10 October 2019

"A Generation of Reversals"

12 Tishrei 5780
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Ha'azinu

"...it deserted God its Maker, and was contemptuous of the Rock of its salvation.  They would provoke His jealousy with strangers;...they are a generation of reversals, children whose upbringing is not in them."
Eitan Bar is such a person as described here in this week's parashahTel Aviv born-and-bred, educated in Christian institutions and clearly converted to Christianity, now it is his life's work and mission to entice other Jews to apostasy and to incite the gentiles to hatred of Torah Judaism and its rabbis with lie upon lie.

Below is as short an excerpt as I could make to include all the information you need to understand what is happening here but not to be overburdened with information that was not relevant, but simply promoted their false religion, God forbid! 

He is speaking before a Texas audience of evangelical Christians, explaining three reasons why Jews have not accepted Yeshu up to now and why they should be giving their money to Yeshu-believers rather than to the State institutions or settlements.

May we soon see the day when all false religions will have disappeared from the world. Amen!

~ Shabbat Shalom ~


  1. Amen, together with these meshumadim. To be born in EY (even if it's TelAviv), it is hard to understand how one can commit such a sin. Proves he never had a Yiddishe neshama (just another Erev Rav within our midst). The normal thing would be to just leave EY and go his goyish neshama way, but to try and convert Jews should be considered a crime in EY where he should be expelled from.

  2. The truth, whether one is Jewish or not, is that man cannot be G-d. It is possible for a man, or even all mankind, to be worshiped as a gxd, but that falls under avodah zarah no matter what.