24 February 2014

Will There Be an Israeli 'Spring' in the Month of Aviv?

25 Adar Alef 5774

A revolution is coming.  I don't know if it will be this year or next, or ten years from now, but it's definitely coming. The revolutionary spirit of our founding fathers - Avraham Avinu, Moshe Rabeinu, David HaMelech, Matityahu HaChasmonai, Judah HaMaccabee, Eleazer ben Yair, etc. - runs very, very deep underground and then pops up at various junctures in history when desperately needed - in times very much like ours.

In 1949, once the goal of the other Zionisms - liberation of the homeland from foreign rule - had been accomplished, the ideological leader of Revolutionary Zionism, Israel Eldad, began to speak about what it should do to carry on until its ultimate goal - the complete redemption - could be realized.

In excerpts from Ze'ev Golan's book Stern: The Man and His Gang:

Eldad: "Don't delude yourselves into believing that a miracle will occur and the masses will stream toward us. This is an illusion, they won't come. ...we can be, under current conditions, a framework for educational work."

Eldad: "My view is the State of Israel is [no more] than the Zionist Organization with expanded authority. ...there is an army, but a strange army that cannot move forward according to its strength, only according to the dictates of American imperialism."

Golan: "Eldad knew that 'we are at the ground stage' and the time had not yet come to realize his goals."

Golan: "He rejected what passed for Zionism.... Zionism, he said, is a national liberation movement while the goal he saw before him is a uniquely Jewish one: redemption."

Golan: "Redemption, Eldad told a group of youthful followers in 1953, is itself a revolution, as was the redemption of Jews from Egypt. ...Had they (Lehi) spoken (in the formative days) of redemption (instead of liberation and revolution), the state would have been seen for what it is: one more modern tool to be used by the movement for redemption."

After 1949, Eldad felt that the group should focus on the "...transformation into a revolutionary elite...focusing on the roots of the movement for Hebrew liberation and spreading the word slowly, until such time as circumstances again favored the transformation of the ideas into deeds. ...Eldad sought to promote the biblical form of Hebrew redemption."

Golan: "The Jewish declaration that God created the world means history has a beginning, an order, and an intention. God is called the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Who chose the Jews as His people. Eldad said the benefits of Jewish sovereignty cannot be won as long as Jews do not know who they are and what they seek."

The seeds of Revolutionary Zionism lie dormant in the Jewish psyche for they are the dreams, the hopes, the prayers of two thousand years.  In the minds and hearts of "a revolutionary elite" of whom Eldad spoke, they have sprouted anew. 

Our task until then is to spread this Jewish Idea through information and education - to prepare fertile soil  in the hearts and minds of all true Jews for the full bloom of revolutionary redemption, in OUR time!

When Mashiach finally arrives and shouts "Mi l'Hashem Elai!!" there will be no stumbling, no hesitation. For this is the very reason our long-awaited redemption has been delayed. How can Hashem send us a redeemer if there is no one prepared to follow him?

A revolution is coming.  I don't know if it will be this year or next, or ten years from now, but it's definitely - absolutely -  coming.