02 July 2017

Will This Be the Final Birur?

9 Tamuz 5777

Will this threatened separation between Israeli Jews and Diaspora Jews prove to be the final birur before Mashiach comes?

Israeli Orthodox Jews have not moved an inch from what has always been. It is the Diaspora which comes now and insists on changes which will harm Torah, Torah Jews and the Land of Israel. Their Diapora ways are not Jewish. They violate Jewish law and promote Western culture and norms. It is they who are separating from us! Not the other way around. We are just standing our ground!

Where are the voices of Orthodoxy in the Diaspora? Why are there no reports of them attempting to offset the outcry of the renegades who are appealing to Congress and the Trump Administration against their brothers in Israel? Why is no one announcing publicly that this separation at the Kotel and the need to convert (for the sake of the convert him or herself!) in a manner acceptable to all Jewry is our norm and has been for centuries?

The following concerns a "Jewish" American, not an American Jew. He thinks he can use money to get his way. This is the method America employs around the world to advance its own agenda. The Jews in America have assimilated this idea. It's called a BRIBE!!

Tycoon withdraws funds from Israel amid Kotel, conversion crisis
“As you know, I actively support Israel,” [Isaac] Fisher began. “But I wish to inform you that my support is being suspended until the Israeli government changes its decision on the Kotel and conversions.”
Please, Mr. Fisher! Keep your money!! If Israel needs it, HKB"H will get it to us another way, because it all comes from Him anyway! We Israeli Jews who are faithful to our Holy Torah do not want you and your kind to have this merit any longer. Furthermore, it seems your money anyway supports organizations with anti-Torah views. Better for us that your money remain in America.
Diaspora Jewry can’t fight Western Wall battle alone
Op-ed: Despite the injustice suffered by Jews in the US and other countries, the holy site’s fate won’t be determined by those who don’t live here. Without the active involvement of Israeli Jews, the public domain will be shaped by those who care more—in this case, the Haredim. ...At the moment, this battle is headed towards a major knockout.
It's a lot more than just the Chareidim! They want it to be a war between Chareidim and all other Jews. I and my family would never be considered Chareidi or accepted into a Chareidi community, but our hashkafah is the same because it is TORAH hashkafah!! We have always stood side by side with our Chareidi brothers at public demonstrations and we will continue to do so in the future because real Jews unite around the TORAH.

Excellent article: The Right to Religious Expression - within the bounds of the Higher Law.


  1. You asked, "Where are the voices of Orthodoxy in the Diaspora?"

    You may be right that the voices are not as vocal as the other side, but they are definitely there.

    See here, for example.

  2. Your last paragraph answers the whole dilemma. The Torah hashkafa is the universal Jewish outlook. Those that can't understand and see this are either lost for good, or they better wake up to the real reality. Time is running out because the intermarriage and assimilation horror has reached a frightening low. Whether it's the diaspora Jews or the Jews in Israel who don't think or act like Jews - are both the same; it's the ones who are loaded with money and power with an ultimate goal of being loved and accepted by the non-Jewish world that matters to them. Their souls are so corrupted, you wonnder if they can be saved. Maybe this is the final birur.

  3. Devorah, do you think Mashiach is going to be revealed this year or could be postponed?

    1. I expect him every day. And I don't buy the theory that it is possible to "delay" redemption, any more than one can delay Shabbat. Although one can bring it in earlier. I believe we are on course for redemption-in-its-time, but Hashem's promise to us was that even in its time, He will hasten it. That would preclude any possibility of "delay" in my mind.

  4. Rabbanim did urge us to use our voice to daven for the kosel to remain kodesh, we davened- bH the vote is in our favor. I think the most imperetive way to use our voices at this time is to continue to cry out to Hashem. The torah way since our inception has been teshuva, tefilah, and tzedaka- lets channel our voices there - in one united cry! may we merit yeshuos as a klal and the geula speedily in our days- Brachamim!!