01 February 2017


6 Shevat 5777

Who Is Responsible? Statement on the Destruction of Amona
by Rabbi David Bar-Hayim 

The following is a statement by Machon Shilo's Rabbi David Bar-Hayim regarding the destruction of Amona:

"For many years the need to revise and reform the manner in which judges are appointed to the Supreme Court has been recognised and debated. Several suggestions have been proposed to put an end to the current state of affairs in which serving judges have the power to veto any new appointment which does not coincide with their political and ideological agendas. This reality is without parallel in the democratic world. PM Netanyahu has systematically rejected and blocked any and all suggestions to bring about this crucial reform. Thus the Supreme Court, a self-perpetuating unelected oligarchy not subject to any system of checks and balances, has, with full design and intent, placed itself above and beyond Israeli society and its system of government.

Israel's Supreme Court has arrogated to itself powers to which it has no right. Its decisions are often not only without legal basis, but not infrequently actually subvert the law.As long as the current state of affairs prevails, the radical Left, a small minority in the Knesset but an overwhelming majority in the Court, will continue to impose its will on the majority of the Jewish population of Israel. Rectifying this fundamental flaw in Israel's system of government is perhaps the single most significant initiative that any government could undertake.

Netanyahu has not only failed to affect such change but has proved himself unwilling to try. Ironically, it may well be the same judicial dictatorship that will bring about Netanyahu's political demise. Netanyahu is not up to the task of leading us. It is time for someone possessed of moral clarity, vision and Jewish purpose to replace him."

Unfortunately for us, there is no one who fits that description currently in the public sphere.