29 March 2018

Everything Is Speeding Up

13 Nisan 5778

It's not just time that seems to be speeding up, but the efforts of the nations to destroy us also seem to be speeding up. Somewhere, someone feels like they are running out of time.

Yesterday, I posted Do You Understand That This Is An Act of War? It's about a diabolical plan, led by Naftali Bennett of the ironically named Jewish Home party, to seek out people with an "affinity" for Judaism/Israel and offer them a path to citizenship/conversion/aliyah. They estimate that there are potentially 60 million such people.

Moshe Feiglin posted this remark to facebook: "I wish to congratulate Minister Bennett this morning on the very establishment of the committee to examine communities with an affinity to Israel."

On the other hand, the Torah-knowledgeable among us reject this idea, and rightfully so.
'Jews Are Not Missionaries,' Rabbis Attack Israeli Plan to Reach Out to Tens of Millions of 'Potential Jews'
...“According to Jewish law, Judaism has no interest in influencing someone to convert. There’s no such thing,” Rabbi Dov Lior told Haaretz. “If someone comes to convert, then it’s a good deed to bring them closer. But to go out and be a missionary? To influence someone? That’s not the way of Judaism,” Lior said.
Lior said that the Diaspora Affairs Ministry and its minister, Naftali Bennett, “could do what they wanted but we have to know what the Torah’s opinion is.” (Bennett, who is chairman of Habayit Hayehudi, is also associated with the religious-Zionist branch of Orthodox Judaism.)
“In any case,” Lior said, “we should invest efforts first of all in bringing the Jews we know. We aren’t missionaries.”
However, for all the references to conversion, the committee is considering other "paths" for people to connect to Israel and even if they did restrict it to converts, you can bet that there would be a vocal campaign, as already exists with regard to the Russian aliyah, to "convert" without any requirement to be Torah-observant, c"v

Think about it. There already exists a framework within which all these people could already be living in Israel if they so chose. If they have not taken advantage of it, then obviously, their desire is not to be a Jew at all. They just want to be Israeli. And that's what the "Israelis" want as well.

The master plan to flood Eretz Yisrael with goyim and thereby destroy any hope of making it into a true Jewish country is being carried out on many levels. In the last decade Israel was flooded with tens of thousands of African migrants much the way Europe was inundated with Middle-Eastern migrants. This was part of a concerted effort on someone's part.

Despite the government's willingness to lavish our tax dollars (10,000 per man) to rid us of the African infiltrators, there is a massive global demand for us to allow them to remain, including from our internal enemies. Since the rest of the government is as spineless as the Prime Minister, they are very likely to give in to the pressure.
Population Authority: Half of the asylum seekers can stay if we deport the rest
The Population Authority plans to deport only single, male, working-age asylum seekers, and hopes to give some type of permanent status to African women and children migrants, according to Population Immigration and Borders Authority director Shlomo Mor-Yosef.
This is a departure from previous statements from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that women and children asylum seekers are not slated for deportation “at this stage” but could be in the future.
“We can be more generous with the people who stay if we send the people out that we can send out,” Mor-Yosef told The Times of Israel. “We need to do a trade-off. We can give the women and children status, if we send out the single men. The families can stay.”
Hashem yerachem!! Then, there is this...
US Ambassador Friedman Praises ‘Religions Coming Together’ in Jerusalem
U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman praised Israel’s unity of faiths this week following his visit to one of the holiest sites in Christianity, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, in the Old City of Jerusalem.
The ambassador visited the Christian house of worship ahead of the Roman Catholic holiday of Good Friday, which is immediately followed by Easter Sunday.
The inculcation of American "values" in the "Jewish" state. Hashem should have mercy on the faithful of His nation, send us our righteous Mashiach and deliver us once and for all from the wicked who mean to destroy us as a unique, chosen and holy people.