21 March 2018

Israel Confesses

5 Nisan 5778

The headline of the day in Israel concerns a first-time public admission that Israel was the one who bombed Syria's nuclear reactor in 2007.

I thought the readers might like to hear what Eli Yishai had to say about that event today...
During the bombing of the reactor in Syria I served as Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor, deputy prime minister and a member of Olmert's limited "kitchen." On that dramatic day, and after many discussions by the seven on attacking and destroying the reactor, the Cabinet convened to approve the operation. I told the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense that if they wanted my consent, I must go to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef zt"l and ask for a blessing for the operation.
During the cabinet discussion I went to Maran's house. I asked the attendees to leave and leave us alone, without anyone present or cameras and recorders, I explained to him what is involved and the importance of the action and its possible implications. In the clarity of his knowledge and understanding, Maran immediately understood the necessity of the matter and blessed with warm and loving heart the security forces that they should go out and return safely.
I left his house and returned to the cabinet. Olmert and Barak asked me what the rabbi said, I informed them that Maran had allowed me to vote in favor and gave his blessing. Despite the tension between Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Barak, there was an overwhelming majority in favor of the attack, and only Minister Avi Dichter objected. Finally, the decision was taken by the cabinet and the operation was launched.
Today it is possible to understand how critical was the blessing of the operation by Maran zt"l and his warm prayers for the success of the action. Today, as then, in every process and step, we did not take one step without consulting and be blessed by the light of the generation, and with God's help to sanctify the name of heaven. How much we must thank the miracles that God does with us and remember that "My strength and the power of my hand did not make me this force," but the help of God and the mercy of the heavens. (Google translation)