18 October 2019

This Parade Is An Annual Desecration of God's Name in His Own City

19 Tishrei 5780
4th Day Chol HaMoed Sukkot
Moadim l'Simchah

There were discussions on several Facebook pages over whether the parade in Jerusalem yesterday was an Israeli parade featuring Christian groups or a Christian parade open to everyone.  The historical reality is that it was a traditional Israeli Sukkot event - a secular alternative to religious observances - that a small group of Christians latched onto and now they claim it as their own.

It is actually sponsored by the Jerusalem Municipality, and as such, two rules were given to the Christian groups who wanted to march in it:
"Please don't pass out any candy from your nation, because many parents are concerned about their children having non-kosher candy."
"Finally, please understand that the handing out of any tracts has been prohibited."
It's my understanding that all the groups participating must sign something to this effect. But, when souls are in the balance what's a little fudging of the rules, right?

These pictures were posted to Facebook today by the Swedish group...

Like some sweet little Swedish cakes from nice Christian "lovers of Israel" kiddies?

Who needs a "tract" when you've got a ten-foot sign?



  1. Orna Nitzevet18/10/19 3:41 AM

    Moadim le Simcha!
    Now i understand the other news. Why the real Jews where sorounded and not let be moved in certain directions by sending after them mamzerot in uni forms. Lucky them not having to see the CHAZIRIM. It would be nice if every dog get mad and chase a chazir in HIS CITY. May it be so. Then at least they will have a purpose instead of just being tuma.

  2. Given the "Promotion of the Gay Parade" every year what do you expect? Avoda Zarah is Avodah zarah. When the City Bans the Gay Parade and really enforces that Jerusalem is Jewish like Saudi Arabia enforces the ban of Non Muslims in Mecca and Median then things will change. Just have the Border Police on the Parade route with a Airport Van just ready to bring them to the Airport without their luggage.

    1. Yes, THAT parade is the other "annual" chillul Hashem.

  3. Jews have got to wake up to this menace!!

    Pastor Eliana Cabral, who was born in Brazil and has been a US citizen for the last 26 years and a participant in the march, is in Israel for the sixth time. She said she was supportive of the Jewish state because of the Bible’s injunction to love the people of Isra-el and to hasten the coming of Jesus as the messiah.

    “We are supporting and praying for Israel, because if Israel is strong, then it will help bring Jesus for the second time. We are coming because we want to bring the Lord, who is Jesus, to the people, to Israel,” she said.

    Eunice Jones, also from the US but originally from the Philippines, said she was here “by the Grace of God,” and had come to show love for the people, to pray for them, to bless them and to join in fellowship with the people.”

    Said Jones “We believe that God has chosen Israel as the chosen people and that this land here is where he is going to come in the end, Jesus, the messiah. We’re waiting for the messiah, whether its the first time for Jews or the second time for Christians.”

    A number of Jewish religious leaders in past years have called for Jews to avoid the ICEJ event, saying the organization is looking to convert Jews to Christianity. However, officials from the group insist they have a policy against proselytizing in Israel....


  4. And look who we have dancing and saying Shema Yisrael with them.

    It's simultaneously sick, dumbfounding, and embarrassing.

    Watch: Yehuda Glick and the Papuans at the Jerusalem March.

    Does anyone know if the Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Leon, participated? Sent a letter? Sent a proxy, to avoid participating directly?

  5. Eisav/Edom's plan to flood Israel with more and more gentiles (Christians of all kinds) in order to ensure it NOT be a Jewish State is proceeding apace.

    EGYPTIAN CHRISTIANS CELEBRATE AT FEAST OF TABERNACLES - ICEJ vows influx of Arab Christian Zionist tourists.

    A delegation of 16 Egyptians traveled to Israel this week, marking the first time Evangelical Christians from an Arab Middle Eastern country are participating in the Feast of Tabernacles,....

    ... Isaiah 19:23 describes a highway from Egypt to Assyria (modern-day Syria).

    “The Assyrians will go to Egypt and the Egyptians to Assyria. The Egyptians and Assyrians will worship together,” the Bible describes. They are supposed to worship together in Israel.

    “There is a huge community of believers in Egypt,” Yohanna said. “And I have brothers in Lebanon and Syria, and they are praying for this highway, too.

    “It is time to stop all the evil, the force of the devil that is hate and bad relations between Egypt and Israel,” he continued. “When I walk in the streets in Israel and talk with the Jewish people, they do not believe I am here. But here I am. It is time again to be of one flesh, for the wall between us to drop down again. It is time to love and worship together.”

    ...“Next will be Jordan, then Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and the Gulf states,” he said. “We are starting to take a longer-term view of how this could be developed over the years to build bridges between those nations and Israel.”

