31 July 2017

May This Be The Final Fast

9 Av 5777

I urge everyone to recall the root of all our troubles on this date.

It started on the 17th of Tamuz with the fear that Moshe would not return as promised, so the Golden Calf was built to be his replacement and to lead us back to Egypt. 

Then, the next big thing which happened on Tisha b'Av itself was the result of the bad report by the spies about the Land of Israel which made Am Yisrael cry from fear and refuse to enter the Land.

Fear resulting from lack of emuna in Hashem led to disobedience and rebellion against Hashem.

This was the root of our problems then and it remains the root of our problems today. Until this problem is solved, nothing will ever change. If we do not solve it ourselves, Hashem will force His own solution, but it will be much better and easier for us if we do it ourselves. That is why the delay has been so long. But, Hashem won't wait forever.

  • Lack of faith and trust in HKB"H ---> Fear ---> Disobedience to G-d's will ---> Exile
  • Faith and trust in HKB"H ---> No Fear ---> Obedience to G-d's will ---> Redemption


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  1. Well said. Likewise further down the amud in Yoma regarding sinat hinam is the alternative version as to why the Second Miqdash was destroyed: many Jews not heeding Ezra's call to make Aliyah. http://esseragaroth.blogspot.co.il/2011/08/did-baseless-hatred-really-destroy.html

    1. Which itself goes back to lack of faith and trust in Hashem. How many times have you heard, "I'd love to make aliyah, but where would I find a job?"