03 February 2014

Like Looking Down the Barrel of a Loaded Gun

4 Adar Alef 5774

Giant, hyperactive sunspot AR1967 has already spawned 7 M-class solar flares and 3 CMEs.  There is a 50% chance of its producing X-class flares over the next 24 hours. "Because AR1967 is near the center of the solar disk, any eruptions will be squarely Earth directed." (Spaceweather.com)

Better hope (and pray) that the Master of the Universe doesn't express His anger with the nations over forcing His children behind the 1967 armistice lines by letting sunspot AR1967 loose with the killshot.


  1. First thing that came to mind was '1967'. The War where H' gave us back Yerushalayim and Yehudah and Shomron; the heart of our people and our Land. This was the War that stunned the world; after six days stunning Victory because of Hashem's Miracles. May the Miracles and Wonders begin!

  2. Exactly. I was thinking something with 1967...not sure what as my father would say, 'Be careful what you lay at the foot of the L-rd." Too many things coming up, though not to say, "Hmmmm..." All the time now interesting signs and wonders...

  3. Amazing...Great Devash!