25 December 2018

It's a Blessed Day in the Holy Land

17 Tevet 5779

Today is an especially blessed day in the Holy Land and not just because there are going to be new elections and as a consequence the "Deal of the Century" has been pushed off once more.

It is an especially blessed day because unlike half the planet, for 98%* of the public, it's an average every-day normal working/learning day. Kids are in school. Parents are at work. Government offices are open.

I had a short conversation with my nine-year-old grandson day before yesterday. I asked him if he knew anything about Santa Claus and he said "Santa what?" So, I said he's a big fat guy who dresses all red for Xmas and he said, "What's Xmas?" I told him never mind, better you don't know, totally not important.

Yes! That's my boy!!
*On the eve of Christmas, some 175,000 Christians live in Israel, constituting about 2% of the country's population, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics.

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