away and disappear.

      The old has to decay and rot away before the fruit can sprout and grow.

  2. I was in Israel for 3 months now and I say the same. Totally agree. Rachel

  3. Wuhan Coronavirus Update: 44,000 Now Infected, Warn University of Hong Kong Researchers
    Monday, January 27, 2020 by: Mike Adams https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-01-27-wuhan-coronavirus-update-44000-now-infected-warns-university-of-hong-kong.html
    Given the incubation time of 2 – 14 days something is going on. If the US and Europe close the Airports the Jews in the US and Europe can not fly to Israel. Will the Antisemites blame the Jews for the Economic downturn from the virus just like they did during the Middle Ages with the Black Death?

    1. haShem has intensified a plague during the week of the parsha that talks about the last three makkos...
      In fact coronavirus started in China officially on Dec 31 which was parshat Veyechi. This is exactly the parsha before the golus mizraim starts and right before the parshas that talk about the makkos that destroys mizraim. Coronavirus has intensified during the past three weeks since...


  4. We have reached the keitz hayamim time and nothing or no one will stop the Geulah because the time of our redemption has come! May it come with great rachamim for all of bnai Yisrael!