26 January 2020

Are You Really Ready to Receive Mashiach?

Rosh Chodesh Shevat 5780
The month of Shevat has already in it a sweetening because the midat hadin [of Tevet] begins to wane and on Tu b'Shevat din turns into rachamim. From Tu b'Shevat until Shavuot, every two weeks there's a yom tov.
...In Shevat we go from din to rachamim.  ...Tevet is the month of din, the month of darkness, the month of concealment, the month of Asarah b'Tevet, the beginning of the punishment, so when we come to the conclusion of Tevet, that's usually the most difficult.  The last week is where midat hadin is very strong.
...The Zohar HaKadosh tells us that there are three months that are the domain of Eisav ... that still have to be turned around and they are Tamuz/half of Av and Tevet/half of Shevat.  So, until Tu b'Shevat there is still midat hadin, but on Rosh Chodesh Shevat, there is already a sweetening because according to Beit Shammai [as it will be in the time of Mashiach] Rosh Chodesh Shevat is actually the Rosh Hashanah Ilanot [New Year of the Trees] when din turns to rachamim.  (Rabbi Sitorsky in his recent shiur on Vayera)
And davka, it was the last week of Eisav's month of din - Tevet - when Eisav and Yishmael converged to establish a Palestinian State under the auspices of President Eisav Trump's "Deal of the Century" and under the guise of standing against antisemitism at the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

How  deluded?  How divorced from reality does one have to be to think any good can come from giving up pieces of Eretz Yisrael or from any person who already gave up pieces of it [Netanyahu] or who will expect us to give up pieces of it [Trump, Kushner, et al.].

Netanyahu gave away Hevron (Netanyahu and Arafat Agree on Israeli Pullout in Hebron) and voted to expel Jews from Gush Katif and has destroyed one Jewish outpost after another while leaving the Beduin encampment - Khan al Ahmar - at peace.  He even gave Kever David to the Vatican! (After 60 Years of Pressure, Israeli Government Caves In to Vatican) and parts of Jerusalem to Putin just now! (‘The Russians are coming’ for more Jerusalem properties)  He already, in his now famous Bar Ilan Speech, laid out the conditions under which he would accept a Palestinian State in Judea and Samaria:
Netanyahu expressed his willingness to accept a Palestinian state alongside Israel, under the following conditions: recognition of Israel as a Jewish state; a solution to the issue of Palestinian refugees outside Israel; demilitarization of the future Palestinian state; defensible borders for Israel; and Jerusalem remaining the united capital of Israel. (Source)
This is precisely what some are claiming is in Trump's Plan.  There are those who cynically claim it doesn't really matter because the "Palestinians" will never agree to it.  First, there is no guarantee of that and second, it's dishonest and a chillul Hashem to say you'd do it if you have no intention of doing it.  However, it's an even bigger chillul Hashem if you say it and you mean to do it come what may! This land is not ours to give away and it violates many Torah laws even to discuss it.

NETANYAHU IS A CRIMINAL according to Torah law, so let's not hear any more about how great and wonderful he is.  He's a treacherous snake and he will oversee our demise if Mashiach delays too long.

And TRUMP IS NO FRIEND OF JEWS no matter how much American and Americanized Israeli Jews protest.  He answers only to his Erev Rav advisors and his Evangelical base who are only interested in reestablishing a strong Christian population in Israel and freedom to missionize Israeli Jews to their hearts' content.  None of these people are "friends" of Jews or of Israel.  The land is meaningless to them except as a stage for their false messiah's second coming.

If you have a problem with anything I have said here, then you may not be as ready to greet Mashiach as you think.  There won't be any compromise on Torah with Mashiach Tzidkeinu and no discussion of, much less actual, giveaways of our Holy Land!!

ANYONE!! who supports the establishment of a Palestinian State on any part of our Holy Promised Land is an ENEMY of Israel - Eisav, Yishmael, Amalek, Erev Rav or even kosher Jew!!

Netanyahu has proudly proclaimed: "Only once in history does such an opportunity present itself, and we must not miss it." Our "once-in-history" opportunity came in June 1967 and it was squandered. It was when all the land Netanyahu now wishes to give away to goyim was returned to us by our Father in Heaven.

Make no mistake! The time is fast approaching when we will secure those lands as well as other lands yet to come back to us - again, returned by our loving Father in Heaven, but this time, we will have Mashiach here with us and he will not let the opportunity be missed!!! (See: Will the Third Messianic War Arrive with Mashiach ben Yosef?)



  1. When those Jews faithful to the Torah refuse his "Deal of the Century," then we will see the vengeful side of Trump turned towards us "ungrateful" Jews.

    1. So true...

      President Esau is a friend of.... President Esau. He pays lip service to the Jewish people because 1) his daughter married a Jew (Kushner) and he wants to keep some sort of connection with her and 2) for some strange reason, Orthodox Jews in America are big fans of President Esau (he knows his customers ie. voters).

      There is no way the massive ego of President Esau is going to pass up on the chance to go down in history as the guy who made "the deal of the century" and brought "peace to the middle east". This guy is going to try to make the deal happen with or without the Jewish people. If Jews become too much of a burden then President Esau will toss us under the bus.

      All heck is going to break loose when Bibi is forced by President Esau to give up sovereignty of Israel to Europe, the United States and the Arabs. Do not underestimate how violent President Esau can/will get to achieve his goal of achieving the "deal of the century", Including using military force to "create secure and safe borders" for Israel. We may wake up soon with US security personnel unofficially and/or officially patrolling Yesha and Yerushalyim to "secure" Jewish settlement. (mark my words on this one)

    2. Unfortunately, too true.

  2. HDG - too much muddying of the already turbid waters.

  3. Excellent & clarifying post. Hopefully none of the above will transpire, but your last paragraph says it all. H' will see to it that we not only get back every inch already given away but our Land will increase just as our Torah promises and as our Sages give us in detail what will be ours. Eretz Yisrael is H's Land and there is no power on earth or beyond that can ever win from H'!
    As we say in our prayers, 'They will advise & conspire, but to no avail, because H' is with us.' This is all part of the geulah process and brings much distress to us because the leaders are all Erev Rav in alliance with both Esav & Yishmael!
    As far as good Jews standing behind the current president, it is because he is good for the USA and good to its Jewish citizens. The opposing party is good for no one and especially for the Jews. They are leftist radicals. They live by their lies and are being headed by men with Jewish names but not Jewish neshamot (Erev Rav). The Erev Rav are everywhere where there are Jews to make sure Yiddishkeit everywhere will be lost. But, it is all to no avail, as we are almost at the end of this dark galut! We pray H' will turn around everything to be a blessing for us; how nice it would be if by Purim, everything is turned upside down as in the story of Purim (v'nehefachu).

  4. The ONLY "peace" plan for Israel and the world is HaShem's Peace Plan. Israel and the Nations MUST believe in the God Of Israel, commit themselves to honor and observe His Noahide Covenant and Laws (The World) and honor His Land, Torah and People Covenants with His Chosen People Israel (Israel and the World). Any other PLAN leads to GLOBAL CATASTROPHE AND DISASTER, as is happening now.