08 January 2017

It's In Our Hands

10 Tevet 5777

We don't have to be fasting anymore. We can end these fasts and all these terror attacks any time we're ready. There is a solution to all our suffering. We simply lack the will to carry it out.

When we are prepared to put total faith in HKB"H and choose a leader and a government and courts which will rule according to Torah Law; and, when we are prepared to destroy the viper nests infesting our Holy City and Holy Land, it is in our hands to do so. 

Nothing, but our fear and doubt and lack of will stand in our way.

I've lost track of how many terrorists have come out of that snake pit called Jabal al-Mukabbir. Pack them all up, load them onto buses and drop them in Gaza. Then raze the community to the ground! 

Tonight they are celebrating with candies. Tomorrow let them eat cake - in GAZA!! Soon a tsunami will take care of the rest of it.

Eyewitness: Rammed Soldiers Hesitated to Shoot Fearing Court Martial (Graphic)
"...Arab passers by who witnessed the fatal attack stood and applauded."