04 January 2017

Israeli High Court: "What Will the Goyim Say?"

6 Tevet 5777

Did anyone honestly believe Elor Azaryah could or would get a fair trial? Under a Torah government, there never would have been a trial in the first place. Under the Erev Rav regime, the Jewish soldier is judged by world public opinion.

Ad matai?!

Court set to convict IDF soldier who killed wounded stabber

Furthermore, to demonstrate that there are no coincidences, and as if to emphasize what is really at stake in the outcome of this trial, we have this bit of news...

Paratroopers’ officer critically wounded in Protective Edge passes away
Maj. Hagai Ben-Ari, a highly-regarded officer who was supposed to be appointed commander of the Paratrooper Commando Unit, suffered a brain injury from a sniper bullet in Gaza. Over two years later, he succumbed to his wounds.

You connect the dots!