08 February 2014

Troubling News

9 Adar Alef 5774

Jewish scholar’s cry: TSA thugs stopped me, but not a Muslim

Get outa Dodge! In other words, all Jews should make every possible effort to return to their homeland ASAP.

Iran is playing with fire...

Iran Threatens US: Our Drones And Missiles Can Hit You

Quote: Yalkut Shimoni Remez Yishayahu 499: Rabbi Yitzchak said: In the year that Melech HaMoshiach will be revealed, all the kings (leaders) of the nations will be struggling against each other. The leader of Iran will contest with the leader of Arabia, and the leader of Arabia will go to Aram or Edom (depending on the edition) to get council from them. The leader of Persia will respond and destroy the entire world. All the nations of the world will be trembling and shaking and falling on their faces. They will be seized by pains like labor pains.

The Jewish people will be trembling and quaking and saying: "Where can we go? Where can we go?" And [Hashem] will say to them: My children, do not fear! Everything I did I did only for you! Why are you frightened? Don't be afraid--the time of your redemption has arrived!"

Quote: Yaaros Dvash - Rabbi Yonasan Eibshetz, ztvk"l -"At certain moment the time will come when Moshiach should have already arrived but the redemption has not yet come. The Moshiach will ask how it could be that the time for redemption has arrived and he still undergoes sufferings? The response that he will receive is that he must wait for nine months. Why? In order to wait for the fall of Persia at the hands of Edom, and then the final redemption will come."

I wonder if this "nine months" is the same nine months we are currently counting down to John Kerry's deadline.

Smug, smarmy, slimy snake - all words that this person brings to mind...

Lapid: No Criminal Sanctions on Hareidim, No Coalition

We knew that we're approaching a social revolution and that it will be difficult, therefore everyone in the past was afraid to deal with it. We aren't afraid, it's an open wound in the heart of the country,....

"It will be a painful period. When you have a revolution you need to take into account that there will be threats and anger. You need to be patient and firm for a large principle," pontificated Lapid.

If Mr. Lapid wants to start a revolution, he may very well get more than he ever bargained for.  I'm going to have a lot more to say about this in the very near future.

Stay tuned...


  1. VERY interesting sources!

    I have often wondered who will end up leaving Israel out of fear.

    I think that Lapid is saying out loud what many in the government (but not necessarily the public) think.

  2. what it means the fall of persia
    will not persia destroy the world?
    what will happen before?