02 July 2017

The Clash of Civilizations Within Israel

8 Tamuz 5777

Jews who are loyal to Torah and submit to HKB"H's sovereignty are on a collision course with The Powers That Be who are fighting a war against those very two things. We can't repeat often enough that this is a war for hearts and minds. It is an ideological war and it is fought in the realm of ideas and emotions.That's why the press media and social media are such a battleground today.

Today's attack comes via Ynetnews - A look into Haredi textbooks shows hatred and racism. Here are some excerpts:

...Haredi students learn that Jews have absolute right over the entire Land of Israel, as God promised Abraham. Textbooks in civics—a subject taught mostly to girls—show the ultra-Orthodox don't consider occupation to be unjust, but do believe the Palestinians, along with other non-Jewish residents of Israel, should be treated fairly and with caution. [Oh my, imagine that!]
"The liberation of the homeland is promised by the Creator of the Universe; it is not considered to be an 'occupation.' The only issue about which care must be taken is that of allowing the inhabitants to choose whether to remain in the land as foreign subjects, accepting the behavioral restrictions that would be imposed upon them, or to leave the land," according to the civics textbook As a New Citizen. [Pure Torah!]
...The Palestinian issue is mostly addressed in chapters dealing with what Haredi history textbooks describe as the greatest catastrophe to befall the State of Israel—the Oslo Accords. [The truth hurts!]
History of Recent Generations describes the results of the accords, "The Israeli government gave them authority and political, economic and military power without concern for the destructive consequences that might result from placing such might in the hands of the monstrous PLO terrorists and the PLO's military arm, Fatah."
... "The Haredi narrative is very clear, and continues throughout history," he explains. "Those who left the tradition—the Jewish Enlightenment, Zionism, the Reform Movement—they are all a direct continuation of the Hellenists. [Sure, because they left us and went to the other side.]
"This is exactly what we've been seeing recently with the Reform Movement and the Western Wall crisis, or the conversion crisis. The ultra-Orthodox are confident that anyone who thinks differently does so out of malice, stupidity, or indifference toward the Torah, piety, and the people of Israel. And that is a problem," he continues.
Torah observant Jews' insistence on adhering to Torah law is a very great problem for the liberal humanists who hate God and hate religion and want to remove both from the world. One commenter remarks: "Fundamentalism in any religion can be hateful and dangerous." See? She has already been brainwashed. 

Fundamentalism is necessary and good for the practice and observance of Torah Temimah. Without the fundamentals there is no authenticity. But, the trouble that comes from fundamentalists who practice a false religion is not because of the fundamentalism per se, it is because their fundamentals are false and flawed. The error is what gives rise to the problems. Judaism is the truth and no harm ever comes from the truth.


  1. It shouldn't matter what the likes of the fake news media, whether it's Ynet or the newspapers, TV, etc. write or promote to the G-D fearing chareidi, orthodox and real Jews. As written above, Judaism is Truth and only justice and goodness comes from it. How much clearer can it be that this war which is being waged against the religious from within and without is the newest version of the hatred and war being waged against the Jewish people, H's representatives. Because Torah is the ultimate truth, it will always be the WINNER.
    The forces of evil will disappear for good, as promised by H'. May it come to be speedily!

  2. Nu? It's EREV RAV Amalek liberal leftist media, poking its nose at Torah education.

  3. This is necessary to be so, to know who is who, it is time to separate who is with HASHEM, and who is impostor.shalom, dear Devash. I am following you. from spain, my name is Dana.