06 April 2013

UPDATE on North Korea

27 Nisan 5773
12 days of the Omer

After moving a second missile to its east coast, North Korea has reportedly armed and hidden them underground.

There is great speculation that next week might see this situation reach its culmination:

1. Authorities in Pyongyang have appealed for diplomats to consider leaving; telling diplomatic missions they could not guarantee their safety after April 10th.

2. Some key anniversaries occur next week - April 11th, a year since Kim Jong-un came to power - and - April 15th, the 101st birthday of the late Kim Il-sung, North Korea's founder and Kim Jong-un's grandfather.

3. John Kerry will be visiting South Korea next week as part of a nine-day diplomatic trip that started today in Turkey and ends in Tokyo on April 15th..

As NBC news foreign correspondent Richard Engel summed up in a recent report:

"North Korea could have a missile launch during the Kerry visit, but what if the US tries to shoot it down?  And what if we miss?"

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