    Those nations and more.

    God help us!!

    1. It's worse. The Erev Rav is willing to take anyone. Esau, B'nei Yishma'el, everyone wants Eretz Yisrael.

      The Population War is not between the Jews and the Arabs

    2. "willing" is not the right word. They purposely take anyone who is not halachically Jewish in order to prevent the current sane Jewish majority from ever taking power. It started with the Russians, who the Israeli Left in their extreme ignorance, believed they would vote left having come from a communist country. Then it was the infiltrators, family unification for Arabs, children of foreign workers, reform, the LGBT agenda including encouraging same-sex couples to adopt non-Jewish children from abroad. They are a dying demographic and are desperate to give Israeli citizenship to anyone who is not Jewish.

  6. madness..
    also this one happens to be a Swedee see> https://www.orajhaemeth.org/2019/02/quien-es-el-misionero-stefan-blad-o.html?fbclid=IwAR3-qEHR6SVTuMap1VJf1Xn0Pq1H9tpPxzzw6CL5qMok6i_KRG2JglsfUNc

  7. Devash, what will be already with this? They have infiltrated because the gates were down - they've been down since the 1980's with the advent of the cable TV in Israel. That's the landmark for the brazenness. It is their nature to make conquests in full onward xtian soldiers fashion. Also to note that this is clearly orchestrated by tptb reigning right now, who in the Vatican (spit) and who in their offices and ministries. That's it. Be happy that this is a test and not forever.

    1. I am. Believe me I am. But I'll celebrate when the war is over.

    2. Devash, honestly, your strength is amazing. On this night of Hoshana Raba I wish you pitka tova, Be"D you should be thoroughly rewarded for this amazing service you provide, all the yeshuot you may need and all your heart's desires should be fulfilled very soon.

      It's all so depressing, we are under attack from so many different directions, missionaries and their "frum" Jewish enablers, lgbt agenda, infiltrators, Arabs and huge illegal immigration to Israel, EU actively taking over our land and claiming diplomatic immunity (you can't make this stuff up), the reform, all the Jewish girls trapped in Arab villages, all the hatred of the haredim and the yeshivot and anti-shabbat, the Chinese buying up Israeli companies, and all of it supported by our bagatz overlords, and that's without Iran and the precarious situation of diaspora Jews. And nearly everyone seems to be asleep or creating an echo-chamber for themselves to block out the unpleasant news.

      Moshiach now!!!!! And you'll be in the front row!

    3. Thanks so very much for the chizuk, Elisheva. May all your blessings be doubled for you!

    4. Amen! Ken yehi ratzon! I come to your site for a little bit of sanity in a crazy world.

  8. I am trembling! With fear, with rage, with disgust! What can we do?!

    Pray of course, do mitvvot of course, speak out against this of course.

    And do kiruv!!! The more Jews know about our Torah the less they can be fooled!

    May Hashem bless our efforts with success and remove all detestable idolatry from the earth.

    Shabbat shalom!

  9. All the blame must go to the memshala itself, first and foremost. They have aligned themselves with these notzrim and the nations, in general. They are complete Erev Rav and not only do they not care about the consequences, they are purposely doing this to mix our people with the nations and their avoda zoras. This is pure unadulterated evil! Those so-called religious jews and 'rabbis' who are part of this chilul H', are pure Erev Rav. As the commenter above said, we must do teshuvah and mitzvot, thus, hastening the Geulah. Our enemies are rushing their goals, so we need to hasten the awakening of our people to return and do teshuvah so Moshiach will come in a blink of an eye! Please H', do not tarry!

  10. We got X-ian fliers in our mail boxes today and my wife is really upset. Who do we call about this? The website is fake but I Googled the IP Address and found out they are in Provo, Utah. Mormon Country.

    1. There is no one to call. It is legal. The Erev Rav regime is under pressure from the US to protect Christians' "rights" in Israel, in accordance with signed international agreements. No one but Mashiach is going to do anything about this. And now that they've seen there are no repercussions, they are emboldened to do more and more.

    2. You can try Yad LeAchim, and Mina Fenton to ask for advice, try also Hidabrut, they may have some ideas.

      The State Department evaluates countries on their human rights records, of which one of the criteria is freedom of religion, aka freedom to missionise. If you don't let them missionise you're violating their human rights. This also proves that xn = missionary, and that America is a missionising country.

      Anecdotally, an elderly rabbanit I know, told me that way back, in the 50s or 60s a woman told her that she had material to distribute. She saw that it was missionary in nature. She told the woman that she would help her, and she gave her all the material, which she promptly destroyed.