11 February 2014

"The Trigger"

11 Adar Alef 5774

This is a must-read analysis for Jews in chu"l.

The Trigger: If This Ever Happens You Know You’re Days Away From Nuclear War

I know, I know what he's inferring about Israel, but set that aside and recall what Rav Nachmani said about Korea.

It's very worthwhile to view this one also: Strategic Relocation The Film FULL VERSION

Keep in mind what the Erev Rav regime has done to the Jews. Who knows what they are doing in our name (and in G-d's name) in other places under the influence of the Western powers before whom they bow down. But, even so, it's clear for those with 'eyes' to see that all of this is the hidden hand of G-d preparing Israel and the world for the reign of Mashiach Tzidkeinu.


  1. Zohar VeEira: A nation at the edge of the world will go to war against wicked Rome for 3 months. And the L-rd will have a sacrifice in Batzrah, (Iraq) and a great slaughter in the land of Edom. From here we see the allies: North Korea and the Shi'ites in southern Iraq, along with their patrons in Persia. This all could have happened 7 years ago when the British were in Batzrah in the previous Shmittah cycle, but because of the sins of some of us, it seems destined to take place in this Shmittah year not the Shmittah year of Gog W. ben Gog. such is life...and death. In the previous Shmittah year Rome would have won though. In this one, Persia, Shi'iteville in Iraq, and N. Korea might be on the verge of winning before "son of Gigi" wins.

    Also there is some truth to 1775/1776 being a year of Geulah. The Admor HaZaqen writes about this, but he assumes that the silver in parshat Pekudei that is counted refers to the number of years after the year 4000, taking b'itah to 5775/ 5776. That was his calculation that most of the early 19th Century Chassidic masters agreed with including the Chozeh of Lublin. The Xtian and Masonic "kabbalists" added these years to the birth of Oto Ish. This would mean that America was destined to live no more than 240 years since the span of time from the birth of Oto Ish and the year 4000 is 240 years. 240 is the gematriah of dollar and of Amaleq.

  2. Dov, I have never thought that the Batzra in Iraq has anything to do with the Batzra of the End of Days prophecies. It is clearly associated with Edom and ancient Batzra was the largest city in ancient Edom. Therefore, it is most logical to assume it is the code name of the largest city of whatever country today best represents Edom in modern times.

  3. The composer of Dror Yikrah for Shabbat was either a student of Saadya Gaon or Chai Gaon. He wrote the line "Tread the winepress in Batzrah and also Bavel that arose with strength." He had a mesorah that Batzrah at the confluence of two of the four rivers from Gan Eden was that very Batzrah indeed. It makes sense. The mineral wealth to build the Temple in Yerushalayim was tied to the Pishon. The mineral wealth to build Olam Hazeh only is associated with the other three rivers. We know that Esav was blessed, "from the oil (or fat) of the earth will be your dwelling and from the dew of Heaven above". All have interpreted this to mean that Esav does get bracha in this world from the dew of Heaven for all the good that he does do. At the end of days when that bracha is used up, his angel flees to Batzrah where one finds the "oil of the earth" that which is not dependent on the dew of Heaven. Over 50% of the world's oil of the earth reserves are located along the banks and at the mouth of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. So that Batzrah IS the Batzrah of prophesy.

  4. Here is an entry from the author of Dror Yikrah's Wikipedia page. Donash HaLevi ben Labrat:

    Dunash ha-Levi ben Labrat (920-990) (Hebrew: דוֹנָש הלוי בֵּן לָבְרָט‎; Arabic: دناش بن لبراط‎) was a medieval Jewish commentator, poet, and grammarian of the Golden age of Jewish culture in Spain. He was, according to Moses ibn Ezra, born in Fes.[1] The name Dunash being of Berber origin. In his youth he travelled to Baghdad to study with Saadia Gaon.