25 February 2014


26 Adar Alef 5774

Remember this? Like Looking Down the Barrel of a Loaded Gun

Well, guess what? It's back!

Quoting Spaceweather.com over the last couple of days:

Although the Earth-facing side of the sun is peppered with spots, that's not where the action is. For the past few days, most solar activity has been coming from a location hidden behind the sun's southeastern limb. It is likely old sunspot AR1967, set to return from a two-week transit around the farside of the sun. ...If AR1967 does come back, it will mark the third time the active region has crossed the visible face of the sun. The first time was in early January when it was called "AR1944." Sunspots seldom last more than two or three weeks; two or three months is remarkable. By now the returning spot is probably a decayed shell of its former self, although flares and CMEs flying over the southeastern limb hint at some remaining potency.


X-FLARE! Returning sunspot AR1967 unleashed a powerful X4.9-class solar flare on Feb. 25th at 00:49 UTC. This is the most intense flare of 2014 so far, and one of the most intense of the current solar cycle. ...The source of the eruption is long-lived sunspot AR1967, now beginning its third trip across the Earthside of the sun. This region was an active producer of flares during its previous transits, and it looks like the third time will be little different. By tradition, sunspots are renumbered each time they return, so AR1967 will soon have a new designation. (Update: The new name of this sunspot is AR1990.)


Do any of the readers find significance in these numbers???

The new (old) very potent and very powerful sunspot will be earth-directed in one week's time - the first week in Adar Bet when PM Netanyahu will be meeting with Pres Obama and when one million chareidim are supposed to demonstrate in Yerushalayim... Have I forgotten anything? In the spirit of Purim and Adar, just about anything can happen.  Look for something to turn upside down!


  1. Interesting....

    Look for something turned up-side-down.

    My guess is that maybe not so many will see that it's up-side-down.

    I hope I'm wrong.

    The numbers go along with the concept that ge'ulah will come via nature. SO, perhaps the hints to it come this way, too.

    In other weather news, we're not done with the polar vortexes moving south into the U. S.

    Also, as Europe gets pounded, a high pressure system has prevented the pounding from moving south to Israel, where we still need the precipitation.

    So, we are apparently still not doing everything that we are supposed to. :-/

  2. I was thinking more in terms of what was happening in the years 1944, 1967, and 1990.

  3. Sure, I certainly would agree.

  4. Well, would you like to elaborate? Any ideas on what is the significance of those years?

  5. Well, I can only guess that 1944 is the end of WWII leading to the establishment of the State from our ashes.

    1967 - the reunification of Jerusalem, or rather the reunification of the Jewish People with Jerusalem.

    1990 - I'm stumped. תש"ן? Secret Oslo talks? Rav Kahane's murder... Nov. 5, the day after Nov. 4, when Rabin's years later.

    1993: Oslo? and first twin towers attempted bombing, players connected to Rav Kahane's murder.

    1995: Rabin's assassination.

    In general, the 1990's were filled precursors and triggers, I supposed, capped off by Sharon's ascension of the Temple Mount, triggering Arab violence, Erev Rosh HaShannah תש"ס, 5760 the number of beitzim of water necessary for a miqwah, ie. the beginning of a purification process (forgot the source cited in Em HaBanim Smeicha). Arafat rejected Baraq's offer of 93% of YeSh"A....

    Just brainstorming here...

  6. Maybe: 1944 was the year before the actual end of WWII, 1967, of course, was when H' gave us back miraculously Yerushalayim and Yehuda, Shomron. 1990 was the beginning of when the world changed and history started repeating itself at speed. It was just before Oslo, the 1st bombing of the Towers, it was the decade of the murder of HaRav Kahane, H' yikom damo, also,the passing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. History repeating itself is something that I heard Rabbi Pinchas Winston once saying. Believe now the judgments for all peoples, nations, etc. from all history will get their comeuppance. Have no idea if any of this is connected, but that's what came to mind.

  7. Thanks Esser and Anonymous. I had some of the same thoughts, but primarily, I was looking at things that happened in those years which would merit the nations getting hit with a solar emp.

    My thoughts: 1944 - the Shoah was at its height. Jews begged the US to bomb the train tracks, but they refused. 1967 - we were overlooking Damascus and Cairo when the world intervened (particularly the US) to save the Arabs and keep the "win" form being "too big" on Israel's side. 1990 - the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane. I believe the US was behind it and I believe Rabbi Kahane meant more to us than even we understand. There never would have been an Oslo with Rabbi Kahane around.

    Now, here is something else I just noticed, but I have no idea what it means. There were 23 years between 1944 and 1967 and another 23 years from 1967 to 1990. Yet another 23 years comes to 2013?????

    I guess the most significant anti-Israel thing of 2013 was the launch of the nine-month Kerry countdown. I wonder if the sunspot will make its way around again and come out once again only with the number 2013. That would be wild!