01 December 2018

Beware the Hellenizers Still Among Us!

24 Kislev 5779
Erev Hanukkah

Zionism has become just another brand of Hellenism...

Shock in Ponevezh Yeshiva After Bochur Disappears and Seemingly Joins IDF

...“A person who revealed himself as helping lone soldiers, appeared here and is a dangerous person who is looking to topple Talmidei Yeshiva from among the students here in Ponevezh. Over the course of a few months he convinced our friend to leave everything and enlist.”

The bochur in question used to be a chavrusa with one of the Roshei Yeshiva. One day he simply vanished from the Yeshiva altogether.

According to one of the friends of the bochur from yeshiva, “After a deeper investigation that we undertook, we found that this person who helps lone soldiers paid for the bochur to take a week-and-a-half long trip with other bochrim who have left yeshivos in the past and tour the north of the country on an all-expense-paid trip in order to convince him to cut all ties with the yeshiva and enlist.”

Another of the bochur’s friends told Kikar Shabbos that the bochur’s family is in distress as their son left without any warning and cut all ties with his family without even giving them a chance to talk to him or say goodbye.
Hashem yerachem!


  1. How about an expose on how many DL youth go non religious because of time in Tzahal? Its time to talk about that elephant in the room.

    1. And then there are cases where people leave the more stricter enclaves for a more [free] life of Judaism with less rules even in america...
      There is this documentary called one of us that talks about three former hasid and how and why they left their communities
      It might relate.
      But it is scary that someone would just leave it all without even talking and saying goodbye

    2. Anonymous, in a family of seven children that I know raised DL, they've all remained religious into adulthood except two - the ones who served in the IDF.

      Jack, what is most unusual in this story, I think, is the fact that someone is "shopping" for yeshiva bachurim and "buying" them with a trip. So, what does this say about his yeshiva education or the "Torah" he has learned? What any of it real? Was he ever "real"?

    3. @Jack

      Heres the scary truth: Uncle Samkiel is responsible for MILLIONS of Jews assimilating. This assimilation has been going on for over a century. If you look at the history of Judaism across America and the communities that used to exist and are now TOTALLY gone you will be in shock. The few large communities today that exist are either remnants of the Jewish communities that existed or descendants of holocaust survivors.

      The shock isnt that a Chasid goes off the derech its that any Chasidic community exists in America at all given the pressure to assimiate.

  2. Obviously, if there was no “weakness” in this boy’s Emunah, he would not leave like he did. To leave family like that. There must have been an internal argument (by the satan) raging within this boy, for him to leave so coldly. We are in the “refinement days” of this Geulah process.

  3. Saw this on A7.


    They wont even allow for "avir shel Shabbat." Its time to ask the hard questions: does Tzahal make Jews chol or does the DL community make Tzahal kodesh. Which side is winning? Is it worth loosing a huge percentage of religious youth on the alter of Tzionut to attempt to mekadesh Tzahal? Maybe Peleg arent so crazy after all. Yea I said it.

  4. I agree with Peleg, as messy as it gets.
    They are today’s Maccabees!
    (according to me)

  5. There is a big difference in 'today's' religious world and that is that many are not taught nor have a natural sense of 'yirat Shamayim'. Yirat H' and bitachon in only HIM is vital and that is why proper 'religious' education is so necesary. The ultra who, many of them can be 'fanatics' do not teach in the proper way; first, the Torah education needs to be top notch and much emunah in H' with it. In some of these fanatic families, they give no real explanation to their children for their overreach in the do's and don'ts. The trouble with DL is that they haven't learned that putting their faith in the state and IDf instead of totally relying on H' and realizing once and for all that both the state and IDF has terribly let the Jewish people down, r'l. We are now truly in the world of chaos!