10 July 2017

Are Some Jews Just So Important That They Are Above the Halachah?

17 Tamuz 5777

How is it possible that any Jew would enter in here at this Vatican-owned "Guesthouse" called "Our Lady" with an actual statue of Mary and Baby Jee-zeus on top of it??? (Not to mention what is inside!!)

On Wed/Thurs, July 12th and 13th, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and Rabbi Yuval Cherlow will be the Jewish speakers at the Catholic-sponsored Jerusalem Conference on Forgiveness for the Renewal of Individuals, Families, and Communities. Peta Pellach of the Elijah Interfaith Institute is billed as the "Master of Ceremonies." (See the brochure.)

At least Rabbi Sacks' appearance is to be via video. 

One of the stated objectives is to "to better understand what forgiveness is from the Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam."

Is there anyone out there with a connection to Rabbi Cherlow who can verify his participation at this venue?  Maybe you can talk him out of it!


It'll be a few more months yet, but in December 2017, this same venue, the Pontifical Institute - Notre Dame - of Jerusalem Center, in partnership with Rabbi Shlomo Riskin's Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC) will also host "A Celebration of The Life And Legacy of Pope Saint John XXIII" under the heading "I am Joseph, your brother."

An all-day celebration of learning and fellowship for Jews and Christians of all backgrounds to honor the achievements of Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, who later became Pope John XXIII. The son of poor sharecroppers, Roncalli became a Vatican envoy who secretly saved countless lives during the Shoah and as Pope John XXIII revolutionized the Catholic Church and its relations with the Jews. If not for him, Jewish-Catholic reconciliation might not have been possible.
There is no reasoning with them. They just won't stop this chillul Hashem! 


  1. "Abrahamic faiths" is a big lie. There were never nor there is such a thing. Avrayham Avinu never practiced xtianity or islam. People who use this term are generally goym who are looking for legitimacy of their made up religions or Erav Rav who have agenda to delude Torah and Ydeskeit. And my general rule of thumb is to stay away from anything that comes from Jonathan Sacks's mouth: if he says it is white it must be black, if he says go right it means we must go left.

    1. I would stay far, far away from any Jew who calls himself "Lord" on his own website. Meaning he has no control over how others refer to him, but on his own site, you'd think it would be different. No.

      There is only room in my life for One Lord.

    2. Here's information on Rabbi Jonathan Sacks's background:

      He was not recognized as the religious authority for the haredi Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations (http://bit.ly/2sIsP76).

      Here is contact information from his website:
      +44 (0)20 7286 6391

      Information on Rabbi Cherlow's background:
      Views and opinions
      Cherlow has voiced empathy for the difficulties faced by religious homosexual people, and has called for the Orthodox community to treat them with compassion. However, he still maintains that homosexual relationships are prohibited by Halakha. Cherlow has voiced liberal positions on some issues, such as allowing the use of artificial insemination by unmarried women in certain circumstances and supporting coed activities in Bnei Akiva. His view on Jewish marriage in Israel is that all Jews should be married according to Halakha, but if the Chief Rabbinate refuses to marry a couple, there should be an alternate method of being recognized as a couple according to secular law. In 2012, Cherlow called on the State of Israel to recognise non-Orthodox streams of Judaism and Reform conversions. In response, Tzohar distanced itself from his remarks. Yizhar Hess of the Masorti Movement in Israel has suggested that Cherlow does not represent the mainstream of Zionist Orthodoxy in Israel, and Rabbi Yehoshua Shapira described Cherlow as a "neo-Reform rabbi in the Orthodox sector." Cherlow is also interested in interfaith dialogue, and currently sits on the Board of World Religious Leaders for the Elijah Interfaith Institute. (http://bit.ly/2tATkOX)

      Information on Rabbi Riskin's background:
      Rabbi Riskin's term as Chief Rabbi of Efrat was extended by five years on June 28, 2015 after a month-long controversy in which the Chief Rabbinate was allegedly planning to retire him at age 75 because of his religious views on the advancement of women in Orthodoxy and an inclusive approach towards conversion.

      In April 2015, Riskin's launching of the Day to Praise interfaith joint praise initiative caused an uproar within the Haredi Jewish circles. In a statement, the once chief Sephardi Rabbi of Israel, and the chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Shlomo Amar, expressed his "stomach churning" in light of the joint Hallel prayer of Jews and Christians in a synagogue in Jerusalem being led by Rabbi Riskin In a rebuttal, Rabbi Riskin defended his actions stating that "We are talking about a thanksgiving prayer to G-d that would include Christians who worship His actions towards the Jewish people and the Land of Israel... What could possibly be more appropriate?".

      In 2010, Riskin appeared in a video where he referenced Jesus with a title of Rabbi, and called Jesus a "model Rabbi," referring to the historical origins of Jesus as a Jew and not of the modern perception of Jesus. Many took Riskin's statements out of context, claiming that Riskin's statements are incompatible with mainstream theologies in other forms of Judaism. Riskin explained in an additional statement that a poor edit to the video left out his explanation elaborating upon the fundamental differences between the religions and the historical context within which his statements were made.

      Read link:

    3. Exactly, Devash!!

  2. Somebody should point out to Rabbi Cherlow that this center where he is invited does not even recognize Yerushalaym as part of Israel. This is how they list their address on the website:
    Opp. New Gate - Old City
    HaTsanhanim #3
    P.O.Box 20531
    Jerusalem 9120402

  3. This is wonderful; exposing the Erev Rav rabbis(?). All the wrongs within our people (communalwise and personal fraudsters) are being exposed, simanim of pre Moshiach. These rabbis have and are causing so much harm to the uninformed that they must be exposed. All the above commenters are correct.

    To the first commenter (Anonymous) you are absolutely right.
    Avraham Avinu had only one son, Yitzchak; the other children were called his offspring which he sent far away. They have absolutely no connection to the Jewish people nor to our Torah or anything. When they start putting everyone into one big stew, you know how false it is. We are all connected through Adam and Noach - that's it. The nations were separated and live by their idolatries; no connection whatsoever to our Patriarchs, other than part of the human race.


  4. Please put up a list of questionable Rabbis on a page somewhere so that we can stay away from them. This is not to smear them, but to help us stay away from their teachings, for those who are weak and don't know. Thank you, Devash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Here more on Jonathan Sacks:

    England's Chief Rabbi Claims That Jews Don't Hold the Monopoly on Truth:

  6. Who are we supposed to forgive? The Xians and the Moslems? This is nonsense. The goyim don't know what is waiting for them at the end of days, after Moshiach when judgement comes.

  7. Thanks to Anonymous @ 12:16! I think the English land is so tamey that it pollutes the minds the likes of Dweck and Sacks. How did Sacks get away with not being put in cherem all these years?

  8. Unlike Dweck, Rabbi Sacks did teshuva, http://www.jta.org/2003/03/16/life-religion/features/british-chief-rabbi-revises-controversial-book.

    1. Making techuvah is a private matter between G-d and Sacks, it is not a point. The issue is whether we should take any of his teachings seriously knowing his views on Torah and Jews.

  9. In this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNEPPA3B8Gw, Rabbi Sacks delivered a speech this past Februrary 2017 at the NAtional PRayer B'fast, and he's trying to embrace diversity as though it is a good thing. Even though his book was criticized, he's still carrying that same message in speeches, etc. Dignity of Difference in the new form.

  10. Wolves in sheepskin , greats and importants ravs. are wolves in reallity. doublé face. wake up my people, its very clear.

  11. rav Sacks is a great mason, he is in the top of pyramid. this cirunstance may be
    Of public awareness. thank you for hear me,Devash.