19 January 2017

"Leopards Do Not Change Their Spots"

22 Tevet 5777

Referring back to my previous post, it should be noted that many of today's false teachers, all of whom claim to be "Orthodox" by the way, include in their shpiel that today's Christians are not the same as yesterday's Christians. They claim friendship and even "brotherhood" with those who perhaps best represent Eisav and the false world religious system that came out of him. What is worse is that many of them even seem to prefer their company to that of fellow Jews. 

Take a good look at what it really looks like and decide for yourself if anything has fundamentally changed. As long as the New Testament is still the New Testament, at the most basic level, Christians do not change.

(And the Jews of America have no clue how much danger they are in.)

Jesuits Have Seized The White House

(You can disregard his comments on "prophecy". The "beast" he is referring to is Rome.)