12 December 2016

GOAL: The Complete Enslavement of Mankind

12 Kislev 5777

The goal is to make every person completely dependent upon the State: biometrics, cashless society, self-driving cars, robotic take-over of jobs. Once they have consolidated their power to track you, to issue your income and to control what you can or can't buy, along with the power to define what is "fake" and what is "extreme", they will also be able to control such things as what beliefs are "acceptable", where you are allowed to go, when or if you will have children and when the old should "die" and make way for the young. Can you see the possibilities here?

It's frightening and it's coming. It's coming NOW and only HKB"H can stop it. Pray fervently that He does.

Is Universal Basic Income the Answer to an Automated Future?