02 September 2013


28 Elul 5773

Tomer Devorah's "Gibor Yisrael Award" goes this week to the anonymous poster maker/printer/plasterers who took it upon themselves with great mesirut nefesh to publicly warn the Jews of the Shomron about the insidious, harmful and dangerous activities of HaYovel Ministries in their area.

(Click picture to enlarge.)

We've written about it in depth here numerous times. (Just do a search for "Waller" or "HaYovel" on this blog.)  Those Erev Rav  'Jews' who are enabling this group to infiltrate the Jewish community and then attack other Jews who protest are demonstrating one of the key character traits of the Erev Rav - showing compassion to an idolatrous goy over their brother Jew.

Like I've said before, there will be no true unity among Jews until the Erev Rav are removed from our midst because our unity comes from our shared faith in our Holy Torah and these people could not care less about Torat Yisrael.

May all those who work endlessly, tirelessly and with great self-sacrifice on behalf of Am Yisrael be blessed with abundant strength from on high!


  1. B"H - Amen! Well said Devora!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Ariel. You should do it more often. ;-)

  3. B"H - My problem with your blog Dvorah is that I agree 100% with what you're saying 100% of the time, even with the way you say things, so there is no adrenalin effect and I feel useless and superfluous in front of your swift, well expressed rendering of life, always in a proper Torah light. A rare and pleasant experience, but one that doesn't require an input from me.

  4. That is the most beautiful compliment anyone has ever given me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.