23 February 2017

Christianity and Pedophilia - More Prevalent Than You Thought

27 Shevat 5777

Most people are surely aware of the scandal of pedophilia in the Catholic church. Priests who are required to remain celibate throughout their lives in order to attain some high level of spiritual purity instead sink to the lowest form of debasement as they prey upon innocent and defenseless children. But, this is just an outward sign of a deeper evil.

Christianity, especially the Evangelicals, those whom many so-called "Orthodox" Jews have embraced unconditionally (meaning they don't require them to give up their false and idolatrous beliefs) because of their vocal attestations of "love and support" for the Jewish people, is guilty of spiritual pedophilia. 

In a well-meant, but misguided attempt to adhere to the injunction of King Solomon to "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6), they seek out and prey upon children particularly. With typical Christian subterfuge, they also see it as a way to ensnare the parents, too. And so it is!

This is how my heart and mind were captured, enslaved and made to serve a false god from the age of nine.

Every summer, the church would sponsor a two-week program for children called Vacation Bible School. They would typically have a parade to draw the kids in and invite all the children in the surrounding community with the offer of 3-4 hours a day of free babysitting for parents and the promise of fun and refreshments for children. Along with it came heavy doses of Christian indoctrination. At the end of two weeks, a special "graduation" ceremony was held for the parents to attend, at the end of which a special "invitation" was given to "accept J****". By that time, some kids were ready to do whatever it took to avoid the fires of hell awaiting them. Oftentimes, the parents would follow their children into joining the church.

Someone got the idea to do this on a more regular (weekly) basis with a "bus ministry". Some printed up flyers and left them at homes in the church's surrounding area, while others knocked on doors personally, offering to pick the kids up with a school bus every Sunday morning for Sunday School letting the parents sleep in. Here, too, it wasn't long before the kids wanted to join the church and the parents often followed. 

By targeting children, they were preying on those least able to understand their duplicity and least able to resist the brainwashing. Once a child grows up in this environment, he just continues to trust that the adults in his life have steered him a straight course and few there are who ever doubt the righteousness of their path or ever grow up enough to question what they've been taught.

Maybe the worst thing is what happens between such a captured child and any parent who does not come on board with him. For me, it was my father, who never set foot inside any church his entire life to my knowledge. I know he believed in God, but unfortunately, I don't know anything else. The Xian "savior" was a barrier between us. I was convinced that he was a lost cause and I lived in fear that he would die and spend eternity in torment unless I could think of some way to bring him into the fold. That never happened, thank God, but it meant we never spoke of it as a result. 

What else can you rightfully call this, but spiritual pedophilia!? They rape your mind! That's how I view these people, even though I once served them and their agenda and even though they seem otherwise loving, giving, kind, and sympathetic. That's how pernicious it is. 

And that's why it shocks and hurts me to the depths of my soul to find them being welcomed into the inner sanctum of Judaism where I sought and found refuge in the truth and purity of the Torah HaKadosh.

Imagine you are a child who escaped a child molestor who held you in chains for years. You went to the ends of the earth so as never again to be reminded of the torture and the loss, only to find that he has not only followed you, but he has been invited into the new home where you had found sanctuary. Your adoptive family is befriending and celebrating him while you must watch from the sidelines and wonder who he will target next and how and what you can possibly do about it. 

Welcome to my life.