26 March 2018

They Need Our Prayers

10 Nisan 5778

Mothers and fathers, if you feel harried and irritable with your children while under the annual stress to clean out all the chametz, take a moment, stop what you are doing and hug each child in turn, thanking God that they are safe and energetic enough to get in your way. 

There is one mother and one father in Israel today who cannot do that for their 2-year-old toddler who perished in their apartment fire in Beer Sheva yesterday. Today, they are pleading with the public for prayers for their 4-year-old who is still in critical condition. So, while you are thanking HKB"H for your own children, please send up a request for a refuah shleimah for Schneur Zalman ben Zuslin Shulamis.

And may we only hear good news from here on out. Besorot tovot!