15 September 2013

Pimping Jewish Children in the Holy Land

12 Tishrei 5774

Most of my readers are aware that I monitor xian movements, missionaries, ministries, etc which have designs on Jews and Israel in order to keep Jews informed and aware of the threats out there.  And as history proves to us over and over again, the threats are many and varied and unrelenting.  Unfortunately for us, many of our brethren, weary of the fight, have given up and given in to the siren song of so-called 'Xian Zionism.'  Now, that's bad enough, but when they choose to expose innocent Jewish children in exchange for hefty donations - well, there's really nothing else you can call it, is there?

This actually first came to my attention a few years ago, but it has been getting worse. I began to notice how some yishuvim featured pictures of their children when soliciting donations and saw write-ups about xian tour groups being allowed access to the children while at school.  Geula girl and I wondered the same thing - do the parents even know?

That's why she wrote: "Do you know where your children are?" 

And it's why I am featuring this topic here. If you have family, friends or neighbors with children in Judea and Samaria - especially Samaria - or at Shalva or Alyn (where xians are known to volunteer), warn them now!

See  "A special volunteer opportunity in Jerusalem" where self-proclaimed "prophet of god" musician/donor Kim Clement is encouraged to hug, kiss and caress developmentally challenged Jewish boys and girls in a Jerusalem institution while its rabbi-director looks on.

"...Just this year, several Christian groups either visited or volunteered at Shalva.... Another organization from the United States, Kim Clement Ministries, didn't just visit, but brought its own musicians to play with Shalva's dedicated band of teenagers with special needs in an inspiring and emotional performance."

They were singing xian praise songs which means when they say "Lord," they are speaking not of HKB"H, but of Jeezuz.  G-d have mercy on Your children and give them a clue - or two!

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