22 December 2018

Economic Update - Closing Out 2018

15 Tevet 5779

Highest ever Dow was recorded 3 October 2018 : 26,828.39

One week later... Ten, 10, 2018.

Today... Dow : 22,445.37

Total loss since the record high - down 4,383 points

Oil hit a four-year high of $81.20/b on 24 September 2018

Today, it's nearly half that... Oil price per barrel - $45.42

Dow's worst week since 2008 financial crisis

There was a 7-year grace period after 9/11 for Jews in America to leave. That was followed by a 10-year grace period after the last economic downturn for Jews in America to leave.

Time is running out.

Peter Schiff --- Economic Collapse Already Started! 2019 Stock Market Crash

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