16 October 2019

"DIN" Is In The Air - BD"E

18 Tishrei 5780
3rd Day of Chol HaMoed Sukkot
Moadim l'Simchah

I don't think anyone has ever seen a Sukkot quite like this one in 5780.  I fear the decree on Yom Kippur did not turn out well for us.  

Besides the damage from storms and fires (also here), we now must share the grief in the passing of a sweet-faced 14-year-old yeshivah bachur, son of a "senior Shas activist," who was out with his family on chol hamoed and was struck down by lightning, along with four others from the same family - BD"E.

Remember this? 

Is a Popular Musical Coming to Israel Designed to Missionize Jews?

Look what has happened to them...

Even with all of these totally extraordinary events happening all around us, I have to wonder if HASHEM has got our attention.  He certainly has mine!  What's coming next?


  1. Well, we had fire, we had air, we had water - the last element is earth.

  2. It really would seem that HKB"H is displeased with some aspect of our holiday observance, regardless of where we live.

    NYC TRI-STATE AREA: Strong Winds To Last Through Thursday – Many Sukkas Already Knocked Down

  3. Devorah, I have to post this video here, about Germany today.


    It's in Hebrew but it's enough to see the footage. Dr. Guy Bechor says that Jews must leave Germany IMMEDIATELY. Nazis are marching on the streets with their flags, and Muslims (8 million and counting another million per year) are spewing forth their Jew hatred in public assemblies. It's not like it's going to get any better as the Muslim presence increases (already at 10% of the population)and with it the rise of real Nazis, ostensibly against Muslims, but they also blame the Jews for that.

    I want to add that it is unbearably painful feeling the unity of Am Yisrael, whilst having to watch the wilful refusal of many Jews to do something to save themselves.

  4. Devash, I wonder whether the message regarding young Asher z"l's passing isn't more about Shas than anything else. After all, he was the 14-year-old son of a "senior Shas activist," as you noted above; and yesterday, while I was traveling, I saw a Shas pre-elections billboard ad in a new light. It said (my rough translation):

    "Your petek for Judgment Day"

    The petek in this case refers to the election ballot of one's choice. I did find that ad rather haughty in light of this tragedy, and I wonder whether R' Ovadia, ztz"l, was embarrassed, considering that Aryeh Deri (who, it seems, continues to commit crimes even though he spent time in jail) is still leading the party.

    I wouldn't say this, except I think that we need to lighten up on the Jewish People generally.

    1. My thought as well which is why I included that bit of information.