13 September 2013


9 Tishreu 5774
Erev Yom Hakippurim

UPDATE: Chabad Center Floods Right Before Yom Kippur

...Rabbi Yisroel Wilhelm of Chabad at University of Colorado says he is thankful that his family and the students he knows are okay. “Not everyone is accounted for yet, but we are hopeful,” says the rabbi.

He does not know, however, where his congregation will be worshiping on Yom Kippur, which begins on Friday night—as his synagogue and part of his home are under a foot of water. “Thank G‑d, the students [of Colorado University] have been immensely helpful moving the Torahs and other sacred items to higher ground, and we still have 24 hours to work out where we will pray,” says the rabbi, noting that some people will not be able to attend services—considered the most important of the year—due to blocked roads.

“When we will gather, wherever it may be, you can be sure that we will be remembering those who have lost their lives and praying for a quick end to the rainfall,” says the rabbi.

This is more proof, like with Storm Sandy, that although this judgment is not intended for Jews, but for the nations who mock God, still, if they remain there among the gentiles, they will suffer along with the gentiles - needlessly.  Come home!

The goyim were judged on Rosh Hashanah.  Only the Jews get a ten-day reprieve.  Look at these pictures of judgment and make the best use of the time you've got left!!

Firefighters Make Stand Against NJ Boardwalk Blaze

Firefighters dug a trench and tore out a section of Jersey Shore boardwalk in an effort to prevent a furious, wind-whipped blaze from jumping to an area just rebuilt after Superstorm Sandy.

...It destroyed a length of boardwalk containing perhaps 30 businesses, officials said, near the same stretch of sand where a rollercoaster landed upright in the ocean after Sandy hit the coastline in October 2012.

...By nightfall, a six-block length of boardwalk south of Lincoln Avenue had been almost totally destroyed, ...The site of the trench and beyond included a stretch of boardwalk just rebuilt after Sandy devastated the area.

"Biblical" rains trigger flooding that kills 3 in Colo.

Massive flash flooding along Colorado's picturesque Front Range mountains, triggered by what the National Weather Service termed "biblical rainfall amounts,'' killed at least three people Thursday, cut off small towns and forced countless residents to scramble for high ground.

..."This is not an ordinary day. It is not an ordinary disaster,'' Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle said, describing walls of water as high as 20 feet that tore down mountainsides and canyons already scarred and denuded from wildfires.

..."It's just raging, gushing water,'' Lyons resident Carin Gray said.

Colorado floods

...Coloradans went to bed Wednesday night with no inkling that overnight rain could be heavy enough to flood canyons and send rivers of water from Boulder south to Colorado Springs.

Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle said the "devastating storm" dumped more than half a foot of rain on the region during a 19-hour period.

..."The rain, it almost feels like hail, the drops are so thick," University of Colorado Boulder student Ryan Colla told CNN affiliate KUSA. "It just keeps coming and coming, and when you think it's going to subside, it starts to rain down harder."
The sudden influx of water turned Boulder Creek -- which runs through the campus and other parts of the city bearing its name -- into a high, fast, muddy and dangerous torrent, Colla told the station.

"It freaked us out," he said.

At its peak, Boulder Creek was flowing at 16 times its normal rate for this time of year, city spokeswoman Sara Huntley said.

...Water rushed through Aurora, east of Denver, swirling and breaking like an ocean hitting a beach.

...In Lyons, water was flowing over the tops of five dams, ...."We've lost roads, we've lost bridges, cars, homes,"....

...rescue helicopters...are currently grounded because of fog, low clouds and rain.

Fire at Russian psychiatric home kills 37

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