12 January 2017

Israeli Jews Expendable Pawns in Game to Move US Embassy

14 Tevet 5777

Someone please tell me. In the greater scheme of things, what does it really matter where the US Embassy sits?

In the real world where HKB"H is in control, it absolutely doesn't. It is completely irrelevant - a non-issue. But, in that in-between alternate reality where many Jews and gentiles alike straddle the fence; where Super Powers reign and it matters that our interests align with theirs, it's a different story.

In that world, moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem appears to validate our claims on the Holy City. In that world, our three-thousand-year Biblical and historic connections are confirmed through the purely self-serving actions of a country that has only been around for 240 years and is already on the skids.

The faithless Jews I can understand, but you have to ask yourself why this move is so important to 100 members of the US Congress.
A delegation of more than 100 members of Congress wrote to President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday, urging him to relocate the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem “as soon as you take office,” according to correspondence obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.
And what's more is that no one appears to be taking into account the very real mortal danger confronting Israeli Jews with such a move. We all know how the Arabs are ruled by their emotions and are easily manipulated that way. Our enemies on the Christian side are only too happy to whip them into a frenzy over Jerusalem even though the violence it begets will be taken out on Israeli Jews minding their own business and trying to live their lives.

Believe me, nobody is doing this for the Jews. They have a self-interest at stake. That is the only explanation. For Jewish interests - present or future - we might need to take life risks, but for the sake of some perceived Stamp-of-Approval in the form of the US Embassy's location??? NEVER!!

Today, it's plaque may read: US Embassy, Jerusalem, Israel. It can just as easily be changed tomorrow to say: US Embassy, Al Quds, Palestine.