23 October 2019

"The Chaos President"

24 Tishrei 5780

And the record of this president's administration has only proven the truth of Jeb Bush's amazing insight.

US Ambassador Tells Impeachment Panel Of Trump-Ukraine Quid Pro Quo

If Donald Trump Is Impeached, All Hell Will Break Loose In America

Hashem found the man most worthy to oversee the destruction and downfall of America and it was Donald J. Trump.

America's fall will signal Israel's rise - Mashiach is truly "at the door."


  1. ...and to think that "right-wing" "religious" Jews praise him, hail him, and RELY on him. Not so "religious" in my opinion.

    Of course, their excuse for their approach is "practicality." I call it co-dependence, the same old worrying about what the non-Jews think about us.

    We're not supposed to worry about that so much anymore, since we no longer have to live in THEIR lands. We have our own. Of course, part of the problem is that these Jews still believe that America IS still their land.

  2. Sigh... for the post-umpteenth time, not all right-wing American-dwelling Jews are the way you make out, nor do we RELY on him.

    Let me put it this way:

    Would you be the type to live in Meah Shearim, in the exact same lifestyle as Rav Elyashiv zt"l? And do you really think there aren't at least some right-wing American Jews who wouldn't welcome the opportunity to move to E"Y and do likewise, circumstances permitting? Please don't paint an entire society with one brushstroke!