15 December 2016

Ten Days Til Hanukah

15 Kislev 5777

The Jews of Amona have very wisely rejected the government's "deal" to "relocate" them in consideration of the fact that said government has left a string of broken promises and broken lives in its wake previously. One resident was quoted as saying that if the new homes would be built before they move out, they would accept the deal, but this government is requiring them to leave with no other place to go on the promise that they will be allowed to come back to new 'relocated' homes sometime in the future. Eleven years later, many Gush Katif expulsion victims are still waiting for their new 'relocated' homes.

There are no coincidences. Therefore, it is certainly no coincidence that the forcible expulsion of Jews from Amona is scheduled for December 25th - the first day of Hanukah, the holiday that commemorates the uprising of religious Jews against the Hellenist, anti-Torah ruling regime. Is there a Mattityahu among us who will dare to step up and lead this people? This small and powerless, but righteous people? If not now, when?