01 December 2018

The "Greeks" Are Back for Hanukkah!

24 Kislev 5779
Erev Hanukkah

WARNING! There is a "Hanukkah" Missionary event coming up in Jerusalem that is designed to lure in unsuspecting Jews!! Traditionally, families are out looking for Hanukkah-related activities to share with their children at this time of year, so be forewarned and pass this along to everyone you know.

THIS IS A CHRISTIAN-CONCEIVED, CHRISTIAN-LED CONVENTION "...dedicated to the holiest place on earth and invites the nations to Jerusalem to discuss, network, and get educated and inspired with zeal for God's House."

And it is evidence of the continuing adherence to traditional replacement theology, the only difference being that Jews are invited to participate, but the Christians still think they know better than we do about all things "Biblically Jewish."

Among others, HaYovel will be represented, as well as that wacko Indian couple - the Riverwinds!

Here is an example of what participants will be hearing...
  •  “Zeal for God’s House: Christian Support for the Jewish Temple”
  • “The Temple and Christian Theology: Common Objections”

This event is sponsored by Cry for Zion - a missionary organization co-founded by Lars Enarson, who promotes the "Divinity" of the Messiah, with his son-in-law, apostate Jew Doron Keidar - a "GREEK" and a HELLENIST!

It is being promoted to Jews by other modern Hellenists (BIN: "Unprecedented Interfaith Conference"), so don't be fooled!! Where are a few good Maccabees when you need them most???

Christians who believe the Temple must be rebuilt as part of their scenario for their false messiah's "return" are getting tired and impatient with the Jews' lack of control of Har Habayit, so they are all now jumping on the Temple band wagon in order to push things along.

Furthermore, they are peeved that the Muslims don't allow them to worship Yeshu on the Mount and they know that the Jews, if they control it, will allow their atrocities to pass, God forbid!!

Until the evil among us is eradicated, Hashem Himself will thwart every move toward a takeover of Har Habayit for the purpose of creating a space for all gods and religions to be worshiped together in this holiest place, may it NEVER be!!!

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  1. This is an outright fight against the Ribbono Shel Olam; all part of the one world religion, r'l. Believe that the 'Sanhedrin' and even the Temple Institute are all in league with this whole agenda.

  2. When the real Goel Tzedek comes it's game over for these ovdei avodah zara and the ishmaelim also. Can't wait to see the global chaos as their whole world view crashes in the face of the ultimate Truth:

    The true Goel Tzedek in charge of a Torah state judged by a Sanhedrin (the real one) at the 3rd Temple in Yerushalayim.

    Bibi and co. will be a bad memory.