25 September 2013

Prediction: "Catastrophe on the Way"

21 Tishrei 5774
Hoshanah Rabbah/
Erev Shmini Atzeret

MK Feiglin: Catastrophe is On the Way

MK Moshe Feiglin...predicted Tuesday that a “catastrophe” is near and said that time is running out for him to take the nation's leadership.

“The goal is for me to be prime minister... Look right and left – is there another candidate? No. So I am the man. I need to be prime minister,”, he told the supporters who gathered at his Manhigut Yehudit faction's annual sukkot meeting, held at Rabbi Uri Sherky's Jerusalem home.

"The goal is to lead the Nation of Israel and quickly – we do not have time," said Feiglin.

...Summing up his speech to his supporters, he said: "I want to wish us two things. First of all, just as we have made headway on the Temple Mount until now, let us wish ourselves that on Pesach, six months from now, we will say – 'Wow! A Pesach sacrifice is being sacrificed on the Temple Mount.”

"And the second thing that I want to wish upon all of us is that with the help of G-d, next year, we will not sit in... and I am saying this completely seriously... we will sit in the sukkah of the prime minister.”

Rookie MK Feiglin is widely recognized as a brilliant intellectual with highly original thoughts on numerous issues, including a libertarian philosophy that appeals to many non-religious people. His loyal Jewish Leadership faction within Likud has done much to shape the party's list of MKs over the years.

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