21 November 2019

"The Netanyahu Era Is Over"

24 Marcheshvan 5780
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Chayei Sarah - Mevorchim

From the Stone Edition Chumash Commentary...
The Sages teach that the narratives of Sarah's death and the Akeidah follow one another to indicate that she died as a result of that event.  She was told by the Satan that Abraham had actually slaughtered Isaac, and she cried out in grief and died (Targum Yonasan).  This explains why Abraham and Isaac were not present at her death.
R' Yaakov Kamenetsky explained that this cannot mean that Sarah died "accidentally" before her time, because, in connection with Sarah's life span, the Sages teach that Isaac had to anticipate his own possible death when he came to within five years of the age at which she died....  This dictum could not have applied to Sarah if her death was not natural.  Rather, the sense of the Targum Yonasan is that Sarah's time had come in any case, but that the immediate cause of death was the news of the Akeidah.  Some commentators say that her last breath came with the proud knowledge that she had succeeded in raising a son who was willing to give up even his life in the service of God.
In addition, the Torah records the birth of Rebecca before the death of Sarah in line with the tradition that a righteous person is not taken from the world until his or her successor has been born, as implied by the verse (Ecclesiastes 1:5), The sun rises and the sun sets (Sforno, Baal HaTurim).
As we see from the title above quoted from the Israeli media on the night that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has been indicted for crimes that will bring him to trial, "the sun is setting" on the Netanyahu Premiereship.  May we see "the sun rise" on Mashiach Tzidkeinu!!


  • Rabbi Moshe Ben Tov, ztz"l:  The Lubavitcher Rebbe told Binyamin Netanyahu that he would remain in the Office of Prime Minister until Mashiach comes and then he would hand him the keys to the office. 
  • Rabbi Shmuel Shmueli: Rabbi Kaduri, ztz"l foresaw many years ago that Netanyahu would be elected and after him - Mashiach
  • Talya Caroline had a dream about Rav Dov Kook who linked the disintegration of Netanyahu's rule to the preparation for the revelation of Mashiach.
  • Ron Bornstein:  Ben Yishai will come when Netanyahu's days are over as Israeli Prime Minister.
  • Rabbi Daniel Zar:  For 25 years already they've said in the name of the Lubavitcher Rebbe that Netanyahu will pass the baton of government to Mashiach.
  • HaRabbanit Yael Shneider from Jerusalem: According to the mekubalim of Jerusalem, after Netanyahu - Mashiach!         (Source)



  1. I pray that all of this is true... but understand this, and I understand if you don't publish it... a lot of people are going to be let down tremendously and lose Emuna if this doesn't pan out.... I believe with perfect faith that he can come at any time.... but the way things are going, as the one opinion says, he will come, and there will only be 7,000 people left waiting for him.

    1. it's really inequitable, if you analyze it. Because some people have been subjected to suffering for decades, so how can they remain with the same emunah as those who were not subjected to the same suffering (and who are thus able to retain the fresh outlook of young kids)? Why should the former be excluded from the 7,000? ...or whatever number it might be.

  2. אף על פי שיתמהמה אחכה לו עד שיבוא

  3. Mr. Weiss: Hopefully, those 7000 people means those are the people who are truly yearning and awaiting his arrival and that's what matters. The other Jews are either completely unaware of the word 'moshiach' or just don't care or maybe don't want Moshiach as he will upset their applecart, so to speak. I know about the 7000, but am hoping it will not mean to be, c'v, that there are only 7000 left.

  4. I'm not a big fan of Bibi either. But he is no criminal that deserves to be treated like a felonious thug. After serving his country for 13 1/2 years as PM, he should be allowed to retire with dignity to write his memoirs, just as that same priveledge was given to Ben Gurion (who was not exactly a "tzadik"). Never in the history of modern civilization was the acceptance of favorable press considered bribery... until now. In any case, if Netanyahu has to go, let's hope that he will be replaced by Melech HaMashiach instead of one of those filthy smolanim that want to destroy our country both physically and spiritually.

    1. "Never in the history of modern civilization was the acceptance of favorable press considered bribery..."

      Funny you should say that since it's exactly what Alan Dershowitz wrote and what Mark Levin repeated and who knows where it will stop. The proof that people don't think for themselves anymore is that they don't even speak with their own words!

      This is an outright willful obfuscation, i.e. a lie! Netanyahu is not accused of simply "accepting favorable press," he has been indicted (meaning an accusation with evidence) of "trading valuable favors with Israeli media and telecoms moguls for positive news coverage." Such an exchange of "favors" is called a bribe.

  5. I've just left this comment on my own blog and I feel I should put it here as well:

    That line about ''handing the keys to Moshiach'' was NOT said by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, it is an internet misquote. I believe it was said by Rabbi David Nachshon and you can read it at this link http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/243544

    Everyone quotes that the Rebbe said it, but the Rebbe did not say it. You will not find it on any Chabad site and that alone should tell you that it was not said by the Rebbe.

    I do not know who Rabbi David Nachshon is, but when he said it, he was being hopeful... and to the best of my knowledge he is not a known tzaddik, and therefore he is not making a positive prediction.