01 December 2016

Would You Like a Towel With Your Brainwashing?

1 Kislev 5777
Rosh Chodesh
Chodesh Tov!

Recently, I left a few comments around some news sites. I don't recall the subject matter now, but it involved issues that the Powers That Be have characterized for the public as black and white, or in the current parlance, blue and red.

As a side note, the choice of color designation is interesting to me. Red has traditionally been associated with sin by the xians and with Eisav by the Jews. Today, it is the xian/conservative rightists who claim that color. Blue is a symbol of Heaven and tranquility, but the liberal left who is furthest from the ideals of Heaven and who creates most of the chaos are designated by that color.

Anyway, I took a position contrary to the red side and was immediately labeled a blue lefty - a "demon-crat Hillary-lover". No matter how many times I explained that I was neither an American nor an American voter and not aligned with either of their political parties, the same charge continued to be leveled with each successive "red" commenter. It was bizarre to say the least and clear evidence of mass brainwashing.

It's actually scary to see how fast memes get spread through social media - very scary indeed.

The public, even in Israel, has begun to accept the false notion that one side is wholly good while its opposite is wholly evil. This simply does not comport with the truth of reality. Each "side" has some good and some bad. One might be more weighted to one side or the other, but in today's political climate, if you express opposition to any one point from the "good" side or express any agreement with any one point on the "bad" side, you yourself will immediately be branded as entirely good or entirely evil based only on that. Yes, very scary times.

Nothing is completely as it is being portrayed by the mass media (including and especially the mass social media). You have to look in unexpected places and read between the lines to find what is real. But then, if you are one of the brainwashed, it will be impossible for you to see both sides of an issue, to take the truth regardless of its source and act upon it.

If you take nothing else away from anything that is written here, remember this and make it your mantra: "The only way to win is not to play the game." And that means: Do not pick a side in this global contest. Sit it out with HKB"H. We Jews are neither conservatives, nor leftists; neither Trumpists nor Clintonites. We are Children of HKB"H. Soon, He will send his agent - the Mashiach - to lead His own into the geulah shleimah with the call "Mi l'Hashem elai!!" And that's when we pick our side - us with HKB"H and His Mashiach against the whole world.

Wake up, Jews!!

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In other words, the historic and prophesied birur that is destined to take place before Mashiach comes is not one between left and right, or even between so-called "pro-Israel" people and anti-Israel people, but between those who remain part of the world system (both left and right, pro- and anti-) and those who withdraw from it all and align themselves only with HKB"H and His Torah.