27 January 2020

How Many So-Called Jews Really Don't Believe?

Rosh Chodesh Shevat 5780

They don't really believe in God and they certainly don't believe that they are obligated to fulfill the "difficult" mitzvot.
"...our main service and battle is to break and to remove the strength of the Erev Rav,... the Erev Rav is our greatest enemy, ... the war against the Erev Rav is the most difficult and bitterest of all....
Divre Simcha by Rabbi Simcha Ysachar Ber Chalberstam, zt"l) "...even if we see in them (The Erev Rav) good things like Torah and tradition and good manners and in particular they make peace with everybody and peace is the foundation of everything,...we must reject all these people even when they have good aspects in their behavior because then will be time of clarification and selection and this will be the trial and choice in those days."

The unnoticed speech in which US envoy revealed contours of peace deal
Israel’s right to the West Bank is ‘obvious,’ Ambassador David Friedman said, but also noted that Palestinians are ‘indigenous’ to the land and deserving of independence
US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman was one of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s special guests on his flight Sunday to Washington for the upcoming festive unveiling of the administration’s much-expected ‘Deal of the Century.’
Having lost his mother recently, Friedman, who is an Orthodox Jew, twice came to the back of the plane during the flight, together with some of Netanyahu’s senior advisers and religiously observant journalists, to lead afternoon and evening prayers and say kadish, the mourner’s prayer.
Friedman is one of the key architects of the US administration’s approach toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — together with US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner....
...he referred to these Palestinians as “indigenous,” thus refusing to endorse the talking point of many Israelis on the right who consider the Palestinian presence illegitimate and want to encourage their emigration.
Indeed, by calling Palestinians “indigenous” to this land, Friedman was implying that they, too, have rights to it.
In another hint at the deal’s parameters, the US top diplomat expressed his wish for Palestinians to “live in dignity, in peace, and with independence, pride and opportunity.”
"...two million or more Palestinians reside in Judea and Samaria, and we all wish that they live in dignity, in peace, and with independence, pride and opportunity. We are committed to find a way to make that happen."
Hashem's Peace Plan, and therefore, Mashiach's Peace Plan according to the TORAH Commandment (Bamidbar 33:50-56)...
The Lord spoke to Moses in the plains of Moab by the Jordan at Jericho, saying:  Speak to the children of Israel and say to them: When you cross the Jordan into the land of Canaan, you shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you, destroy all their temples, destroy their molten idols, and demolish their high places.
You shall clear out the Land and settle in it, for I have given you the Land to occupy it.  You shall give the Land as an inheritance to your families by lot; to the large, you shall give a larger inheritance and to the small you shall give a smaller inheritance; wherever the lot falls shall be his; according to the tribes of your fathers, you shall inherit. 
But if you do not drive out the inhabitants of the Land from before you, then those whom you leave over will be as spikes in your eyes and thorns in your sides, and they will harass you in the land in which you settle.  And it will be that what I had intended to do to them, I will do to you.


  1. Sorry out of topic.
    Korona-virus - russian weapon of mass distruction. Korona (russian word: корона) means Crown (of Mashiach)!!!!
    What do you think?

  2. Has any of these so called experts figured out what Israel will do when the fakestinians decide to keep attacking Israel after the "deal of the century"?

    Will Israel be able to take action against a sovereign state to find terrorists? What will Israel do? Attack and invade a sovereign state of Fakestine?

    Imagine that. Israel invades the state of Fakestine to find terrorists. I suppose at that point the Useless Nations and Uncle Samkiel will get involved, maybe militarily to stop Israeli "aggression".

    This won't end well.

  3. (TOI)"Channel 12: Trump plan gives Israel Tomb of the Patriarchs, Joseph's Tomb"

    Don't we already have them???

    (TOI)Report: Netanyahu hopes to receive US okay for Ma'ale Adumim annexation

    This is completely unnecessary. Are we not a sovereign nation? Apparently we are a vassal state of the United States. At least this is how our non-government behaves.

    1. Depressing. Oslo 2.0. Bibi will zigzag left and end up like Sharon. Or Uncle Samkiel will replace Bibi with Ganz if he goes off the reservation.

      Today is the day Israel officially lost its sovereignty (whatever was left of it).

      The good news is that the Goel Tzedek ben Yosef is around the corner.

  4. yes that is true. however please keep in mind that it is turning out that more and more of the "arab" tribes, clans and families of the land of israel are jews who never left. please see tsvi misinai THE ENGAGEMENT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StlMl077Ei8

  5. Friedman has shown from the start who he is. He's typical of many of these orthodox Jews who seem to pick and choose what fits their lifestyles. They would love the galut to continue, c'v, forever. These are part of the Erev Rav who are everywhere - among the rabbis, the religious, the powerful and wealthy, all in positions where they have the power to control, to indoctrinate and to have great influence upon those who are clueless (which, r'l, are the majority). They can say what they want, only H' is in control and their fabricated words will never come to fruition. Saying that our mortal sonim are indigenous to the Land is a literal chilul H'!

  6. Give me a break,, Lowell. They are not Jews; they are part of a people who slaughter our people and there is Jewish blood in practically every corner of the earth, as our people, in this regard, intermingled with the nations, r'l. The reason these people live in EY is really because the Ribbono Shel Olam wanted them rather than the Esavians to reside in the Land until Moshiach's coming because they have no idols.